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Burmese General’s Daughter Forced to Leave Australia

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It is interesting about the Australian foreign policy against the Burmese

Khmer Riche

junta regime.  Read the full report here.

Zin Mon Aye, the daughter of a senior Burmese general, is being forced to leave Australia after losing  a legal battle over her right to remain in the country, according to a report by The Australian.

Australia’s federal court ruled this month that Zin Mon Aye, the the 25-year-old daughter of Brig-Gen Zin Yaw, may not remain in the country because her presence conflicts with Australia’s sanctions policy, which is intended to pressure Burma’s military junta by targeting its leaders and their families.

NOTE:  The measure taken by the Australian govt is  really a very soft pressure, but hurts so much the Junta regime. With this, I wish Australia to extend its sanction policy targeting Cambodian leaders and their families as well if Australia aims at promoting democracy in the country.

The fact is that not only the junta´s leaders who send their children and families to live; study, and deposit money abroad, but also Cambodian dictatorship, corrupt, and criminal leaders.  Actually, their children and families do not deserve to live, study, and deposit their money in those real democratic countries for they always keep claiming that the countries where they rule today are well developing with many banks invested, educational system up-to-date reformed, political stability stabilized, social security all-day round secured, and economic growth risen up. So why do they need to send their children to study abroad, deposit their money with the oversea banks, deposit guarantee finances for their families´ rights to live overseas, and buy their extra mansions there  for their families?

With this reason, I also would like to urge  USA, England, France, Denmark, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, Swiss, and Canada the places where the children, the relatives, and families of those Cambodian corrupt, dictatorship, and former Khmer Rouge leaders study, deposit money, and resettle their new residences should together join hand with Australia to carry out the same sanctions’ policy  if they are committed to pressuring those dictators, criminal and corrupt leaders to respect for democracy, human rights, and social and economic justice for all.

In fact, we still remember that USA once 2009 banned some Cambodian military officers, but not other high ranking leaders like Hun Xen, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, etc., and their families,  from visit the country due to charge of human rights abuses but later on the ban was dropped out due to its political and economic interests in Cambodia today.

Hun Xen and His Comrades infected by A/H1N1

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CPP ministers cursed blessed with Swine flu: Hun Xen, Tao Xeng Huor, Chhay Than

There are many news reported about Hun Xen included his comrades infected by swine flu. You can read some of them here: Sacrava, Xinhua, and  AP.

NOTE: I just wonder how these stooges get infected by the swine flu for they always stay in the safe places in both priavte and public affairs. As we know  no ordinary people, journalists, etc.,  are allowed to approach them before getting through their thousands of personal bodyguards.

Pls figure it out whether it is a lie to draw media and public  attention away from the present hot issues like the injustice of the defamation case brought by him (Hun Xen) against MP Mu Sochua, the border issues in Takeo and Kampong Cham which recently brought to the front page again by the SRP´s MPs.  Or they get infected because they had sneaked away from their surrounding sycophants during their missions to have fun around somewhere?

Written by Kolbot Khmer

June 30, 2010 at 7:45 am

The cost of a Cambodian life to the Siam is: $927 (30,000 baths)

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Thailand recognizes its mistake in the shooting and killing of a Cambodian citizen

29 June 2010
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

An Saray, chairman of the Cambodia-Thailand liaison in Phnom Dey pass, located in Sampov Loun district, Battambang province, told Koh Santepheap in the morning of 28 June that Thailand recognized its mistake in the shooting on Cambodian civilians that caused the death of one man last week. He indicated that Thailand paid 30,000 baths ($927) in compensation to the family of the victim after it sent back the victim’s body to Cambodia on 24 June.

One Cambodian citizen among a group of 4 men is suspected of being shot and killed by Thai black-clad soldiers when they went to Thailand to smuggle motorcycles back to Cambodia. The victim, 44-year-old Dim Doeur, lived in Trapaing Prolit village, Santepheap commune, Sampov Loun district, Battambang province. The other 3 men escaped safely back to Cambodia.

An Saray said that even though these Cambodian men crossed the border illegally, Thailand still shouldn’t use weapons to shoot and kill them like this because it is contrary to the agreement concluded between the two countries whereby no shooting or torture should be inflicted on people illegally crossing the border.

NOTE:  The siamese black clad soldiers are known for their brutality and inhuman crimes. They are not different from animals for they shoot and kill the Cambodian civilians almost every week. About the compensation, I think the siams give the price to the poor dead as high as the price of Hun Sen´s head.

