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A Brief History of Abhaiwongse Family and A Chinese MacCau

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NOTE: This is the Q+A posted in which PreahVihear answered to noyume regarding to the question: “So is Nhonh Yia Abhaiwongse a direct descendant of the Angkorian kings and then married into the Bunnag family?”

NO!!! You must understand that the last name Abhaiwongse is of the treacherous Khmer traitors who chose to serve the interests of the Kings of Siam. These Khmer traitors were happy to detach a large chunk of Khmer territory to Siam. And NO they are not of the Angkorean kings, but of the commoner orgin.

Here is the timeline of the despicable treacherous Ahaiwongse family.

(1) It all began with a man called Chaufa Ben, a native of Takeo province. He was a powerful military commander under the reign of the Khmer King Ang Eng. He became treacherous against the Khmer King and he sought the military aid of the Thai military commander called Bodin.

(2) Chaufa Ben with the help of Thai army declared himself to be the Lord Governor of Battambang, swore allegiance to the Thai kings, and put Battamang under the suzerainty of Siam. The Thai king conferred the title ““Chao Phraya Aphaithebet” or “Aphai” to Chaufa Ben. Later on the descendants of Chaufa Ben adopted the term “Aphaiwong” as their family name when the French kicked them out in 1907 and they had to move to live in Thailand.

(3) Year Abhaiwongse called Nhonh was the desendant of Chaufa Ben. According to the above link, it indicates that Nhonh married Tuptim Bunnag (descendant of a Persian and a powerful Mon family). From this union, Nhonh had a daughter named Yem Bosada (Khmer+Persian+Mon). Read the rest of this entry »


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