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CAMBODIAN WAR: 1970 -1975 A First and Last Reunion of a Unique Band of Brothers & Sisters

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CAMBODIAN WAR: 1970 -1975

A First and Last
Reunion of a Unique Band of Brothers & Sisters

For those who covered the Cambodian War between 1970 and 1975, the memories have always been particularly painful.  Forty years ago this month, they witnessed first-hand the overnight plunge of a peaceful Cambodia into the abyss as the country was dragged into the Vietnam War. Then over the next five years, the horrors multiplied as war engulfed the entire country.  A total of 36 foreign and Cambodian journalists were killed or disappeared, more than in the war in neighboring Vietnam. When the war ended with the fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975, Cambodia’s nightmare continued — and many of those who covered the war could not bear to look back at the entire tragedy. At least 30 Cambodian journalists were executed after the Khmer Rouge take-over, including one country’s few female reporters.

Now, for the first time since that horrible war, a handful of war correspondents are returning to Phnom Penh for a reunion from 20 to 23 April.  The event is organized by Chhang Song, the last Information Minister in the Lon Nol government who now divides his time between Cambodia and the US and acts as a senior adviser to both the government and public-at-large.  As a military spokesman at the beginning of the war, then-Captain Chhang Song worked closely with these foreign correspondents, listened to their complaints and treated them as members of his own family.

“The sudden presence of a large number of foreign journalists in Cambodia in the early 1970’s was an important historical development in Cambodia’s fight for survival,” Chhang Song explains.  “I knew them as friends.  Many were killed or disappeared.  For the past 40 years, I have never forgotten those days and have dreamed constantly of bringing them back.  Now, it is finally happening.”

Assisting Chhang Song in his quest is former Associated Press (AP) correspondent US-born Carl Robinson who covered the Cambodian War from neighboring Saigon, today’s Ho Chi Minh City, and now lives in Brisbane, Australia.  While several reunions have been held over the past 15 years in Saigon, this is the first one in Phnom Penh.  And, considering their age, this reunion will most likely also be the last one.

“Covering the war was so painful that many, even now, are unable to look back on that period,” explains Robinson, who has only re-visited Cambodia in the past couple years.  “It’s even harder to look at what happened afterwards. For their own peace of mind, this return is an important event in their lives.  I’m sure there will be quite a few tears. But I’m sure joy too as they witness Cambodia’s amazing resilience and recovery.”

During the Cambodia War, Le Royal — then renamed Le Phnom by the republican regime — was the unofficial headquarters of the foreign press corps which numbered less than 50 at any one time. Many had offices in the hotel as well as accommodation.  The pool-side restaurant was a favorite gathering place after another hard day covering the war, a danger-fraught exercise that saw many venturing down less-than-secure roads by vehicle.  For the reunion, the now totally refurbished hotel is acting as the official host of the reunion with several functions planned.

Several activities are planned over the three-day reunion including a personally guided tour of Cambodia’s National Museum and the Royal Palace, both closed during the war, plus informal gatherings and exhibitions in the downtown quarter.  On one day, the former correspondents will re-enact a morning military briefing under a banyan tree not far from Le Royal where then-Captain Chhang Song had his office. Then, as during the war, they will head off on a “road run” out of the city to check out the situation first-hand.   On this occasion, however, they’ll travel down Route 3 to Wat Po where nine of their colleagues were ambushed and killed by the Khmer Rouge on 31 May 1970 — the most in a single day — and hold a Remembrance and Lunch at the local Buddhist temple.  In the evening, a memorial to their dead and missing colleagues will be unveiled at Le Royal.  The commemorative reunion has the support of the Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith, the Club of Cambodian Journalists (CCJ), the Overseas Press Club of Cambodia and the Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam).

During their reunion, the former correspondents will also visit the Killing Fields as they catch up first-hand with what happened after 1975 and then are brought up to today’s more peaceful times. They are hoping to meet with local tourism and business people as well as local journalists. About a dozen of the 40 surviving correspondents from the Cambodia War are expected to attend the reunion, including two women correspondents, Sylvana Foa and Elizabeth Becker.


Day 1, Tuesday 20/4:  Arrival of participants in Phnom Penh and check into Le Royal Hotel.  1700: Welcome drinks and then informal dinner in city restaurant.

Day 2, Wednesday 21/4:  0900, Guided tour of Cambodia’s National Museum by ex-Reuters Correspondent and now Archeologist at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies Peter Sharrock and his local counterparts. Hosted Lunch.  Afternoon visit to Royal Palace including performance by Royal Ballet.  1800, Welcome Reception and Dinner at Le Royal.

Day 3, Thursday 22/4:  0830, Morning “military briefing” under the tree outside Colonel Am Rong’s old office followed by a “road run” down Route 3 to Wat Po where nine of our colleagues were ambushed and killed by Khmer Rouge on 31 May 1970.  Service of Remembrance & Lunch at a local Buddhist temple. Return to Phnom Penh for 1600 unveiling ceremony of a Memorial to Fallen Journalists of the Cambodian War 1970-75. 1900, Evening dinner hosted by Cambodian Journalists Association.

Day 4, Friday 23/4: 0900, Briefing on events after 1975 followed by visit to the Killing Fields.  1230, Luncheon hosted by local business association, including tourism association, focusing on Cambodia today.


Nationality is in parentheses.

-Chhang Song: Co-organizer of the reunion.  At the start of Cambodia War in 1970, Chhang was a captain in the army working with spokesman Colonel Am Rong and a daily briefer to foreign media.  In 1974, he was named Minister of Information in the Khmer Republic government that fell in April 1975.  Today he lives in Long Beach, CA.  Well-known to all old hacks who covered the war.  (US)

-Carl Robinson: Co-organizer of the reunion. He worked with the Associated Press in Saigon as a photographer and between 1968 and 1975 as a full-time correspondent. He frequently covered the war in Cambodia on extended assignments. US-born, moved to Australia after the war.  (US/AUS).

-Jim & Milly Pringle: Reuters correspondent, later Newsweek and The Times (London).  Covered Vietnam and Cambodia during the war and afterwards to present time.  Presently residing in Phnom Penh.  (UK)

-Peter Sharrock: Ex-Reuters correspondent and now an Archaeologist at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies and an expert on Khmer antiquities.  (UK)

-T. Jeff Williams: Ex-AP and later CBS. Slipped into Cambodia three days before the March 18, 1970 coup posing as professor because American journalists were then banned. Covered the first six months of the conflict during which time 25 foreign journalists were murdered. Hired by CBS News in Cambodia following the death of correspondent George Syvertsen. This is his first return. (US)

-Kurt Volkert: Ex-CBS News. Arrived in Phnom Penh mid-May 1970 with CBS crew from Tokyo. Did not accompany Syvertsen and other crew members that fateful day 31 May 1970. Helped recover the bodies of CBS crew and was instrumental in mapping where executed NBC and CBS crew members were buried. Returned in 1992 to help a US military team recover their remains. (US)

-Elizabeth Becker: Covered the Cambodian war for the Washington Post, Newsweek and NBC. She is the author of When the War was Over, a history of modern Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, which has been translated into Khmer (by Youk Chhang) and French and won the Robert F. Kennedy book award. Her new book Bophana, a story of love in the time of the Khmer Rouge, will be released in Cambodia in Khmer, French and English at the time of the reunion. Recently retired from the New York Times, she visits Cambodia regularly. Her stories from the war can be found on (US)

-Don Kirk: First visited Cambodia in 1966, later covered the 1970 Sihanouk overthrow and US invasion. While working for Washington Star in April 1970, he and Canadian Broadcasting Commission’s Bill Cunningham were almost captured by Khmer Rouge near Kirivong south of Phnom Penh but managed to talk their way out. In 1971, published Wider War: The Struggle for Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. Wrote for New York Times Magazine and then the Chicago Tribune, where he revealed Khmer Rouge atrocities in 1974 in articles republished in Tell It to the Dead Memories of a War (1975 & 1996).  First returned to Cambodia in 1985 for US Today and last in 2002 for the International Herald Tribune. (US)

-Al Rockoff: A freelance photographer who covered the war in Cambodia for AP and other agencies.  Present at the fall of Phnom Penh in April 1975 and at the French Embassy.  Returns regularly to Cambodia for several months a year.  (US)

-Dan Southerland: UPI and later Christian Science Monitor reporter who covered the early days of war. He was the last correspondent to see Sean Flynn (son of actor Errol Flynn) and Dana Stone before their disappearance east of Chipou in April 1970.  Now with RFA.  (US)

-Sylvana Foa: Covered Cambodian War for Newsweek and United Press International (UPI) from its early days in 1970. A determined journalist, she earned the enmity of American Embassy and expulsion from Cambodia in 1973 after exposing US violations of Congressional restrictions on the war.  Joined UPI in Hong Kong and interviewed Prince Norodom Sihanouk in Beijing in October 1973, was one of the first American reporters allowed into China during the Cultural Revolution.  She was first woman to serve as foreign editor of a major international news organization (UPI), the first woman news director of an American television network (Univision) and the first woman to serve as Spokesman for the Secretary General of the United Nations.  Twice nominated for Pulitzer Prize, she now teaches journalism at New York University extension in Tel Aviv, Israel. (US)

-Jacques & Leslie Leslie: LA Times correspondent from January 1972 to July 1973 when he was expelled by the Saigon government.  First American to visit “liberation area” after the 1973 cease-fire.  Covered Cambodia war until December 1973 and returned in February 1975 until a couple days before Khmer Rouge occupied Phnom Penh in April.  Also covered the collapse of the coalition government in Vientiane and the takeover by the Pathet Lao.  Author of a book about Vietnam and Cambodia called The Mark: A War Correspondent’s Memoir of Vietnam and Cambodia, published by Four Walls Eight Windows in 1995.  (US)

-Mike Morrow: Ex-Dispatch News Service correspondent who broke the My Lai Massacre story in 1969.  Captured and held by VC/NVA for one month in Cambodia in 1970.   Now lives in Beijing.  First time back since war.  (US)

-Terry & Susan Wolkerstorfer: Ex-AP correspondent who covered invasion of Cambodia in 1970 while based in Saigon.  (US)

-Glenn McDonald: Ex-ABC radio correspondent who covered the Cambodia War off and on between 1970 and 1975. (US)

-Steve Northup: Ex-UPI and Time photographer who covered the war.  (US)

-Martin Stuart Fox: Ex-UPI correspondent who covered Laos and then Vietnam but never Cambodia.  (Traveling with wife Elizabeth.)  (AUS)

-Tim Page: Ex-Time-Life photographer.  Badly wounded in ’69 and evacuated to US.  Never covered the Cambodian War but was there with the UN in 1989.  Devoted years to finding out what happened to his good friends Sean Flynn and Dana Stone and produced one documentary is now working on a second. Hopefully he will be shooting during the Reunion.  Traveling with Australian documentary maker Marianne Harris (UK)

-Perry Deane Young: Ex-UPI reporter who wrote the book Two of the Missing about Sean Flynn and Dana Stone, which has recently been re-printed with revised material.  Left Vietnam in 1968 and this is his first time back.  Never worked in Cambodia but this is a mission to pay homage to his lost friends.  (US)

-Simon Dring and Fiona McPherson: Ex-London Daily Telegraph correspondent covering Cambodia.  (UK).

