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Hun Sen’s Nephews Are Menace to Cambodian Society: Thugs and Murders.

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Nhim Sophea (AP)

Hun Sen’s nephews beat, killed, intimidate ordinary Cambodians, Journalist, Tourist, police, and even Parliament member with impunity. They feel they can do anything they want in Cambodia with little or no consequences. How is it possible for a few young men intimidate a whole society with impunity?

1. Hun Chea: On August 3, 2008, at about 11:30 pm, a black Cadillac Escalade SUV sped north up Phnom Penh’s Sothearos Boulevard at more than 100km/h before running down a man on a motorbike, tearing off his left arm and left leg in front of the Regent Park Hotel. Hun Chea at a karaoke club early Friday in central Phnom Penh after firing seven shots in the club and three more shots threatening police who rushed to the scene.

2.. Hun To: July 19, 2008, Noun Vuthy, a parliament member, was attacked by Hun To’s bodyguards. You Saravuth, Sralang Khmer journalist threatened by Hun Tho. Numerous undocumented reports of intimidation, beating, kicking ordinary Cambodian and entertainer for looking at him or does not do what he want.

3. Nim Sophea:, the son of Hun Sen’s sister, have taken part in a car chase, which ended when the car he was travelling in lost control and crashed. According to police, Hun Sen’s nephew then fired an automatic rifle at passers-by. The authorities believe he may have been angry or drunk, which left two people dead. His younger brother, Nim Chan Tana were also involved in the car race.

4. Nhim Pov, a son of one of Hun Sen’s sisters, nephew of Prime Minister Hun Sen was involved in the stabbing of two Japanese tourists in downtown Phnom Penh. The two injured were beaten and stabbed with bottles of chilli and soy sauce.

5. Nim Pisey: another nephew of Hun Sen, fired several shots at another night club in the city, injuring two people. He was released a week later.


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  1. Good records!


    January 4, 2010 at 4:49 am

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  3. […] This must be started first from your family and relatives who are known as menaces to our society( here). […]

  4. […] he didnt order policemen to search for him and arrest him for his crimes- adultery, drug using, and his previous crimes committed on August 3, 2008 according to […]

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