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The Nation Mourns

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According to the content of Bangkok Post it means the nation mourn for the lost of burnt billion dollar buildings, but not the lost of human life (Partly collapsed Central World)

The Bangkok Post, the biased news of pro-Thai elite and royalist, published an article in the front page titled: The Nation Mourns, on 21 May 2010 which I tried to avoid reading it many times when I surfed the site but at last I decided to read it  and ridiculously found it contradicted to its unique title. Please read the whole article HERE.

The Nation Mourns” doesn’t mean to mourn the lost of the civilian life during the crackdown ranges, but it seems to mourn the lost of elite’s property burnt down in the economic center of Bangkok and to put more blames on the poor RED. Why? Please observe in the followings:

  1. The Bangkok Post of the elite clearly doesn’t specify what they are mourning about. It just states: “Level of chaos catches government off-guard / A nation mourns. Death toll climbs to 52 in 6 days of bloodshed / Arms stockpiles found at abandoned sites”. Here the word “mourn” just appears twice in the whole article: (1) the title and (2) the sub-title with no clue to what it is emphasized on and the rest of the article just goes to something else for its own cause as usual.
  2. It published only pictures of the burnt buildings from the beginning to the end of the article, included some elements that the yellow and Abhisit govt are trying to use as evidence to justify their violence and accusation against the RED shirts as “violence”, “buffalo“, and  “terrorists” with some pictures of military operation equipped with modern war weapons seemingly confronting an Al-Qaida or a war in Iraq. In this sense it seems that the Bangkok Post values property lost more than the lost of the civilian life in the 6 days bloodshed. And it’s even more ridiculous that Bangkok Post forgets to include dozens of civilian and soldiers killed in the bloodshed on 10 April 2010.

As the voice of human being in the civilized world, in this sense, Bangkok Post should stay out of politics, if not in its nature, but just this one in order to fit with its article’s title and honor the death whether they are RED, multi-color, yellow,  or soldiers because they are all just Thai and even the foreign journalists who died in the cause. To be reasonably correct, it should  focus on the content which express the feeling of “SORRY” or “CONDOLENCE ” as a nation to appease and console the family of the death and voice its concern towards govt to avoid such a lost in any future of political crisis.

For me I’d like to share my condolence to all the families of the death as a friend, a citizen of a neighboring country,  and the same human being, and more than that to the RED, even they were rioting in the last fight which led to torching down some buildings and looting something, I am still sympathy for them because as I have observed the red violence occurred only after military crackdown violently carried out against them, for instance, the event on 10 April 2010 which as we know happened only after militay moved in to retake the rally compound under its so-called emergency law and the event in this moth which surely happened only after threes causes threatened: (1) the govt cut off all supply road to protesters and moved in military, (2) most important factor Seh Daeng was assassinated, and (3) military moved in to crackdown on protesters’ site and more indiscriminate killing carried out by the military. And remarkably not all of the red involved in the violence.

Whereas, the accusation of the Bangkok elite and Abhisit govt that this blast that blast hit by M79 related to RED shirt, that black clad militant,  those snipers shot soldiers and civilians are groundless since they have never been able to produce any reliable evidences except one-sided accusation.


Read more about mourning in Bangkok  slaughter by FACT  here.

Please watch BBC Video, it is worth watching.


RED SHIRT leader get shot!

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Seh Daeng (Rueters)

The up-date-news of the RED crack down by the double standard govt is reportedly posted at Political Prisoners in Thailand which interestingly Seh Daeng, the RED SHIRT’S security leader, was seriously shot and now he is being treated at Huachiev Hospital. Please read the collective news here.


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