-Dirck Halstead: Ex-UPI and then Time Magazine correspondent.  (US)

-David Terry: Freelance photographer who covered Vietnam and Cambodia Wars.  (US)

-Tom Cheatham: Correspondent with UPI who covered Vietnam in mid to late 1960’s.  (US)

-Ken Wagner: Ex-UPI correspondent.  (US)

-Matt Franjola: Ex-AP correspondent in Phnom Penh in last stages of the war who later covered the fall of Saigon. (US)

-George Hamilton: Actor friend of Sean Flynn who is attending to pay homage to his memory.  (US)


Compiled by the Richard Pyle of The Associated Press (AP) and last updated on 19/3/10.  Further refined by Carl Robinson.

A total of 36 international and Cambodian journalists, photographers & cameramen were killed or missing-in-action (MIA) in Cambodia between April 1970 and April 1975.

The largest number were from Japan (10) , France (8) and USA (7 each).  Cambodia lost four (4) during the war.  Other nationalities are Switzerland (2), West Germany (1), Austria (1), Netherlands (1), India (1), Laos (1) and Australia (1).

Total of 55.


Gilles Caron France Gamma phtg MIA Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 4

Claude Arpin France FL/Newswk phtg Cap VC Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 5

Guy Hannoteaux Switz L’Express Cap VC Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 5

Akira Kusaka Japan Fuji TV MIA Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 6

Yujiro Takagi Japan Fuji TV MIA Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 6

Sean Flynn USA FL/Time MIA Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 6**

Dana Stone USA FL/CBS MIA Rte 1 Chipou CA Apr 6**

Dieter Bellendorf WGermany phtg NBC Cap KR Svay Rieng CA Apr 8

Georg Gensluckner Austria FL Cap KR Svay Rieng CA Apr 8

Willy Mettler Switz FL MIA Kampot CA Apr 16

Takeshi Yanagisawa Japan Nihon Denpa corr MIA Kampot CA May 10

Teruo Nakajima Japan Omori Inst MIA unk loc CA May 29

Tomoharu Iishi Japan CBS cam KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Kojiro Sakai Japan CBS sound KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Ramnik Lekhi India CBS cam KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Gerald Miller USA CBS prod KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

George Syvertsen USA CBS corr KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Yeng Samleng Cambodia CBS driver KR/VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31***

Welles Hangen USA NBC corr VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Roger Colne France NBC cam VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Yoshihiko Waku Japan NBC sound VC ambush Wat Po Rte 3 CA May 31

Raymond Meyer France ORTF MIA Siem Reap CA Jul 7

Rene Puissesseau France ORTF MIA Siem Reap CA Jul 7

J. Frank Frosch USA UPI corr Murdered Rte 2 Takeo CA Oct 28

Kyoichi Sawada Japan UPI phtg Murdered Rte 2 Takeo CA Oct 28

Johannes Duynisveld Neth FL ARVN ambush Parrots Beak CA Dec 26+


Francis Bailly France FL Murdered Rte 4 CA Feb 19


Alan Hirons Australia FL Cap KR Neak Luong CA Apr 25

Terry L Reynolds USA FL/UPI Cap KR Neak Luong CA Apr 25

Chiim Sarath Cambodia FL Cap KR Neak Luong CA Apr 25


Has Prak Cambodia MIA Has Santeheap CA date unk

Lim Saroen Cambodia MIA Nokor Thom CA date unk

Taizo Ichinose Japan FL MIA Angkor CA Nov 23


Koki Ishiyama Japan Kyodo/FL Cap KR Oct 73/rptd died CA Jan 20

Kim Savath Cambodia FL/AP KIA CA loc date unk

Marc Filloux France AFP/Laos murdered by KR CA Apr 15 (aprx)++

Manivanh Laos AFP FL/interpreter murdered by KR CA Apr 15 (aprx)++

After 17 April 1975 – The Time of the Prison Without Walls.


Accurate accounting of Cambodian nationals KIA/MIA after 1975 is problematical due to scant information and the unknown fate of many of the victims.  The list below is not definitive and more information is needed on the circumstances of death.  Most of these Cambodians had worked on the front lines of the fighting as freelancers for the international press — and were targeted by the Khmer Rouge for this work — while also working for their local papers. As they vanished after the Khmer Rouge takeover when hostilities ended in April 1975, they are treated here as a separate category.

Chhor Vuthi AP
Hong Ho UPI
Sun Heang  freelance/AP
Tea Kim Heang (Moonface)  freelance/AP photographer
Saing Hel  freelance
Mean Leang AP/freelance
Put Sophan CBS
Sou Vichit Gamma photographer

Sok Ngoun Reuters

Ith Chhun freelance

Chea Ho UPI
Lanh Daunh Rar AP
Ly Eng  Domneung Peel Prik (Morning News)
Lyng Nhan AP
Ty Many
Vantha AP

Ung Kim Seng aka Cheav

Yun Huor Nihon Dempa News *

Keo Yun freelance TV cameraman *

Soeung Phoeuk  Thor editor of Meat-to Phum, or Newspaper Editor *

Ou Nget photographer with Minister of Information *

Hak Kheng  freelance cameraman *

Buoy Sreng editor of Sangket, or Observer, newspaper *

Suon Chheng Horn *

Chey Chum *

I Ith *

Men Manil *

Ly Khuon *


*Arrested, held, tortured and executed at Tuol Sleng between 1976 and 1978.

** Flynn and Stone are believed to have been executed by KR captors (per Tim Page).

***Yeng Samleng, a CBS driver, is only non-news person on list.

+Duynisveld, traveling w/ VC unit, was seeking Stone and Flynn.

++Filloux and Manivanh, his female interpreter, left Vientiane and crossed into northern Cambodia hoping to meet and interview Khmer Rouge officials. They were never seen again; available evidence indicates they were captured and executed. Bodies were not recovered. Jean-Jacques Cavaux, AFP chef in Laos at the time, said Filloux was a locally hired staffer on pending reassignment to AFP Paris. Manivanh, a freelance interpreter, is the only Lao on the list.

#Compiled by Youk Chhang and Elizabeth Becker

For more information, please contact:

Chhang Song at 012 384 619



Carl Robinson


All photos: Documentation Center of Cambodia Archives

Poster by Youk Chhang © 2010

Independently Searching for the Truth since 1997.

“…a society cannot know itself if it does not have an accurate memory of its own history.”

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Written by Kolbot Khmer

March 23, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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  1. It is amazing!


    March 24, 2010 at 3:37 pm

  2. I am Siphy Nuon, a war photogrpher and story writer for UIP, still survived today and I wrote a book about that after I went through the Pol Pot’s regim. I am one of the UPI’s people shown on your WEB.

    siphy nuon

    April 5, 2010 at 11:45 pm

  3. I was not wellknown at war time, but at least Mr. Chhang Song knoew me if he has a good memory. I used to sit and have a drink with him, not mentioned about Dith Pran, my close friend who alrady died. My name is Siphy Nuon, a photographer and story writer for UPI during the war in Cambodia of 1970 to 1975. I wrote the book about that war and bout life with the Communist regime. I’m on the picture of UPI’s peopeople posted on your WEB.

    Sphy Nuon

    April 6, 2010 at 1:00 am

  4. If you know someone like me, Siphy Nuon, who pretty much went through that kind of matter of war since beginning to the end of what ever people call the killing field, consider yourself you’re the lucky one for your life as a Khmer Empire’s son, but not only that, you have to know how are we called Khmer,the did the Khmer establish and finally how did the Khmer become an empire? Think about that.

    Sphy Nuon

    April 6, 2010 at 1:31 am

  5. Dear Lok Pou, Sphy Noun, Interesting to see you in the blog. Regards

  6. Dear Next Khmer genetions.
    Please listen to me. My name is Siphy Nuon, the oldest generation of the war of 1970 -1975 profile in Cambodia. I went through so much from the start till 1979, mentally and spiritully suffered and still be able to let you know about that kind of Khmer darkness. Being a Khmer Empire’s son, please do not say something that is not sure to yourself and being unable to acceptably recognized by them because the world is watching. So, who is able to tell you to make you be able get positive ansers? I shamefully say that only me. Please try to avoid getting favorit answers without the optimistical truth . Please do not try to blame our ancestors who did this because of them are being the Khmer Empire sons.

