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Family Reunion Organized for Sympathy and Excuse for the Hun Clan´s Misdeed

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Hun Clan (KS)

Members of  the Hun clan now have boldly showed themselves to the public in the family reunion celebration on 31 December 2009 since Hun Sen has centralized power from 1998.  

I think such a ceremony was  useless​  and cleary a show-off to hide what he is not able to solve only in order to get the sympathy   and excuse  from the public. 

With such a show-off  family reunion celebration, I just wonder where Hun Sen gets the money from to celebrate this expensive one. I hope that Hun Sen didn´t take the budget from the PM´s Cabinet. The problem is that the PM´s Cabinet always expenses exceeding the allowed national budget. Or he did not bully from his corrupt cronies.

Regarding to what Hun Sen has preached to his  kin and especially his nephews: 

In a discussion with his kin, Hun Xen warned them, especially his nephews, that he will use the law against them should they take advantage of being the relative of a PM to act illegally. On the other hand, Hun Xen lectured them to help poor people according to their means.

Hun Xen indicated that the day he leaves power, his kin and his nephews and nieces will become attack targets. Hun Xen reminded his kin about the historical event that took place during the fall of the Lon Nol regime where sons and daughters of powerful officials of the Lon Nol regime were pointed out by the people to the Pol Pot soldiers. However, some children of government officials received help from the people and their identity was hidden because of the good deeds they performed.

In my point of views is that, “Hun Sen never pratises what he has preached.” Simply because it seems that Hun Sen is truly an idoit or a true liar  that if he doesn´t know anything wrong about his relatives and especially his  nephews who are notoriously known as the symbol of menace to our society for their act of thugs and murder committed against the public, journalists, and politicians  in Cambodia, such as  Hun To (here, here), Hun Chea (here, here, here), Nhim Sophear (here), and Nhim Pov (here). These cases are just some of them that we  have known which journalists could cover them.

I think the problem is not his kin, especially his newphews but Hun Sen himself as a leader of the country or top of the Hun clan must be the one to be centered. Hun Sen should realized, as Kong Zi the Chinese philosopher once said that,” If a ruler is upright, all will go well wihtout orders, but if he himself is not upright, even though he gives order they will not be obeyed.”

Hun Sen must lead by good example and virtue in order to serve the country for the happiness of all Cambodian people as well as his clan for today and the  future. He should take the example of the councilor of the Ch´in State named Wu-ku-ta-fu in ancient China which he was was well-known for his leadership style that when he was tired, he did not sit in a carriage; in summer he did not spread out a sunshade; when he travelled in the country he did not have carts  or months following him, nor men carrying shields and lances. His merits were preserved in the storess and granaries, and his virtious conduct was displayed to later generations. When he died, the men and women of Ch´in shed tears, the children stoppped singing, the threshers ceased to chant while wielding their fails. Such was the leadership example of Wu-ku-ta-fu.

Unfortunately, Hun Sen is not an upright leader as we expected. Please see how criminal he is as a leader of Cambodia and the top of the Hun clan (here).  And because of these crimes that´s why Hun Sen keeps strengthening his thousands of personal bodyguards and as we know wherever he goes, his personal bodyguards will secure him along the way from his mainson´s gate to the stopping point.

Comparatively, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Göran Persson who won and ruled Sweden for three consecutive mandates, always went to anywhere throughout the country only with his one personal secretary and two bodyguards. I witnessed this during the national election campaign in 2006 when I was honored to meet him. This means that former PM Göran Perrson has committed no crime and therefore he fears none whether he is in power or to leave it. Morally and ideally, he is loved by the public and therefore he is protected by them.


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