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What the Thais Believe: The Aggressor becomes the aggressed!

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The arrest of the two suspects of the bomb mastermind at the Phum Jai Thai Party draw many analysis from the Thai sides by putting

Cambodian soldiers station at Prasat Preah Vihear after Thai invasion July 2008

doubt over Hun Sen’s political attitude towards Thailand. One of them is the TAN News which republsihes  “What Now With Cambodia” the news is originally written in Thai published in the ‘Tang Khao’ column, Kom Chad Luek newspaper, page 2, July 6th, 2010″,
which is translated and rewritten by Wacharapol Isaranont. Bwlow is a short excerpt from the article.

Maybe it’s time for Thailand to understand that its relationship with Cambodia will never be on a friendly footing, especially when the Cambodian leader’s recent behaviors openly demonstrated unrelenting hostility towards one of its closest neighbors, Thailand. And he is becoming increasingly menacing each day, having seen that the Thai authorities do not have the nerve to respond in kind. It is unfathomable why the Thai government is hesitant to get tough with Cambodia. Maybe it is purely due to the lack of courage or maybe it is about vested interests.

It is unbelievable how the government and the military still can tolerate Cambodia’s defiance stance while most of Thais have long been at the end of their ropes.

It is understandable that previous governments of Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat, both known to act on the cues of ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, would take no actions and even favor Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen by agreeing to deals that Thailand would stand to lose.

But when the Abhisit Vejjajiva government took over in late 2009, it should have put a stop to Hun Sen’s aggression towards Thailand.

NOTE: It seems that until now some of Thai people still live in a cave or are  jungle people  and really don’t know who is the real aggressor/ trouble-maker (Hun Sen or Abhisit and extremist PAD) between Cambodia and Thailand.

Personally, I don’t support Hun Sen for his dictatorship rule, but to say that he is aggressive towards Thailand without analyzing the real causes created by Thailand I am absolutely against it.

July 6 in History

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Please observe the animation to see the loss of Cambodian sea water caused by the Historical Water Agreement 1982 (CBC)

1982: The foreign ministers of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodiameet in HCM City to discuss regional issues. Viet Nam and Cambodia  sign a historical agreement on the territorial waters of the two countries.

NOTE: Under the 1982 Agreement, Cambodia basically awarded a de facto joint ownership of 30,000 square kilometer of Cambodia sea water to Vietnam and another 10000 square kilometer to be lost if the Bravie Line is accepted by Cambodia as the maritime border negotiation base in the future. Please read the analys of Mr. Touch Bora´s letter sent to former King Norodom Sihanouk concerning the illegal treaties signed by puppet Hun Sen and his master -Youn Hanoi. Please click: RE: CONCERN OVER BOUNDARY AFFAIRS


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