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Why Siam Always Targets Cambodia?

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Supalak Ganjanakhundee

It’s pretty obvious the government has put the Thaksin issue into the core of relations between Thailand and Cambodia, and is ready to employ all necessary means – even at the expense of national interest – to get him. But it is unclear why the government focuses only on Cambodia as Thaksin spends most of his time in the United Arab Emirates.

It is not a secret that Thaksin has a permanent residence in Dubai. Many Pheu Thai Party members and even an army officer, Kattiya Sawasdipol, have visited him from time to time. Everybody knows he is there but the government is unable to take any action against the UAE. And the UAE is not the only refuge. Thaksin is an honorary citizen of several countries, including Montenegro and Ecuador. The Thai government has paid no attention to those countries and their relations with him.

It chose Cambodia because the Thai leaders’ mentality suggested that superior Thailand could do anything it liked with its neighbours, who mostly rely on Bangkok.

Unfortunately, the world has changed. Cambodia no longer depends on Thailand economically and politically. Bangkok is not in a position to force the government in Phnom Penh to do anything

SE: In comparision, economically and militarily Siam is superior to Cambodia, but Siam is in fact, not to compare to Europe, just a kid to UAE.

Siam can´t even compare itself  with Singapore or Malaysia. So how can it  dare to shout at those richer countries like UAE while it can´t even face with its  richer neighbor at  home- Malaysia and Singapore.

In observation, Siam always pretends to be a civilized nation by speaking softly, bowing their heads and bodies with their hands pray and giving a big smile to the richer countries in order to beg or get a favor for economic assistance and development. Yet at home they look down on each other, the richer in Bangkok exploit the interests of their nation by all means and let the poor in rural area try sufferedly to survive, esp., hopelessly the women  who decide to marry the old westerns  for their survival.

Furthermore, they even create hatred with their poorer neighbors without due respect to any neighborly friendship agreements  and the bill of human rights.

As a neighbor, we historically know that, “Siam are born to be arrogant and thieft to Cambodia.”


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  1. Because Cambodia is the son of the empire!


    December 11, 2009 at 6:10 am

  2. […] is again from the arrogant Bangkok.  Pleasse read my recent post,  ”Why Siam always Targets Cambodia“.  SKE is  not a fan of Hun Sen and SKE think that the problem is caused by you and your […]

  3. Everything that Cambodia is undergoing since the fall of Angkot is it’s OWN doing.

    Beginning from overbuilding the temples and draining the nation’s coffers- allowing the Siamese to ransack Siem Reap and capture their territories.

    Getting the French in to protect them- In fact the french plundered what’s left of the country’s sparse resources.

    Rampant Corruption which allowed the Khmer Rouge to wrest control.

    Getting Thaksin to be advisor, when he’s been made a outcast in Thai society and which made Thailand Target Cambodia.

    So, you see. All of Cambodia’s ill fortunes were and are self inflicted.

    ” People living in glass houses should not be naked, unless you want your neighbours to look in”

    This sums up Cambodia’s sorrowful History.

    Most of the successful Cambodians today are of Chinese descent.And some corrupt fair skinned Khmers.

    History Buff

    March 9, 2010 at 9:47 am

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