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The Ministry of Commerce Corruption,Tep Bopha Rules

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Opinion by Kok Sap
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Cham Prasith and his wife

Old saying,” sleep with dog get fleas,” so as we see as it happened in the Ministry of Commerce that affirmed Shakespeare famous line”to be or not to be”. Family ties are the essence to grow rich in Cambodia systematic nepotic and despotic government. It appears true as Global Witness has reported Cambodia Family Tree seems getting stronger and bigger than before in the business to sell Cambodia for profits.

We remember on 15 March 2005 when Dr. Cham Prasidh (at birth as Hong You Tekleng and Prasidh was given to him by Yuon bo doi), was miffed with Hun Sen inability to stop corruption by entrusting the corruptive Sok An to draft the laws. He threatened and vowed to quit at the end of 2005 if corruption was unresolved but Tep Bopha, the man-eater tigress, would not allow him to do so. In the end he had not followed her order to stay in the job but to become the nouveau filthy rich in a flash.

In the last five years as a Sino descent, Prasidh is no dummy. Not only he adapts to systematic corruption but becomes Sok An relative through their children marriage. So often he accompanies Hun Sen in trips abroad. Now he is not only unscrupulous but enjoying the privilege tremendously to be in the same sacred Sok An-Hun Sen circle of big fat Gau Prey.

It’s been said about Cambodia present political clique; if the husband were a captain then the wife must be a colonel. It appears relevant in Prasidh case, the multi-millionaire and senior Minister of Commerce. He may be the minister on the book but the real decision maker and powerhouse in all daily affairs at the ministry is Madame Tep Bopha. She’s the minister’s former elder sister-in-law but turned official wife when his brother died. She’s known as the tigress of Cham Chao fortress. Her protégé and confidante is Ms. Cham Nimul, a US business degree holder, with the master key to her papa secret safe, appointment schedule and important dossiers. Her official job is the director of her papa cabinet. But literally speaking, she is the designated minister who runs the ministry and answers to none below her papa. How nice for Prasidh to have his wife and daughter run and look after his business in the ministry.

Man-eater Tep Bopha is a control freak and overbearing boss. She can order around any staff from the ministry to run her errands or personal businesses on state time. Those who satisfied her insatiable desire and power hunger would be elevated through rank in office that the person never had to show up at work but at Cham Chao fortress, instead. She lives lavishly off her acquired wealth from obscure sources. Her luxurious multimillion dollar compound is wired and equipped with short circuit cameras in every conspicuous corner. She runs her servants via intercom. Besides her sizeable expensive automobile fleet, she wears expensive exquisite jewelries and outfits that made former Queen Monique unnoticeable. Read the rest of this entry »


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