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Strong youth must understand the real issues of the nation

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Now just raise one of the issues- Border Invasion from the East:

  1.  if this regime is free and democratic why are you as youth afriad of talking about border invasion from Viets and dare not protest against them?
  2. Why dosnt Cambodian media broascast and host analysts about this issue like the case of Thai invasion?
  3. Why dosnt this regime allow this issue be discussed publicly with participation from all parties; the ruling party, the opposition party and the border experts?
  4. Have you any country ceded lands to other country with such an easy claim?

To understand this:

  1. Dont listen to ONLY this regime´s media
  2. Visit border if you can make it
  3. Take time to listen to the viewpoints of the opposition, civil societies, and border experts
  4. Try to buy Mr. Sean Pengse´s book on “Cambodian Border Issues” to read it.
  5. Do self-Study and research about our history and reason about it.

If you dont do this and listen ONLY to this regime´s media you will surely become like today-old bamboo and our nation will be in REAL danger.


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