    Sphy Nuon

    April 9, 2010 at 1:20 am

  7. Here Siphy Nuon again, a survivor of that kind of war turmoil in Cambodia more than two decades ago. You, who ever the Khmer next generation, should better understand that being an empire our ancestors got to earn it because it’s not imaginable thing and we are as their blood lineage such as the ones who got into trouble with the world right now because of the fallure of their try, will instinctively do the samething to become once again a Khmer empire or at least to keep the Khmer as it had been a thousand years ago. However, what ever they are, they are still our 20th century ancestors and their did is an example of the experimetation for us as the next generation of Khmer to study and learn as being should or should not do because it will happen someday in the future generation if there is no path of example such as this had been already occured. It’s the way it is.If you feel something needs to be changed, change it. If you cannot change it the way you wanted to, you have to change what ever of yourself that brought you up and face the subsequence. That’s how the Khmer empire’son all about. Did I talk too much?

    Sphy Nuon

    April 11, 2010 at 3:57 am

  8. Dear Lok Pou Sophy Noun,

    I am delighted and pleased with what you said and just want to add that “We have learned from our history, we will never back down and let’s unite and make our country great again!

  9. To: Siphy Nuon…
    First, I would like to thank you for your contibution/dedication to the Khmer people. What you gave through your journalism can never be forgotten.
    Second, It’s ironic I find myself on this website at a time in my life where I am prepairing to attend the unveiling of the Journalists Memorial in Phnom Penh on April 22, 2010. (One of my Khmer family members father was “Chhim Sarath”) He worked with UPI as a driver/photo stringer/photographer and was taken by the Khmer Rouge on April 25, 1972 near Neak Luong.
    I wish you and yours much happiness and good health my friend…


    April 17, 2010 at 4:11 pm

  10. Hello Sophy Nuon…
    Hope I spelled it right this time??
    How do I find your book?


    April 17, 2010 at 4:16 pm

  11. Dear young generation of Khmer, you all and me,Siphy(cp)Nuon, inherit to be called as our ancestors then wished for their love-ones, the Khmer. We strongly believed that our ancestors then must gotten earned it, because at that time that part of the world, not all known as Khmer. However to us as their love ones should raise the questions as the following how do we call Khmer, how did the Khmer race establish and how did the Khmer become an empire? Our then ancestors must be brilliant in all resources, not just only fighting. Did they look like us? Of course, they did, but their brain may be…

    Siphy Nuon

    April 18, 2010 at 4:29 pm

  12. Since the bolgs on this Web are still available and nobody as a Khmer has a comment to express to the public, I,Siphy Nuon, realy like to keep talking just to bother the Khmer empire offsprings’ brain. I have to admit I am an old man, educated in the old way of the Khmer culture since then when about 99 percentage of the Khmer people did not believe the human beings had stepped their foots or feet on the moon. I am not a talker, but a writer. I can write in English, Frenche and in my native or my birth tongue language if you like to read only Khmer. Before going to a little more further on this matter of our ancestors being a Khmer empire, I like to ask all of you to consider only to answer the question as what make or how does our lovely mother land call Kampuchea or Kampujja? How are we call Khmer? Because the Khmer is not Khom or Kamu (a small tribe in Funan state)? so what is that? and finally what make or how do the Khmers become an empire? It is very important because the world is asking. Being a blood lineage of a Khmer empire’s son, you have to know to answer and must have an approvable story or legend by the world to support your claims. Did I, an old day Khmer man, give you a mentally hard time? If you’re the claimants cannot answer, me,Siphy(cp), can.Don’t worry. If you want to change something, go ahead change it. If you cannot change it, you must change your motivation and keep quiet, that what the Khmer empire’s son was and is. For those who want to read my book of Tittle of Understanding How to Live with the Communist through the event in Cambodia by Siphy Nuon, please contact the library of Middleswx Community College of Lowell, Massachusetts.

    Siphy Nuon

    April 21, 2010 at 3:21 am

  13. Sons! Are you a pure Khmer or a real Khmer? Or just a claimant to be called Khmer, even more to make a big mistake to be claimed as a Khmer empire’s son ? Being a Khmer as being caqlled is not that much easy as your toungue flippes and flaps. You have to earn it. Please, do not use this word if you don’t know how to answer how are we called Khmer, how doese our old country Cambodia call Kampuchea and how did the Khmer race established? Eh..!! Saying is so much easy, but the truth is to convince the world that you’re a Khmer… and it is….not..not the one…like you including me, Siphy Nuon, an old man, but I know how to answer all these things to let the world know I’m a real Khmer plus I’m changing not only the earhtly world, but the cosmos as well, as the Khmer true meaning is given by the the truth. Did I give you a brain wash? Son..! You’re not a Khmer unless you earned it, not by just imaginary talking or showing how good looking you ar because the Khmer is compsed by a more-hundred tribes of the large, medium and small size in south-east Asia. If you want to change thing, go ahead change it, if you cannot change it, you must change yourself and do not make heard. I mean it.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 13, 2010 at 1:57 am

  14. Jumreapsour Lok Pou Siphy Noun,

    Are you asking me if I am a real Khmer and if I know who Khmer is?

    If so I think it is not a question. Please read my booklet”The Son of the Empire” This will tell you about my position about Khmer and who Khmer is in my personal words, not defining on history and anthropology, but it is just an ideology and politics.

    YOU SAID “Saying is so much easy, but the truth is to convince the world that you’re a Khmer… and it is….not..not the one…like you including me, Siphy Nuon, an old man, but I know how to answer all these things to let the world know I’m a real Khmer plus I’m changing not only the earhtly world, but the cosmos as well, as the Khmer true meaning is given by the the truth.” I SAY ” How can anyone convince the world that he is a Khmer when he cannot convince hourself, his son, his family, and his compatriots to become a real Khmer?” The world just follow us. So pls dont care so much about convincing the world but care convincing about ourselves at home first when it come to preserving and identifying our identity.

  15. Sons…of the Khmer world..!! Thank you so much that I got some,at least, feedbacks, negative or positive sparks that all happily welcome and it’ll be granted as the love ones and I love you all from the bottom of my heart, but I still strongly denote that you’re all not a pure Khmer, but just a not Khmer, and especially more worse as a son of the Khmer empire. Son..! You can call me an old man, Siphy(cp), but, my brain is not that much old and that much slow to look back in time of Khmer and update what the Khmer is all about because I can reveal to you all as the same as the world to be convinced about the true Khmer. Please be patient to liisten when the right time is come. Being called a Khmer you have to be accepted by the world,quote. Otherwise it’s just a claimant…. or nothing if you all don’t know the meaning of what is the Khmer? Son…! I hope I still live long enough to tell you the truth about the Khmer, it’s not the way you all think or imagine. Please give me more some feedbacks and stop claiming as a son of Khmer empire. It’s not about identity. It’s boring, especally to the Khmer foes. Please feel free to give me more feedbacks.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 14, 2010 at 2:25 am

  16. Jumreapsour Lok Pou Siphy

    So what is the true Khmer? And what is the truth about KHmer? And what are you going to convince the wolrd about Khmer? And for what purpose? How do you know that I am not a pure Khmer? Do you celebrate or enjoy Chinese New Year in your family?

  17. Sons of the Khmer world…!! Please do not feel wrong about me.., an old man. You will not pose that kind of question to me because of my middle name given by my father who already passed away long time ago and I also don’t like it and I ask myself what is for, but I take it anyway. I never celebrated any of these kinds of new year in the world, but the pure Khmer new year when to be taking place in August of each what ever is. If you look back in time of the Khmer, you would know that most of the names of the Chenla kings are sounded as a chinese names and they are the Khmer kings. If so what’s wrong is it if just the name. Son.. if you planned to be the Khmer empire’s son, please do not take that matter as an account for the Khmer because you’ll do the same as the ones who did about three decades ago in Cambodia as wrotten in my book. Sons…!! I saw them all that is why I’m not afraid to make known to the Khmer world you’re are not a pure Khmer. I’ll aswer all the questins you may have, but you make sure you must get counsulted with the people whom you thing would be better than the old man,Siphy(cp). Believe me I’m not going to let you be gone without any answer whether or not you accept to convince you and the world.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 15, 2010 at 2:06 am

  18. Jumreapsour Lok Pou Siphy,

    Pls dnt feel hard about my questions. I just want to know more from a person like you to enlighten myself as well as others. Hope You go straight to my questions.

  19. Sons of the Khmer world…!!
    As you wish….hence..I’ll let you know and I’m sure that you’ll divulge to the world all what I’m going to say. The word Khmer that you spelled in Khmer is very wrong and the meaning is not correct the way you intended to. It means the declined or become weaker of the Khmer empire. Why you have to keep this kind of the deceit and declare yourself a son of the Khmer empire? You’re wrong and don’t be so fast to get the right answer. Because it did take thousand of years for me, an old man, Siphy, to get these messages for you, the Khmer world. Southeast-asia of the Khmer empire territory or the Kampujja Desa land’s human beings, regarless what they are said to be, are Khmer. Only one thing you have to do is must update and upgrade the Khmer empire to the new or current era or today time. Do you know or anyone as a Khmer knows how to do that? If you or those got the blood-lineage of the favorite Desa would, otherwise it’s only me, Siphy do. It’s not a joke, those in that part of the world, they’ll be emotionally and spiritually suffered if they betray to be called Khmer…

    Siphy Nuon

    May 16, 2010 at 3:21 am

  20. Sons of the Khmer world…!!
    As you wish….hence..I’ll let you know and I’m sure that you’ll divulge to the world all what I’m going to say. The word Khmer that you spelled in Khmer is very wrong and the meaning is not correct the way you intended to. It means the declined or become weaker of the Khmer empire. Why you have to keep this kind of the deceit and declare yourself a son of the Khmer empire? You’re wrong and don’t be so fast to get the right answer. Because it did take thousand of years for me, an old man, Siphy, to get these messages for you, the Khmer world. Southeast-asia of the Khmer empire territory or the Kampujja Desa land’s human beings, regarless what they are said to be, are Khmer. Only one thing you have to do is must update and upgrade the Khmer empire to the new or current era or today time. Do you know or anyone as a Khmer knows how to do that? If you or those got the blood-lineage of the favorite Desa would, otherwise it’s only me, Siphy do. It’s not a joke, those in that part of the world, they’ll be emotionally and spiritually suffered if they betray as not to be called Khmer…

    Siphy Nuon

    May 16, 2010 at 3:38 am

  21. Sons of the Khmer world..!
    I am Siphy(cp)Nuon. Please do not think about me as something else, but a Khmer Charisma. You, as the Khmer world, might feel laughing by hearing that because of your ignorance about what it’s called the truth of the Khmer. The Khmer will change the southeast asian’s and the world and especially to connect their realities to the cosmos without any loss of human like creature life. The KC has invited all the religions in this world what ever size they are or what ever well known they gained or be gaining to defeat this KC. If KC has been or will be mentally and spiritually defeated. Thus, it will not be a true religion meaning it is not a Khmer. Now, the word Khmer, why is it so important, not just in this world but the universe as well?

