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Hun Sen immorally Overreacts on the critics of Jan 7

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It is very interesting to read news yesterday and today about our beloved people who have reacted against the spirit of 7 Janaury 1979 and the strong and over-reacted speech commented by Hun Sen and his cronies on those critics against the 7 January 1979.

 For those who crticize the 7 January 1979 have expressed their voices in almost the same point of view, i.e. it was the “invasion”.  You can read their views here such as blogger Khmerization, cartoonist Sacrava  , lawmaker Sam Ransy, lawmaker Yim Sovann, lawmaker  Kem Sokha, former khmer Minister Sean PengseDr. Chak Sokhon, Lawmaker Chea Phoch, NGO´s representative  Soun Sereiratha  (broadcasted on RFA on 2009/01/07-19:30),  NGO´s leader  Rong Chun (sorry the link can´t be found), NGO´s leader Theamak Raingsey, Mr. Sophan Seng , poets Sam Vichea and Srey Sraém  and many others.

These critics do anger Hun Sen who is boasting himself to all the Cambodians that he is the only “Big Boss” during the Pol Pot regime liberation campaign. He even goes on slaming all the critics labeling them as “not human being but a real animal

Below is his speech reaction against the critics which published in Phnom Penh Post:

The January 7 holiday provokes mixed emotions in the Kingdom. PRIME Minister Hun Sen lashed out Tuesday against those who did not recognise today’s Victory over Genocide holiday, calling them “animals”.

If you ignorant persons and extremists do not dare acknowledge the truth [of January 7, 1979], you are not humans, you are truly animals,” Hun Sen said during an inauguration for the new Stung Meanchey bridge.

Hun Sen acknowledged that not all areas were liberated on the same day that the Vietnamese-backed forces toppled the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh 30 years ago, but he said that the day represented the end of the regime.

“This is the truth of history,” he said.

On Monday, a statement from the Son Sann Foundation called October 23, 1991 – the signing of the Paris Peace Accords – the true date to acknowledge freedom from oppression because the agreement partially restored “Cambodian independence and sovereignty” after the “de facto Vietnamese Victory” in 1979.

“Instead of national reconciliation, [the January 7 celebration] further splits the unity of the Cambodian people and civil servants who are forced to parade at this shameful day,” the statement said.

Son Sann was the founder of the Khmer People’s National Liberation Front, which was one of four factions involved in Cambodia’s civil war of the 1980s.

Opposition Sam Rainsy Party members have also said they would not celebrate January 7, which they insist has been hijacked by Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party.

But government spokesman and Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith told reporters on Sunday that the holiday is for all Cambodians because many movements fought for victory against the Khmer Rouge. 

SE: Hun Sen should be more professional as a prime Minister of a country. His deed and words should be morally and dignifiedly expressed. How can he expect that all the Cambodians think the same way he does? Do all Cambodians want to subject to foriegn country like him? He should take into account for what his people have said if he really want to be a leader for all.

Written by Kolbot Khmer

January 7, 2009 at 6:32 pm

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