Plan to hold an “Anger Day” against Thai invasion

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Thai troop (AFP)

29 June 2010
Translated from Khmer by Socheata

Cambodian NGOs plan to organize a meeting to commemorate and to express the anger against the 2nd anniversary of the Thai invasion of Cambodia along the border near Preah Vihear temple which took place on 15 July 2008. One high-ranking government official welcomed the plan to hold the “Anger Day” against Thai invasion on Cambodia on 15 July. However, this government official also warned the NGOs not to profit from this occasion to serve the interest of Cambodia’s opposition party.

Rong Chhun, representative of the Cambodia Watchdog Council (CWC) and President of the Cambodia Independent Teachers’ Association (CITA), announced that 15 July is the date for the Anger Day against the Thai invasion of Cambodia and that it will be held in front of the public park located in front of the old building of the National Assembly which now houses the Supreme Court.

Rong Chhun said that at the beginning of July 2010, he will send a letter to the Phnom Penh city authority to inform about them on the commemoration of this date, although, this is not to ask for an authorization from the city.

NOTE:  Such an event should be held against the Viet as well because the Viets are also active in invading our lands just like that of Thailand.

BBC´s Documentary: Thailand´s Red Rage

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Hun Sen to be PM of Cambodia for life

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CPP celebrated 59th anniversary of its birth and declared Hun Sen eternal prime minister

By Khmerization
Source: CEN

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has on 28th June celebrated the 59th anniversary of its foundation at its central headquarter in Phnom Penh and declared its support for Mr. Hun Sen’s prime ministerial candidacy in future elections, reports Cambodian Express News.

In a speech during the closing of the congress, Mr. Chea Sim (pictured), president of the CPP, solemnly declared that the CPP unwittingly supports Mr. Hun Sen’s prime ministerial candidacy in future elections.

According to Mr. Chea Sim’s speech, the CPP was founded on 28th June 1951 and known then as the “Khmer People’s Revolutionary Party” or “Pak Pracheachun” to fight for independence from France. It came to power on 7th January 1979 when the Vietnamese invading forces propped it up after they toppled the Khmer Rouge regime. After the ParisPeace Accords, it changed its name to the Cambodian People’s Party in 1991.

NOTE:  I think Chea Sim and Heng Samrin might not want this idiot Hun Sen to be the eternal  prime minister of Cambodia. They might be forced to declared so. And the reason that Hun Sen will never give up his post can be read at my previous post HERE.

Congratulation to Chea Mony!

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Chea Mony elected president of FTUWKC unopposed

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

Chea Mony (pictured), the incumbent president of the Free Trade Union of

Chea Mony

Workers of the Kingdom of Cambodia (FTUWKC) has been re-elected as president of the FTUWKC unopposed for a 5th term, reports Deum Ampil.

Chea Mony was the only candidate and was re-elected unanimously in a congress held on Sunday (27th June) morning.

Earlier in the month, he said he is stepping down and won’t seek re-election due to ill health. However, he said he changed his mind after the majority members of the union wrote letters asking him to continue to represent them.

NOTE: My worry is relieved after receiving this good  news. Of course, he wants to resign from his post for health problem. His resign surely will weaken FTUWCK’ s influence  for only a few whose commitment and qualification are at doubt, besides Bang Rong Chhun,  will dare to stand for the post and continue to commit to serving the workers’ interests  in the most dangerous political situation like in Cambodia.

Cambodia needs  more persons like him and Bang Rong Chhun to continue to fight for the rights of the civil servants and workers of the country for better living standard and dignity!

Written by Kolbot Khmer

June 28, 2010 at 6:54 am

What makes us hope?

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By Hoeun Hach,

Date: 6/ 26/ 2010

My beloved Khmres:

magine you live in a country without hope; you are forced to agree with authority all the time, otherwise treason; you are deprived and stripped of all  rights and freedom of choice; you are forced to go along with authority, otherwise persecute; you are forced not to be angry at  authority when your lands or homes are injustly robbed away by the government; you are hurt, oppressed, punished, imprisioned, and cry for help and mercy, but your cry for help and mercy falls on a deaf ear and a blind eye;  you live in constant fear day after day and you don’t know what the next day is like.

This is the government of today in Cambodia. The system is set up to be in charge by loyal Khmer Viet Minhs by Vietnamese.  It looks as if the system is run by Khmers while Vietnamese are being lurked hidden behind Hun Sen.  Vietnamese will not let Khmers free.  Hun Sen will act on behalf of Vietnamese indefinitely.  If he does not know how to act on behalf of Vietnamese’s interest, the Vietnamese will kill him and install a new one.  With that perspective, Hun Sen has to show loyalty to Vietnamese in order to save his neck.  His neck is being saved for now.  Again, with that perspective, Khmers will not be free.  If Khmers believe that Vietnamese are nice and let Khmers go from their grip, good luck for that mythical wishful thinking.  With that illusion, Khmers have long affair with disappointments.  Khmers may not be able to stop these disappointments.