    Siphy Nuon

    May 20, 2010 at 2:34 am

  22. Lok Pou Siphy Noun,

    Pls write sth that is more simple and straight to the point.

    In fact, I understand what you mean but such an illusional idea is not my favorite.

    You say “The KC has invited all the religions in this world what ever size they are or what ever well known they gained or be gaining to defeat this KC. If KC has been or will be mentally and spiritually defeated. Thus, it will not be a true religion meaning it is not a Khmer. Now, the word Khmer, why is it so important, not just in this world but the universe as well?” Is this sth related to KC or what to be called as KHMER?

  23. Sons of the Khmer world..!
    The word Khmer is not the hallucinated or light-headed philosophy or ideology like you think. It’s a true and a very true religion , not only human like species, but of the human like living beings on the billion and billion of planets in the cosmos. Because of this reason, using the word Khmer shall be thoroughly determined because it’s a name of the Angelic Architect God. It’s spelled in Khmer with the Ka, the very first consonant of the Khmer alphabet, would mean art, science and literature. Not the way you spelled in Khmer as with the Kha, a second consonant that would mean to be surrendered to as a Pali word KHEMARAK. Anyway what ever is the Khmer of spelling with ka or Khmer Charisma or KC still welcome all the earthly religions to defeat. Why? because it’s the Khmer. The KC will promise to make from now on all the human like living beins on earth and on all the planets in the universe the Khmer without losing life of human like creature even one.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 21, 2010 at 3:22 am

  24. Dear Lok Pou, Siphy

    Whatever you compare the word “KHMER” with I dont’ care since I just know that this “KHMER” word is my IDENTITY with the clear background, chronology, and history. That’s enough.

    You say “The KC will promise to make from now on all the human like living beins on earth and on all the planets in the universe the Khmer without losing life of human like creature even one.” I SAY: What do you exactly mean by that? Is it possible? You think Hun Sen will listen to you and will not kill Khmer anymore?

  25. Dear sons of the Khmer world..!!
    I am Siphy(cp) Nuon as an old man who was born originally in that part of world what is called the Khmer origin, the land of Kampujja known as Cambodia today. I love her so much that you cannot be wrong on me. She is my birth mother and my tree mother is still there, even though she got suffered as I did. But it my birth place and where the Khmer Charisma began. Without you at that small spot of the land, birth mother, and my adopted mother who gave,gives and is giving me much of her heart, the world meaning the Earth would be still pretty dark that you can imagine as thousand of years in the past and will not be able to connect herself to the cosmos where is also her birth community. Why the word Khmer is so important to all human like species, not only on the earth but the cosmos as well? Here it is. First, who ever you are you have to ask yourself as am I a physical object or physical body that made up oxygene,nitrogene,iron,silocone and carbon etc..? If yes..(no body can say no to this question of KC)

    Siphy Nuon

    May 22, 2010 at 4:15 am

  26. Your soul and spirit is or are too, the physical substances, only they’re invisible to the naked eyes of ours, but it’s true is the heat molecule of energy just like the ones that actively moves and protect the universe right now. The soul take the oder and acts quickly as given by the spirit which is the memory of yours. The soul is with your body structure and your spirit is with your special place, the brain. They both work together as been designed what is called life just like the water is composed by Hydrogen and Oxygen or H2O. The soul moves everything in your body except the heart and the internal organic devices that is the part of activating by the nature. These powerful physical elements are subjected to be physically saved and physically preserved for a thousands of years on and on, the question is how and who would help to do that. It’s not me, Siphy(cp), so who is it because I,the inquirer, want to physically live for a thousand and thousand of years if I could and especially I’m be able to communicate with my alive-love-ones after I humanely died. This would make the Khmer asking the world religions or anything to religiously compete and to spiritually or mentally defeat it. Otherwise they have to stop revealing or preaching their nonsenses of that ideology or phylosophy eventhough they have the right to do so because more and more human lifes cruelly lost everyday instead of supposing to be granted as an heavenly traveller or space traveller as to be inspired by the true cosmic ceator, the Khmer or the Angelic Architech God. The soul and spirit or another word as a life has a code and the property given as the physical matter… keep reading otherwise you who ever you are will get lost from the truth of your real life.. The Khmer for this kind of cosmic level is not simple..It would really take you as its to meet the true physical Angelic Architect God….

    Siphy Nuon

    May 23, 2010 at 3:45 am

  27. Lok Pou Siphy,

    Are you a religious man? I mean christian?

  28. Sons of the Khmer world…..!! I am a Khmer Charisma. This religion used to be called only Khmer with the Ka if in Khmer language’s spelling. It’s an old and a very Khmer own faith if you look back in time about eight thousand years ago it’s just about the same time of the existence of the Sumerian culture. Sons..being this kind of Khmer is not so easy to say or to brag about, you have to allow to be emotionally beaten by all kinds of nonsenses and to prove the world this Khmer faith as it cannot be spiritually denied and they have no other choice but instinctively accept it otherwise their soul and spirit or life will go to hell without being sent by someone but by their own pessimistic self-judgement. This Khmer Charisma is a Cosmic Religion, if you’re one of it you’ll feel happy by knowing your origin where you come from and you would know about everything that exist in space including all stars and plants and their civilizations especially those human being like species’ religion. It’s a Khmer without a doubt. You don’t have to spend human life to gain other people legal land because there are billion and billion of life bearing planets available for you. Thus, all you have to do is to follow the two concepts of the Khmer religious domains. I,Siphy(cp),hope will live long anough to finish up this mission as a Khmer, not just a has to be a Khmer like this. The word Khmer or KC is always associated with the word HOW…? No human being’s life on earth and those similarity on the other planets in the cosmos to be being lost due to this Khmer religious tenet is allowed because it’s a very true religion and for those who break this religious commend or rule will be severily punished not just to themselves but to their own species who have the same codes as well by the 4th Incarnation of this KC.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 23, 2010 at 5:22 pm

  29. Louk Pou Siphy,

    Please explain me what is Khmer religion? And what is the two concept of Khmer religion domains?

    You mean Ka is Khmer own faith?

    Louk Pou please don’t be complicated!



    May 23, 2010 at 5:39 pm

  30. Ka is the first consonant of the Khmer alphabet. It’s not a faith, it’s the right way the word Khmer is spelled in Khmer language since the establishment of the Khmer race about more than two thousand years ago meaning arts, science and literature and also the foundation of the Khmer everything. This spelling in Khmer own language is symboling the Khmer Charisma or KC. I,Siphy, will answer in order to clarify the doubt on what is the Khmer all about not only for you or for the Khmer people but for the world as well. KC is a religion, not a political mainstream and it have had a deep-rooted connection with the cosmos because of the word KAMPUJ that the Khmer country was named after. How important is it the KC?

    Siphy Nuon

    May 24, 2010 at 2:57 am

  31. The Khmer Charisma….!!! The formula of the truth about the earhtly human like species who had been created in the cosmos and also would cordially welcome all the worldly human religions to mentally and spiritually eliminate it from the face of the Earth otherwise each of them would be severely suffered by its(kc) concepts because of the nonsense of each of them causes these human like creatures not to reach the goal of becoming the care takers of the celestial structures of the universe as the aspiration of the true creator, the Angelic Architect god, the Khmer. The Khmer Charisma(kc) comprises the DESA,FAVORIT DESA and TJEE. This Khmer religion is so rich to the human like creatures in the universe not just on Earth alone who have carried on the two concepts of the KC’s religious domains. They are as the physical concept or KC’s meditation and the spiritual concept or the tree mother and especially if the cosmos is still physical object matters, it’s still be the Khmer religious consortium. Being this kind of the Khmer one has to get educationally beaten up and if cannot be mentally beaten it will be found so much beloved hence.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 25, 2010 at 3:42 am

  32. Jumreapsour Louk Pou Siphy,

    I am very thankful for your comments related to KHMER, but again, as the notion is very important, I would like you to write it clearly, simply, coherently,evidently, and historically. It seems to me that what you have written is just an illusionary idea.


