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Hoon Xen speaks shit again!

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PM rebukes waward nephew


Prime Minister Hun Sen gestures during a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday toward an artist’s interpretation of the capital’s second flyover, which is to be built over Russian Federation Boulevard

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 20:27
Vong Sokheng
Phnom Penh Post

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday made an outspoken public appeal for one of his nephews to mend his ways and return to his family.

Speaking to a crowd of thousands gathered at the University of Phnom Penh for the ground-breaking ceremony of a municipal overpass, Hun Sen said he had sent National Police chief Neth Savoeun to look for Hun Chea, who the Premier accused of cheating on his wife  and being involved with drugs.

According to the investigation, now [Hun Chea] is staying in a hotel with a woman, and there is a group of drug [users] involved with him,” Hun Sen said.

“[I] will not tolerate involvement in [drugs] … there must be law enforcement, it doesn’t matter if he is the nephew of the Prime Minister.”

Hun Sen said that Neth Savoeun, an elder cousin of Hun Chea’s, had been charged with locating and bringing the premier’s nephew home to his wife and children. The premier also appealed to the general public for help, and asked Hun Chea himself to consider the welfare of his family.

Everybody and every hotel, if you see Hun Chea do not accept him, and tell him that the Prime Minister asked him to go home,” Hun Sen said.

Today, with a loudspeaker, I would like to appeal to my nephew Hun Chea to return home. If you hear my appeal, please return home. Your parents and parents-in-law have been sick at home, and your wife and children are waiting at home.”

Hun Sen said he planned to call “a meeting of the Hun family”, noting that some other relatives of his might be in need of some “reeducation”.

“Only my children accepted reeducation; my nephew has never accepted reeducation,” he said. He added that another nephew, Hun To, “used to be the same as Hun Chea”, but was now “a good character with his wife and children”.

NOTE: He tries again to fool our people by barking that he is a law-enforcement leader. But in fact if we observe his speech he truly is a cheater, a barking dog, and a liar. First he said he would not toterate even if Hun Chea was his newphew…, then he appealed Hun Chea to come home…Why he didnt order policemen to search for him and arrest him for his crimes- adultery, drug using, and his previous crimes committed on August 3, 2008 according to law.

Written by Kolbot Khmer

December 29, 2010 at 7:22 pm


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