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Missing weapons on 10 April 2010 bloody clash

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Bangkok Post:

Red woman defies Abhisit govt

Among the firearms and other equipment claimed to have been lost during the clash were nine M16 rifles, 25 Tavor rifles, six anti-aircraft guns, 116 shields, 105 batons and 80 body armour suits.

The army also lost control of six personnel carriers and three high-mobility multi-purpose vehicles when troops abandoned them in the face of angry red shirts.

Ammunition also went missing, including 580 rubber bullet rounds, 600 anti-aircraft rounds and 8,182 M16 rifle rounds.

Note:  Why such a shameful information publicized by the Thai govt after the clash?

  • Thai govt under Abhishit  is absolutely so irresponsible as Cambodian govt under Hun Xen for its violence.
  • Thai govt tries to seek political support / reason/ justification to crackdown on the reds for the next move.
  • It would be a win-win strategy for Thai govt if reds did hand out the weapons seized.

However, we may wonder  why did these soldiers need to bring anti-aircraft, so much live amour, and other weapons to the demonstration sites since they claimed that soldiers would not use live round except for rubber bullets? Or they need that much anti-air craft and live round to shoot into the sky? And we should also ask thai govt why there are more dead and injured civilians than the soldiers if soldiers didn’t shoot at the reds?

I raise this in order to remind all democratic Cambodians  that pls do not trust the Thai politicians, esp. those who (the elites) aligns themselves with the royal institution, since they are not even HONEST to their own people and they always look down on the poor and of course, now our country is poorer than that of Thailand which can be viewed/treated as those poor in Thailand by them.

ABC Report on the King of Thailand

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NOTE:  Video 2 is not available!!!

Note: Thai people should not have so much respect for this royal family had they allowed to voice their mind and less majesty abloshed. It is also interesting for them to read this ARTICLE ON THAI KING.


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