  33. Sons of the Khmer world…!! Who ever you are, better to update this WEB as the KHMER CHARISMA or KC, the truth that cannot be ignored by the world and by the cosmos human like creatures because they are all Khmer otherwise they are not the species who are living on the physical objects called plants connected with the physically celestial structures. Like I am telling the world that being a Khmer it has to be not defeated by any nonsenses of other religions of the world not just only this earthly world but the cosmoic world as well. Sons..are you afraid the Khmer is going to be defeated? Nonsense..! You’re better not to use the word Khmer empire in order to motivate the Khmer next generations. Son..! it’s not going to happen from this million and so on because being an empire you have to earn it meaning human life got to be lost that would be very oppose to the Khmer. You and I and others are the Khmer just like the Vietnameses,Thai.Laos and the mon, because we were born on the Kampuj desa’s land are Desa’s land. the name of the original tribss known nowadays.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 26, 2010 at 3:46 am

  34. Sons of the Khmer world…!!
    Who ever you are,please be patient, not to rush to get enlightened about the Khmer that is to be spelling with the first consonant of the Khmer alphabet or the Khmer Charisma or KC or the KHMER. No one on or in the universe is more powerful than the space travellers or the heavenly travellers or the technological enlighteners. They will have all your soul codes and the codes of your spirits of the inviduals or of the group of your races. They would be able to pause your soul anytime if you act bad enough to destroy the celestial planetary structures and allow the animals that are the subordinate creatures consume your bodies. The world, please do not feel it’s not going to happen. The world please understand that all the celetial structures are physical. If they are physical they will have the property owner wich is the Angelic Architect God or the Khmer. Why is it the Khmer? You called your nonsense-being gods with your own languages, so why not the Khmer did. If the world what ever your faiths are cannot defeat the Khmer, the Khmer or KC will eliminate them(your faiths) from the face of the earth spiritually and for good because they’re fake and caused the human being like species on earth confused. The KHMER is physical and no body is able to copy from it because it has the holy place where it’s been heard for several years before the worldly attention. The KHMER connects its origin of The KHMER hill or the KHMER island known as Angkor arear to the Ja’s (Chha) region, from the Ja’s region to Southeast Asia, from Souyheast Asia to the world and especially from the earthly planet to the deep-rooted connection of the cosmos. The sons of the Khmer world or the others is better to think how the Khmer is so powerful? How is the Khmer established? How the Khmer people are called Khmer? How the southeastasian people would have to be called Khmer? If they refused to be called Khmer what is going to happen to them? The word Cambodia derived from Kampuchea and Kampuchea derived from Kambuj+Ja and what is the Kambujja or Kambujja Desa? Sons.. the old man,Siphy, will answer them all. But you, the Khmer world, have to do is think and be patient to hear or to learn all these physical phylosophies. Have you heard the word LOANN HOSS or BAROTT HOSS? Please hope that Siphy knows how our ancestors build it and much much more, please do not say your old man an illusory person. This event was occurred for thousands of years ago when I have to recall back to reveal it to you. It’s not just like the CPU and the memory of your computer can be activated the datas only in this present time. KC.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 27, 2010 at 3:36 am

  35. Sons of the Khmer(spelling in Khmer own language with the very first consonant of the Khmer alphabet) world.! Do you have a doubt there any life after death? The answer is yes by the Khmer. How does the Khmer prove it on this dilemma? Well, is on the spiritual concept of the Khmer Charisma, the TREE MOTHER wich is composed of the heaven and hell, the worshipping of the holy spirits, the sanctury and the daily life as the moral principle of the human-like species. This is not a joke and also it is not an illusonal object and it is real.How does the tree become a mother?..

    Siphy Nuon

    May 28, 2010 at 2:30 am

  36. Sons of the Khmer world..! Even thought I am an old man educated in the old Khmer way, the world cannot drag me to the wrong way that they want me to be with. I told you, the world,that I have been educated from the Khmer or KC’s Incarnations. What ever I feel is right got to be approved by you, the world. Sons!
    your brain ared programmed to be intelligent to understand what is wrong and what is right. How can you tell about the right and the wrong on this KC? On this earthly world is the physical and the Khmer is physical and plus to be defeated by the worldly faiths otherwise the Khmer will definitely eliminate them from the face of this earth.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 29, 2010 at 3:24 am

  37. The world what ever your faith is or are it’s time for you as the true believers of that such thing to think and realize that they might not be worthy to the human being like creatures or it’s just a moral principle of mankind on the planet Earth only. This is the KC or the Khmer talking. You would recall all the things or messages or information that you have been told since the time you realized who you are after been born and be truthful to your own instinct. Why I as a mankind with the proportional size of limbs to the body is here? Why are there so different creatures just on Earth alone? Some can only walk, some can fly and fly up-high and some can dive and swim in the water and some are just a tree..etc. These are the physical things as the nature. You’re the owner of your own human body so are celestial body’s sturctures because they’re all physical that is why we’re as the human being be here. We’re the primary creature to be chosen or picked to be a care taker of all these properties nothing else for this creation because the animals as a living creature that can feel and move cannot do that and they are a subordinate being to us because we have to eat and feel to be alive until our life expectancy expired. This brief message is just to make the world realized how important the KC or the Khmer is. The Khmer will make the trees a mother the way they are created for and the life of the human being after death will be physically saved and preserved for hundreds or even thousand and thousand of years and so on and especially be able to communicate with their living love-ones. To be continued..!

    Siphy Nuon

    May 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm

  38. This WEB is better to change to the Khmer Charisma or KC or the Khmer with the very first consonant of the Khmer alphabet if it’s spelling . Without me Siphy(cp) the world is not going to know what is the truth about human being like species and they will get completely lost as they would have had several centuries ago and they are not afraid to punish the one that tells them the truth because they didn’t favorite with the man is saying that the Earth is not the center of the universe. I, siphy, would like to invite the worldly faiths to mentally defeat the KC because I’m told that the KC has to cleaned up the sins or the faithful dirts or the nonsense of faiths from the face of the Earth hence. Thus the Incarnation physically saved Siphy from getting killed during the killing field era and in other several time outside that regim. You,the world, hear don’t you? I would like to live as a human being a little bit longuer so I would be able to do the best to change the world that would be connected to the cosmos as well, but I,Siphy,have a tree mother even though she got suffered so much as I did but she is still my tree mother and I am her son and I miss everyday since I get older. I didn’t do anything bad to be rejected by her. For those who didn’t have a tree mother will automatically go to hell despite what thaiths they are on or in or with because life is physical without being sent by someone.You are sent by yourself because you don’t have a three mother that is to be physically saved your soul and spirit or known as life.She is a tree but she was assigned to be your mother after your human life expied all you have to do is to know how. How I will go to hell because someone going to keep me with. Nonsense the world..! your life is physical,not imaginary elements like the nonsense faith told you. It’s the ones that move the universe right now,dummy! Don’t you want to live happily more than a hundred years and so on? Now is the 2008th anniversary years of the Khmer Charisma or KC or the Khmer.The Khmer will bring you or update you to the right place and the right time with your optimisticly approval. This message is not just the writing value as the work of arts but it is a scripture of KC. Do you have soneone better than Siphy in this second millennium of ad or KC if you do have one please listen to him or her. You would feel is it sounded right like Siphy. The KC is not allowed to force to be believed,quotes. To be continued..!

    Siphy Nuon

    May 30, 2010 at 12:24 am

  39. The TREE one of the two fundamental principle of the religious domains of the Khmer. The world, not just the khmer world, would have to prepare to respond or to sums up on this spiritual concept. It would cause your all nonsense faith to be eliminated from the face of the Earth because lifes of human being like species been or being or will be lost unnessarily and your faith cannot stop this worldly sins because they’re fake religions. The world! please listen, we are created as the human being like crature as the good care takers of the celetial structures or its protectors,it’s not to destroy each toher because you all have the palm of hands. The palm of hand is symbolizing the Angelic Architct God..,the Khmer,who is keeping the universe moving. Without him what do you think is it the universe going to be OK or is going to be a disaster. He is a physical god, not an imaginary god just like nonsense religions taught you. If you want to find out what he would looke like, you have to go there in a human form in order to find out about him. If you cannot make it because your mental or physical disability please change or opt out your current deceit and try to do the right way. No! I say no one is more powerful than the space travellers or the heavenly travellers and do not think that is not true.It’s a physical property, only it’s celestial different from yours, the earthly. There are many mankind’s souls and spirits are awaiting trialed to be punished because of when they’re alive they’re in favour of spending human being lifes or lives without reasonable acts because there are among the death was the right one to be chosen by the Incarnation. After being convicted that person’s soul and spirit will be destroyed. That’s the case that the TREE MOTHER wouldn’t want to happen to her love one’s life. When your human mother got the right heat or given code of life for only you or more, possibly rare, it’s only you can take birth heathly and conveniently in her uterus associated with all her human body structural products until being born because you have the same life given code of hers this means you can be her child or offspring. For those who have different codes of hers can’t. Life = soul( the one that makes thing moved or active) + spirit( the memory always relies on your physical brain) The soul has a different given code from life given code. Soul has own given code plus its property that is way it can be paused and memory is just a memoey to make up life. to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 1, 2010 at 4:12 am

  40. The world!..This is Siphy, the Khmer, speaking. Do not be shied to be shamefully to accept that I am wrong and I will go to hell without no one sending me there, but myself because I have no TREE MOTHER to physically keep my life after I died. Of course there is real life after death all you have to do is follow the Khmer.The world, you’re not to be blamed but your faiths.They’re not real and they that makes you dummy. They’re the one that caused you to go to hell, a place believed to be the home of wicked people after death,like that. Here the scope..! Your soul and everybody’s ones are physical that was desingated to be on earthly planet and your duty is to prepare yourself to chosen as the technologial enlightner ner

    Siphy Nuon

    June 2, 2010 at 2:42 am

  41. The world,I’m,Siphy,talking. Please do not feel boring.Please realize that without this old Khmer man the world will not be on the right track as it’s supposed to be.Forget the past you’re all who do not have the TREE MOTHER will be suffered or go to hell anyway because your life (soul+spirit) after death got no physical saving and physical protection by the physical what’s ever her body is.But she is created for this purpose,only thing is you,the killers of human beings incuding killing yourself,are not aware about the Khmer,the formula of physically spiritual saving and the physical human species preserving when natural phenomenon has occured.Do you know there many Black whole objects are runaway and are looking for .The world! Please do not proud to be a human being body with the palm of hand and the five fingers to be able to destroy the other human’s life.You are created,not to be automatically existed on the Earth.Think above this..! The TREE MOTHER..How can you become a mother? Because you’re just a tree.The world! the Khmer will show you all about this physical scenario transforming a tree to be a female human being and being pregnant. To be continued..!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 3, 2010 at 3:46 am