Sam Rainsy who leads by example toward Freedom.  As you could see on 10/ 25/ 2009, he went to Svay Reing Province to extract illegal landposts that Hun Sen/ Vietnamese planted them on Khmer territory.  He was able to face brute evils head on along with other Khmers in that town ( Khmer Viet Minhs and ferocious Vietnamese).  Khmers don’t have any leader(s) who were not able to commit that heroic act at all in Khmer history like Sam Rainsy.  With him, we will have hope and we will be Free.  You can speak your mind as the One of Eight concepts of Buddha’s principles ( The Right Speech, it is third concept of the Principles).  With him, you can disagree, you can say ” no,” you can explore choices, you can participate in the government’s making any decision, or you can criticize any candidates if they violate your basis Rights, and you will have the Rights to exercise and/ or practice different faiths as well.

If you look for hope, you look for him.  He understands Freedom.  He has been living in the Free World all his life; he will share it with you.  He is the man of the people.  The man with commitment for Cambodia’ free and fair election; the man who will bring life to the end of the tunnel with hope and Freedom.  It is time for Khmers to have Freedom and Sam Rainsy is representing and fighting to get Freedom for you.

Written by Kolbot Khmer

June 27, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Sadam Hun Xen afraid of meeting the same fate as Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein?

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ictator Pol Pot used slave prisoners to build his statue (L) during his tenure

A statue of Saddam Hussein built during his dictatorship was toppled after his downfall

Translated from Khmer by Socheata (KI-Media)

Office of Prime Minister Hun Xen


The office of the prime minister of Cambodia is informing to all state institutions and the public in the country that, in the past, a number of place put on display the statue of our country’s leaders, and there were artists who sculpt or reproduce the statue of the [country’s] leaders as indicated above in order to sell for house decoration or for souvenir objects.

Such action violates our country’s tradition which prohibits the making of statue or the sculpting of people who are still alive.

As indicated above, the office of the prime minister of Cambodia called on all state institutions and the public to stop putting on display or on sale these statues and they should end the sculpting or the reproduction of statues of high-ranking leaders of our country from now on.

The office of Hun Xen hopes that we will receive good and efficient cooperation on this issue.

Phnom Penh 17 June 2010

Ho Sithik
Chief of Cabinet

Why I Don’t Love the King?

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Thai prostitutes and Thai king

Thai king is not loved by all Thais as some of Thai people used to  comment here. They would have some reason to reflect if they  have read the article which posted at Time Up Thailand.

Written by Kolbot Khmer

June 17, 2010 at 9:40 am

Khmer-Thai border checkpoint at Boeng Trokuon closed after dispute with the planting of border post no. 37-38

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Cambodian troops inspect one of the border posts in dispute.

By Khmerization
Source: Kampuchea Thmey

Thai troops have ordered the Boeng Trokuon border checkpoint in Banteay Meanchey province closed on Sunday 13th June after they got angry with Cambodian troops who uprooted border post no. 37 and 38 they had earlier planted, reports Kampuchea Thmey.

Mr. Nou Yath, chief of Boeng Trokuon Checkpoint, said that a few days earlier Thai troops had unilaterally planted border post No. 37 and 38 at the old location which was disputed by the Cambodian side. He added that Thai soldiers planted the border posts in order to build a village for Thai people to live. The Cambodian side said the Thai side had violated the 2000 Memorandum of Understanding and ordered Border Guard Unit No. 807 to uproot the posts.

Mr. Nou Yath said on 13th June, a group of Thai soldiers came to stop Cambodian farmers from farming on their lands near border post No. 34 and 35 and then they closed the border at that point.

Mr. Sar Chamrong, Deputy Governor of Banteay Meanchey province, confirmed that Thai troops had closed the border, but re-opened it the same day after negotiation. However, Mr. Chamrong did not elaborate on what decision was reached at the negotiation.

Boeng Trokuon Checkpoint is situated 50 kilometres north of Poipet International Checkpoint in O’Bei Choan commune in Thmor Puok district of Banteay Meanchey province. It is an important point of border trades between the two countries where Cambodian rice, cassava and other primary produce are exported to Thailand, as well as an important point for Thailand’s exports of numerous products to Cambodia.


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