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The Prime Minister of the Honorary Ph.D.

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Want to know how many Honorary PhD Hun Sen has confered up to now?  Go through the list below please:

– B.A. in Politics from the Cambodian Tertiary Education ( no year provided)
– 1991, an Honorary Ph.D. in Political Science, the National Political Academy, Hanoi.
– 1995 an Honorary Ph.D. in Politics, the Southern California University, USA.
– 1996, an Honorary Ph.D. of Law, IOWA Wesleyan College, USA.
– On April 10, 2001, an Honorary Ph.D. in Political Science, Graduate School of Dankook University, South Korea.
– On November 15, 2001, an Honorary Ph.D. in Political Science in the field of Foreign Relations, the University of Ramkhamhaeng, Thailand.
– On April 10, 2004, an Honorary Ph.D. in Political Science, the Irish International University of the European Union, Cambodia.
– On September 15, 2004, Hun Sen has been accepted and sworn in as a member of the Bar Association of Cambodia.
– On March 21, 2006, an Honorary Ph.D. in Political Science, the Soon Chun Hyang University, Seoul, received during his official visit to the Republic of Korea.
– On June 28, 2006, an Honorary Ph.D. in Education for Locality Development, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Thailand.
– On January 29, 2007, an Honorable Ph.D. in Education, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, along with the Hanoi National University of Education.
– On September 21, 2007, an Honorary Fellowship of Companion of Commercial Diplomacy, the Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats (ACCD), England.
– July 2008, the titles – Senator for Life, International Parliamentary for Safety and Peace and Ambassador at Large to the World Presidency
– July 2008, the Honorable Professor of Diplomatic and International Relations, the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica, Costa Rica.
– 7 January 2009, an Honorary Ph.D. in Economic, the Woosuk University of the Republic of Korea.

SE: I have some reasons for those countries or universities which give Hun Sen these kinds of  Honorary Doctorate Degrees: (1) Vietnam and Thailand are truly motivated by politics. They just give such a degree  in order to blind Hun Sen for their countries´  interests. (2) Korea and Irish universities (illegal University in Ireland?) are truly based on personal interests. For instance Irish University has its strong business in private education in Cambodia and this is the only way to guaranttee its business flourish. (3) And as for other NGOs and Costa Rica University as we know they are also motivated by political blog- the red or corruption. Hun Sen cronies can arrange this in order to paint the good image of Hun Sen. 

You know, whenever or wherever such a degree given, all the TV chanels and Radios in Cambodia will keep showing and broadcasting day and night again and again for weeks. And in such an occassion many govt high ranking officials and people are asked to attend like Bon kathen or high internatation level meeting without caring for their services to the country and the economic difficulty struggle of our beloved poor people.    

And to my wish, “Hun Sen doesn´t need such many fake, cheated and praised Honorary Doctorate Degrees to be recognized as an educated and competent leader to Cambodian people if he can prove himself as a REAL Leader of  Cambodia by not subjecting to Vietnam, fighting against corruption, respecting for democracy and protecting our terriotorial integrity from neigboring consistent invasion.”


Written by Kolbot Khmer

January 10, 2009 at 1:35 pm

My Message After Our Beloved Countrymen Denied Entry to Thailand on Christmas Eve

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It happened before the Christmas Day while 269 Cambodian passengers planned their cruise to Thailand to mark the Christams Day abroad in Thailand on the 24th of December with the Jupiter Cruise, as part of its first launch which has left Phu Quoc (the Cambodian Koh Tral which is occupied by Vietnam allowed by Hun Sen Govt in the 1980s)  for Kompong Som in Cambodia to go to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand, but it was the worst nightmare for them that the Thai authority did not allow them to leave the ship and sent them packing back to Cambodia claiming that they are afriad that our Cambodians may create insecurity and instability in Thailand and because some of them may be former Khmer Rouge. And if they want to go, they must deposit for $1500 each and can withraw it back after three months. You can read the news posted in KI-Media published by many newspapers like Reaksmey Kampuchea, Cambodge Soir and Koh Santepheap.

Here is a quote from Reasmey Kampuchea according to Mr. Chheang Vun, member of Cambodian Senate from the CPP.

In a letter to Mr. Chheang Vun, Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, sent on 6th January, 2009, Mr. Benson Samay said that, according to an English captain of the Jupiter Cruise, the Thai authority did not allow the Cambodian passengers to enter into Thailand by using an excuse that “there might be some Khmer Rouge disguising among the passengers who can create insecurity in their country (Thailand).” The letter added that the Thai authority will only allow the Cambodian passengers to enter Thailand “on the condition that those Cambodian passengers agreed to pay $1500 each person in security bond and the bond money can only be withdrawn after 3 months time.”

Mr. Chheang Vun has told Reaksmey Kampuchea newspaper that he has sent the letter to Mr. Long Visalo, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to summon the Thai officials to explain the incident.

SE: It is shocked for me as a citizen of Cambodia to read this news.  You see among the 269 passengers of our beloved Cambodians, there were also lawyers, senator, and many high ranking officials, all with tourist  and diplomatic visa. But Thailand don´t give a shit about this.  And this is not the first time at all that Thailand have treated our beloved  people in such an uncivilized manner.

With this, I start to understand that Thailand is not a civilized country at all if we reason it in this century. Thai people ranging, not all but may be most, from the grassroot to the high level of politicians never show respect for Cambodian people and even its other neigbors- Loas, Myanmar, except Malaysia because Malaysia is far richer than Thailand. I mean those  Thai people  are born with hatred, looking-down, revegne, and envy in their heart and mind. They bear no law- bindings, MoU, Asean Treaty and others pacts,  with the poorer, the friends, and the honest.

This time, i would like to appeal to our beloved people that please rethink in the future for your valuable vsisit to other countries. To my suggestion is that: why don´t our beloved people try to visit Laos, the most friendly, peaceful, and respectful niegbor? Why don´t we visit Myanmar, the country whose people are so truly Buddhists, kind-hearted, polite, honest, and appreciate respect? Why dont we visit Singapore, a country with civilization and technology and the most developed one in the world? And lastly why dont we visit Malaysia or Indonesia, the country with beauty and disversity of  religions and ethical groups but live with each another in harmony and respect?

An most importantly, I would like to appeal to current Cambodian leaders that please WAKE UP now.  See? You are powerful in Cambodia, you are rich in Cambodia but you are nothing to Thailand because in general context we are POOR and WEAK compare to Thailand. And that´s why Thailand dare to look down on us as a nation. Please WAKE UP and Make Cambodia Great Again!

For me, I will never visit Thailand again from now on because “I cannot allow myself be looked down on by these dirty and uncivilized Thai people.”