  42. This religious method of transforming the tree to be a female natural object that can bear the life given code of the human-being like creatures and physically preserved or physically saved for hundreds and even thousand and thousand of years and further more in the future and became the TREE MOTHER after that human being died and she keeps that person’ owner of life given code as her child or children had dated back from the distance of about two thousands of years ago which is the time that the 4-Pillar of KC began to record all the events of the KC, but the the KHMER had existed about eight thousand of years before that and also the time the Khmer race is established. If you don’t know about all of these KC’s scripture, you are KHMER just because you were born on the Kampuj Desa land like the Vietnamese,Thai,Laotian and Mon people who were born on the KampujJa Desa meaning the land of Kampuj Desa. All these people are subjected to be called Khmer otherwise they are as the ones who betrayed the landowner,the Khmer Desa.If they still keep betrayed the KHMER or KC,they will someday get suffered by the 4th Incarnation of KC to their families,their community and their races as well until they confessed they’re KHMER and the world would agree with this formula.Don’t you like to live and be able to communicate with your alive love ones for a very long time to go on? All the creatures such as the human being, the land or watery animals and just a tree can be made a mother of someone’s life after death. All you have to do is to know how to do it. The formula of transforming life code to the Tree mother is simple as the following: to be continued..!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 4, 2010 at 3:19 am

  43. Here.!Siphy,the KC,is talking to the world, not just the Khmer world,but the world.Why I have to say my name all the time? The world,you’re better to understand about the KC,the true religion with the physical ideology for the cosmos, not just this world alone and to be assured that no one in this world or in the universe can fake or alter it to be used in the wrong way especially to destroy the earthly human-being like species.The KC is moving slowly to be affirmed that every move is physical and religious paths as the way is supposed to be required by the Khmer or the Angelic Architect God!.
    The theory of tranforming a just the tree to be the female living object then finally becoming a TREE MOTHER who is carrying the mandkind’s life(soul and spirit) is as the following:
    The process is simple.But being careful by the man who is the child’s father in doing this is a must during the process and before that in term of gathering the right tree and the right place or lot of land called the heaven to plant this religious tree. The tree has to be special,very young or a baby tree,healthy and especially would be able to last to live for thousands of years and more.The TREE must be named as the child’s name the time he or she was born.The land to be used to plant the TREE must not be a cemetery or a cremetory and not even nearby all these places.She has to be physically protected and taken good care of all costs because when this TREE dies meaning the child’s protected life given code is dead and no way or nowhere to get it back the child’s soul and spirit will go to hell without being sent by nonsensical faiths.During the process of transforming,no chemical products what’s so ever are allowed to use it such as for collecting blood or fluid or for cleaning. Only the natural or pure water is allowed in order to keep everything of all the components of elements of the child’s bith in the container and nothing of the child’s birth at all is to be wasted.They must be all collected.The container that is used to collect this child’s after birth must be an earthenware.No aluminium nor plastic is allowed to used it during the processing.The big leaf of tree is allowed to use it as a mat for this moment. The procedure of transforming is as the following: To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 5, 2010 at 10:30 pm

  44. The world.! this is a moment when you all have to concentrate on what the Khmer Charisma’s incarnation is going to tell you.You,the world,regarless who you are,are the physical nature.Your human body of everyone has the same chemical mixture reaction that had an origin or the starting point from the ancient stellar matters or elements such as oxygen,iron, nitrogen,silicon,carbon etc..thus it cannot be controled by you or by anybody from being dead but to taking care of it to be put into good condition. All celestial structures would be the samething..are being physically repaired that is why human-being like species are existed everywhre in the cosmos just for this very-reason because nothing else that can be provided these kinds of celestial services and the cosmic-technological enlighteners or space travellers or heavenly travellers are so wanted.This is the KC is all about.The planet must have a planatary core,the star must have a stellar does every physical element including the humanity in order to keep physical-everything flowed in the right direction and with the good condition.The world! should keep your head uphigher to the cosmos and think who or what is it that gives the protected life given codes for all the living things,do you know a pulse of energy sent out from the stars,not a NEUTRON star but the one that is the most powerful energy in the universe,when souls and spirits are already in the life bearing planets protected from going out to space by several layers of the atmosphere.Why human-being like specie’s the protected life given code must be saved and preserved for a good distance of time? Siphy(cp)will tell you about this plus its instruction how to save them and much much more. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 6, 2010 at 2:10 pm

  45. If you let me,Siphy the KC,talk the world would be one of the cosmos’ regards because the KC is the cosmic religion and being the Khmer you have to be good with the universe meaning that you have to know at least everything that exists in space including all stars and planets.The world please,believe me I’m very good with all those things,the starts,the planets,the galaxies,the galaxy clusters,the black wholes,the neutron stars or the pulsars,the supernovae,the nebula and the quasars or the Redshift etc. all these that makes up the cosmos are physical and nothing isn’t or aren’t.Your soul has the unit code and the property plus the spirit to make up life and life must be given the protected life given code for the individual life form wich is excluded the soul and spirit all are physical substances combined and the protected life given code is physically preservable as designed to be.Only you have to do is follow my,Siphy,messages,the Khmer because there had been and are and will be a lot of souls to be destroyed not to let them reborn after covicted by destroying the celestial property protector’s elements.I am asked as the KC to whip out the nonsensical faiths or sin from the lovely planet Earth.The Khmer is the formula of the physical preserving human-being protected life given code and saving physical human-being like creatures for the future many mellenniums to come.The messages of preserving the protected life given code or the TREE MOTHER that you see are not good enough for you to pratice,the right or the correct way how to do it is very crucial otherwise won’t be happening.I will lead you as our Kampuj Desa the first of Khmer had taught his followers two thousan years ago in the JA’s region known now as Angkor area. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 11, 2010 at 3:09 am

  46. The world do not try to drag me,Siphy(cp) to somehing else.Again I’m Siphy(cp),the KC,think about that.If you do not like me telling you the truth just go ahead take my name of your blog and let the world get lost for another 5 billion years untill the sun dies.Dummy! It may be your brain that was not programmed at the cosmic level where there are million and million life bearing planets possibly available for you to claim if you could.If you cannot claim any of them just keep so much quiet and let me telling you.The TREE MOTHER’s instruction will be given. To be continue!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 12, 2010 at 2:57 am

  47. The world! Siphy = Si stands for the cosmic silicate of numerous compound of miniral graines that is the star is compsed + Phy stands for the physical cosmic matters.The world!this name is given by my father since I was four years old,the pre-schooler.The world!Please mentally and spiritually defeate me before I,the KC or the KHMER,defeat you,the world,for good from the face of the Earth.I mean it because I am told what to do.The KHMER Incarnations have been changed from one to another to teach me,Siphy(cp)to give the messages to the world.Now,is @ this moment of time is the second Incarnation,the KHMER WISDOM,is very polite and very educated but the fourth is very rough and able to save Siphy’s life to be revealed the world what is right and what is wrong to do otherwise the black whole would consume the sun to create the new star because of the human-creature-like species destroying the celestial protectors’ elements because they have the palm of hands.They,the world,can avoid the asteroids but they cannot get away from the black whole unless they are to become a KHMER CHARISMA,the one that is telling them to DO or NOT TO DO.Why me,Siphy(cp),I’m suffered enough physically, mentally and emotionally by the human being with the palms of hands on this Earth.The world!I’m not illusional,I’m real and I am the KC that got deep-rooted connection to the cosmos religiously due to my ancester,KAMPUJ DESA, that my birth country named after him,KAMPUCHEA.Doese the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER has someone else better than me,Siphy(cp).Please remove my name from your blog.The TREE MOTHER’s instruction which is the formula to physically preserve and save your protected life given code for many thousand years to go ahead of the world is as the following.Our soul is physical.It’s a heat molecule.If it’s not it won’t be able to move your body anything,just like the ones are ordered to keep the universe moving right now,except your heart that is the part of the natural thing and your soul contains the unit code and the property individually.So there is no other soul can be mixed or entered.If you don’t like to hear this,please remove my name from your blog.To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 13, 2010 at 1:22 am

  48. The world!..The trees are designed to make all the planets like Earth a heaven and also to be used as the mother meaning to physically preserve the soul of good human being-like creatures for thousand years to come.If one tree is cut even though it’s just a tree that is made up by the cheap atoms if comparing to the person’s body,the act would be considered religiously punishable unless good cause is found in the appeal.The tree here means the one that has its life expectancy hundred or thousand or even million years.Have you ever disliked the bugs in your property and what did you do with them.You must destroy them in order to keep your property safe as it should be.If so as this example,as long as we breathe the air we cannot get away from the incarnation and the celestial care takers because it’s the celestial property.The following is the way of how to do in order to make a just the tree a TREE MOTHER.While a baby or a person is alive or living,a TREE MOTHER is just a female element waiting to bear responsibility as the mother in her nature and she would feel someday her dream will come true that she will have the love one in her care for her life time then she would be aggressive in protecting her offspring just like all other natural mothers.She would send out the protected life given code as a signal to let the matching code owner realize she’s here.This act of hers frequently occures that would make this ordinary person regarless wherever he or she is instinctively responded by missing her…!To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 13, 2010 at 2:42 pm

  49. The world..! Now is the process of altering or transforming a just the tree to a female element or object and the ritual of transferring the protected life given code and then is a TREE MOTHER.We assume that everything described earlier such as a tree etc. are ready for the special event,the prime individual,the father,must stay at the scene anywhere with the nurse or midwife waiting to collect the child’s afterbirth including the amniotic fluid and placenta ect. The father first will hold an earthenware pot or bowl to collect by hands without using gloves all the liquid that flows from the mother’s vagina before the child’s birth and the rests of the transaction of the mother’s delivery of that child.He must use a hand or hans to clean and to dry the mother’s bottom and her wound after a baby was born.No piece of cloth or a towel is allowed to use for this purpose.In case of in need,the father must use the natural leafs or the natural flowers such as roses to wipe out the mess.Only natural or pure water is allowed to use it for this event.For cleaning the child immediately after been born,another earthenware bowl must use it to collect the black water and must use the reasonable amount of water then will have it poured in the father’s bowl along with the leafs,the flowers and a big leaf that was under the mother’s bottom.If it’s not enough liquid in the father’s bowl,you can add some natural water,but do not use the fertilizer at all.Right after everything is in the father’s bowl,a tree roots must be dipped inside or be planted in that pot then fill up with some natural dusts of soil to avoid being exposed too long in the open air and then immediately plant the tree along with the bowl in the ground where you’re already reserved. Then,the father must name that tree as the same as the baby.Everyday after that event,the water that the mother used it to clean up her wound must be kept in the earthenware pot or bowl for sprinkling the tree until this did for several weeks of hers is over meaning she might have the next menstruation.The child’s umbilical cord that is broken off later from the body must be put deep in the hole of the ground near the tree roots.To be continued..

    Siphy Nuon

    June 14, 2010 at 1:13 am

  50. The world..!Now,the healthy and hungry tree would absorb the liquid then the moisture of the afterbirth membrane and finally will break the bowl when she grows larger or bigger to feed on the ordinary water and the fertilizer of the ground.The that child’s protected life given code now is physically saved and preserved in that very TREE.She is now a female something that she cannot tell you who she is but in her kind of nature you would now understand she would feel she is going to have a child for a period of sometime during her life.Please,do not be pessimistic on her because you’re a human being,you’re not her kind.Please use your brain to recall from the distance past there had been a lot of mistakes for the creature with the palm of hands called the people like us on Earth.If she doesn’t have the brain and feeling she would not be able to grow up by herself.When that protected life given code owner dies the soul and spirit would automaticlly enter to take birth in her just like did with the human being mother.The spirit as memory would go to brain what ever kind it is going to stay there and soul would stay in her body waiting to move the thing.But since she doesn’t have things to be moved it has to stay still then together would grow bigger and bigger with her.The more that persone’s life is with the TREE the more he or she would grow up the way the nature is or provides.The people would be able to communicate with their love ones if they have or they know how to get the right device to capture the code or life code that is already embryonic in the TREE MOTHER.After this, would be the 4th Incarnation of KC,the judge and the rewarder,will say something about not to be disgusted or not to dislike it and or not to repel by it for the man as the father who has to do this etc.To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 17, 2010 at 2:49 am

  51. The world..! This is Siphy talking. I’m not talking on myself you have to believe that I’m talking in the name of the 4th Incarnatin of the KC. He ,not She is, is rough and he is the judge. I’m Siphy. A very dummy old man in the cosmos, not only the Earth and I’m not commenting in writng. He is the little finger of the Kampuj Desa. If you’re the human creatures on Earth seriously enough to destroy the solar system of the sun, he would ask the Khmer a run away black hole whose is leading the path for travelling safly by the cosmic souls to recreate the new star for this solar system. The black hole would attract the Sun’s matters and whirl around and aroud creating the flat and large accretion disk.The whirling matters would give off x-ray,loose energy and finally fall into the black hole. When it’s falllen it would be nothing coming out. The question is how to save the human being creature? The world! Would you like to let it happen for yours or future generation or you already got something to protect it from being squeezed in to the ball about 15 miles across. Are you sureyoundon’tbwant it? To be continue.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 18, 2010 at 2:15 am

  52. The world..! There is no feedback for the KC’s comments at all. The world, you have the KC who is telling you about all meaning you’re on the right track or right path. 4 or 5 billion earthly years ahead or more won’t be too long for the human being-like creature to prepare to be physically saved if we don’t have any other way to be looked up on just like the past almost 5 billion earthly years ago. Our Sun will float into a red giant sometime sooner. Our planet will no longer exist. That is why Siphy has been asked to wipe out the sin meaning the wrong faiths from the face of the Earth. How is Siphy,the KC, going to be able to do that? Am I illusonal or it’s very real? The world, please use your brain. It’s physical. That is on the physical concept of the KC. It’s the worship of physical-living God or the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER. You have to be rady to go to another place by then because billion and billion plants are available to bear life and waiting for us all to enjoy living in. Only you have to do is to know how. If you don’t know how just keep quiet and listen to the KC. Now go back to the spiritual concept,the TREE MOTHER. It’s the 4Th again. If you’re the prime individual of the transferring protected life giving code ritual of the child, you’re the child’s father. You will not feel disgusted,disliked or repelled by any of those chid’s afterbirth including the mother’s wound at all. But if you do, the 4th says you’re not the child’s father even though you’re also born that way and the mother must make a note on this man and concider to use something else like toy etc. to ease the hormone not to let him inject his chemestry called sperm into the place of the child’s birth again because the protected life given code is very hard to create and very expensive. It’s look easy to us because the child is just born. Remember that the time of his affection with the mother he had expressed all kind of gestures, his eyes,his mouth,his face and especially used his empty hands that showed how much he loved to have a child not just for having the fun with the mother. There are billion and billion life bearing planets in the cosmos. Physically having given the protected life given code to this kind of the man’s child meang lost code because the child won’t be able to reach the goal of aspiration of becoming a heavenly traveller due to no support from the right initial human creator and also the TREE MOTHER would grove in fear due to without having physical protector and good care given giver. The Khmer word called this defensive job LABOKKATOR. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 19, 2010 at 4:18 am

  53. The world..! This ritual practice of the TREE MOTHER is going back from the distance about two thousand years ago meaning the time that the Khmer race has officially established and when the KHMER CHARISMA originated with a teaching of a very first Khmer man named KAMPUJ whom later the JA’s region population foud out that he is the KHMER DESA and he was not born on this planet. He was asked to his mother who love him as the only baby she has to be dispatched to the planet Earth after one of the stars beneath the MILKY WAY or our galaxy exploded or another word that star had become a supernova. Warning!! The world, please keep your human being’s mind from thinking or saying this is an illusion. It may be your brain is not in or on this category. This is the 2nd talking, a very polite and well educated,the WISDOM. Let me tell you this. The KHMER INCARNATION is a form of SUPER NATURAL BEING on the Earth thus the other planets have their own ones. But for the 4th,the judgement and the rewarder or the judge,when you refer or use personal pronoun in the sentence relevant to…you must use HE or HIM in English. Do not use IT or ITS or SHE or HER. For example he is very rough etc. He is the one who destroys the soul and spirit of wicked persons at the planet VENUS,but he is a super natural being. When the larger star or a massive star died or expired,it collapsed and the collapsed stellar core heat heats the cool red outer layer of the surface and then they exploded. After explosion all the complex matters flied into space but some left behind to creat something else,will talk in the PHYSICAL CONCEPT of KC. It’s the prime time of KC’s DESA and FEVORITE DESA babies must be relocated from their own planet to anothers in that supernova region. That is why KAMPUJ DESA and his brother FEVORITE DESA’S had ended up on this planet at the JA’s region known as Agkor area nowadays. Will talk more in the Physical concept. Why they have to be brought here,because it’s only the human being creatures are possibly to be chosen as the celestial care takers and also to reveal the protected life given code that must be physically saved or preserved in order to let the matching code of soul and spirit to be reborn again since they are alredy on the Earth trapped inside the atmosphere by the planet shield of several layers. There many trees in Cambodia especially DOEM POR, DOEM CHHREI and DOEM SVAY got the human Khmer names even though many of them had been destroyed. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 20, 2010 at 3:51 am

  54. The world..! The celestial properties such as Earth are just like your owns even though they are beyond some of you your imagination of keeping them the way they are supposed to be. Yes it is, they are physical and they are subjected to be demolished for the new projects or to be rebuilt as the desire of their owner. The question is who the celestial owner or another word who own the cosmos? If you keep asking like this,you’re asked and will be asked to see him in a human being form as same as the others from another worlds who are already been seen by him. Please be advised that if it is physical,they have to be built physically and the builder also must be a physical element or creature or architect. What kind of tool they must use it for this kind of the construction? The answer is the KHMER CHARISMA knows them all because it has deep-rooted connection with the cosmos religoiusly and physically according to the KC’s story,and all the foundation of its scripture are physical to be considered as the proofs. The black hole is a cosmic tool used to demolish the celestial objects such as star like our Sun or the nebula to be recreated for something new if the old one is needed be. In order to keep the Earth last for her life time, the formula of the TREE MOTHER is allowed to be revealed. The TREE MOTHER is not just the mother to bear the matching codes of soul and spirit that,in the future,the human will possibly communicate with them,but she is the true heaven who keeps the Earth as good as preferred property and from being considered to be demolished due to getting ruined by the bugs(word used by the celestial travellers from another worlds). The TREE MOTHER also consists of the religious provisions as the following the heaven and hell,the sanctury,the moral priciples and the prayer of the ancester’s spirit through HER. The TREE MOTHER would reject a wicked soul and spirit of her offspring not to take birth in her due to the heavenly virtue that is a place believed to be a home of good people after death. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 20, 2010 at 4:01 pm

  55. 6:25

    ស្រណោះដីខែ្មរ​ ដីកេរដូនតា
    សព្វថ្ងៃរដ្ឋា ប្រគល់ឲ្យយួន
    ក្បត់ជាតិខេមរា​ ដូនតានៃខ្លួន
    លើកដីឲ្យយួន ក្បត់ជាតិសាសនា

    រាស្រ្ដខែ្មរលំ​បាក តោកយាក់មកយូរ
    ខំប្រឹងតស៊ូ ជាមួយបច្វា
    ឯអ្នកដឹកនាំ ប្រែក្បត់ដូនតា
    ជាតិខែ្មរខ្លោចផ្សា បច្ចាយកដី

    តើដល់ពេលណា រដ្ឋាជាខែ្មរ
    ស្រលាញ់ស្រុកស្រែ បងប្អូនប្រុសស្រី
    រាស្រ្ដខែ្មរទាំងអស់ បាត់ប៉ង់ទឹកដី
    សែនឈឺចាប់ក្រៃ រស់រងទឹកភ្នែក

    តើមាននរណា អាចជួយខែ្មរបាន
    ជនខែ្មរគ្រប់ប្រាណ កំពុងលង្វេក
    រដ្ឋមិនមើលរាស្រ្ដ ជួបក្ដីសង្វេក
    រាស្ដ្រខែ្មរយំយ៉ែក ទឹកភ្នែកជាឈាម

    រដ្ឋរស់សប្បាយ រីករាយទ្រព្យធន
    រាស្រ្ដខែ្មរទុក្ខធ្ងន់​​​​ រស់ក្រោមគម្រាម
    យកដីកេរខែ្មរ ឲ្យពួកយួនសៀ​ម
    ខែ្មរជនរួមឈាម សែនកាប់សម្លាប់

    ប្រជាជាតិខែ្មរ ពុកម៉ែទាំងអស់
    សែនមិនស្រណោះ បញ្ជាឲ្យ​ចាប់
    ខំមកភ្នំពេញ ដើម្បីមកប្រាប់
    មកហើយសែនចាប់ យកទៅដាក់គុក

    អ្នកក្រគ្មានច្បាប់ សែនចាប់ដាក់ខ្នោះ
    អ្នកដែលជំទាស់ មិនម៉ែនឪពុក
    សែនរស់សប្បាយ គិតតែសោយសុខ
    បាត់ដីបាត់ស្រុក សែនមិនឈឺក្បាល។។។


    June 21, 2010 at 9:57 am

  56. The world..! Siphy is talking. How is the TREE MOTHER a heaven? Being a mother who bears the offspring,the TREE MOTHER is just like the other natural mothers. She got feeling to love and to protect her offspring at all costs and she would attact her foes or her foes’ family members spiritually if herself and her offspring would had been destroyed. This the 3rd,the Love and Creation,is warning the world. The TREE MOTHER or MOTHERS could be dangerous for a whole tribe of the people. If one TREE MOTHER is saved from the wickedness of the creatures with the palm of hands,it would be about ten billion TREE MOTHERS alive on our planet due to the amount of souls given with the code and property,the same as amount of the spirits. This figure would count to all living things animals and humans alike only from the size of human baby who just born from the mother’s wound up to the size of the biggest animals such as the elephants that bear all the main souls and the others smaller than that are just the dusts, no main souls to be beared. If you,the world,look back in time when Angkor region was still called JA, people of each tribe were very careful in cutting trees,large or small, for uses to build the houses or boats that is very crucial to their daily life living. First they would conduct the ritual of asking is this tree available or is occupied by the owner before cutting them. If the TREE MOTHER is alive,to protect her offspring from being interfered by some of the evil souls and spirits,she uses lightning to strike them. Please,don’t be quick to say that it’s an illusion that is why fresh blood that can be a food is not allowed to near her at all when praying ceremony performed. Not only that,a person who is.. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 22, 2010 at 4:02 am

  57. The world..! This Siphy talking. I’m a KC, nothing else. I’m still working on the TREE MOTHER. You,the world,might think that this is not true about the TREE MOTHER. Yes, she is true. You’re a human being. Your life’s expectancy is about 100 years old,but theirs is about a thousand of years or more and even a billion years or so. Why do you think about this? You’re very wrong. You’re a human. You’re different from their world even though they’re available to be destroyed by the humans or you,but you did not quite well know about what powerful energy they possessed because they have invisible dimension different from the humans that we cannot detect. Thinks about this. You,the world,can kiss her anywhre while she is alife and can you kiss a human mother anywhere you wanted to regarless what she eats or ate and will eat. I believe that there will be some exclusive spots to be ignored for you,the world,not for a man as her love one or the father of the child. I meant for everyone in the world. If so as I mentioned,she would be able to ask or convince the celestial property owner what ever she wanted to. Please do not think it is not real. The human had made the mistake for the past almost 5 billion years ago. Do not get lost again in about 4 to 5 billion years to come for the future. There are many more potential circumstance of dangers about the Earth that is connected to the cosmos. Without having Siphy telling you,what do you think. Is it the world would be OK or be demolished. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 23, 2010 at 2:55 am

  58. The world !! This is Siphy talking. It’s alway referred that Si=silicate of several cosmic mineral grains of dust that are used the build the stars + Phy=physical of cosmic substances including Hydrogen
    and the celestial structures=Siphy. I got this name since I was 4 years old,the time when I was a Pres-chooler. If somebody in this world or in the cosmos is alleged to know better or to defeat the KC, please make known because the world or the Earth is the judge otherwise please keep quiet and Siphy has the job to wipe out your nonsensical faiths from the lovely Earth, this is the 4th talking. I,Siphy,got to say this. The reason why I keep saying my name because I’m always alert by the 2nd to be avoided by the schemes who are willing to discredit this true mane of the KC,especially using this Siphy’s name to do something bad for the human beings on this Earth,but not in the cosmos because they,the schemes,are very dummy and they also know only how to destroy the celestial property,which is the human life included that would lead to cause in someday this planet shall be demolished sooner than expectation of our Sun will be having into a red giant. I’m told by the 2nd that those do not talking like you because they are not you,but you or Siphy or the KC has to let the world assure that it could happen if the world wanted it to exist. Siphy is still working on the the TREE MOTHERS’ scenario. I,Siphy, have a message given by switching from the different incarnations all the time. They are the 2nd,the Wisdom;the 3rd,the Lover and the Creator; and the 4th,the Judge and the rewarder or the rough talker or the little finger of the KAMPUJ DESA. What is this,Siphy? Okay!..the wolrd !don’t be getting headachy. You got to believe that there is no human-like species talk like Siphy of KC otherwise the world would get lost forever thus the Earthly human creatures will not be physically saved when the Sun is running out of the gas to burn. When the soul that is always carries the individual code and its property and the spirit staying and grows up with the TREE MOTHER,they would know and understand their environment of their existing geography and their human love ones eventhough they have left the chemical substance compound of the human body to take birth with different simple atoms of iron and proton etc..but still the way it is as the soul and spirit equations are such as soul+spirit=life or H2+0=water.It’s simple is that. That is why the KC will talk about the sanctury latter. Some nonsensical earthly faiths say that there is a heaven in the above of the Earth. If you want to go their you have to pay me by giving me,the monk or the priest,free food and shelter thus you can go but you have to die first before going there. Oh..the world!there are some earthly beings still cannot opt out that kind of deceit. They might not know that where there is no life will be no soul and spirit and especially if the soul and spirit accidently escaped from the earthly atmosphere that are currently contained several layers of the shields etc. they will get swallowed by the stars or black holes anyway. There is no chance to be alive like they claim. Will talk more in the physical concept.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 25, 2010 at 4:01 am

  59. The world..! Siphy is talking. We’re still working on the TREE MOTHER or the spiritual concept of the KHMER CHARISMA. Believe or not, the 2nd asked me to write the way the people can easily understand, not the way to show off how well educated you’re,but Siphy is not well like that he is just a KC’s man and especially sometime the 2nd helping to correct my English spelling. A TREE MOTHER who bears a protected life given code embryo is very aggressive in protecting her offspring and we don’t know how much physical ability or natural power she might have. Let me,Siphy,tell you,the world,my own life’s story that I had seen by my own naked eyes. It was about eight years old for me,there is a big tree called Doem Thnoung, alone in the rice paddy field and away from the village. When the late afternoon sky starts to shower a young man who is guarding buffaloes nearby sought shelter to keep dry under that tree with a big junk of fresh meat in his hands ready to take home. A very loud sound of lightning suddenly occurred around that tree. The villagers including me got very frighten and scared to that natural phenomenon. When it’s over everybody run to that very scene then found that young man dead with the broken pieces of bloody meat all over the place. There is no wound,no scar,and no bruise at all on his dead body and it’s just flexible like without having bones. One of the old men said this is not an ordinary lightning. It’s a windy one. This young man should not bring the fresh-bloody meat such as this near this kind of tree because we don’t know who is in there. The lightning targetted the fresh blood,not the man,because it attracts the evil or hamful souls and spirits to her offspring. Is it Siphy illusonal? Or you can try with nothing to lose. This kind of thing is still going on in the Cambodian community there,when someone gets angry or upset with the other,one says or swears at that person the lightning will strike you someday. When her offspring is growing up,the TREE MOTHER would be able to release and pull that soul or spirit back from or to her body due to the given code and the property of it. This is about the Sanctury in KC. To be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 26, 2010 at 4:08 pm

  60. On the way back home at the village, the old man is still talking about this incident of that young man. He is very regretted that if the man know about the power of the TREE MOTHER he won’t get killed at all. But,this is because of he did not know. The lightning might target only the blood in the meat,since the boy is carrying it the lightning power killed him. This old man also continued this a second time that this kind of phenomenon had happened. If someone tries to play game with the TREE MOTHER by intentionally through the fresh meat in her environment and runs away she would curse all the family members a poverty or sick or even died untill she got apologized from any of them. If it’s a tribe or a nation such as the ones long time ago invaded Cambodia and destroyed or killed the TREE MOTHER who got the Khmer name,she would hurt or curse or make that tribe or that nation suffered as much as she could because she and her offspring must die and go to hell without getting helped from no one. Because no such help like that given by anyone on Earth or in the cosmos. That is why for example such as Cham had no land and had no recornized national symbol by the modern world. Now, the 4th is talking if you want to try that go ahead and will see what is going to happen. I,Siphy,don’t like the 4th much because he destroys the wicked or kiler’s souls or spirits,but he saved my life from the political turmoil of South east Asia. Thus I have opportunity to reveal the KC to the world otherwise it would be another century comming up for this. The Sanctury in KC will continue. SIPHY.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 27, 2010 at 3:52 am

  61. The TREE MOTHER must be strictly kept clean and beautiful by growing all kinds of fragrant flowers or plants in her periphery where is about 20 yards of radius as her a center of that surrounding area and must be physically protected by the community of all costs. If only one TREE MOTHER was born there,that place doesn’t look much like a heaven just yet. But if more and more and very much more were born there,that spot of land would be very much a real haven and our planet of Earth will be very appreciated. There is no place called a heaven above or beyond the Earth’s shield like all the earthly nonsensical religions had and have taught. The sanctury in KC here means the place where you permanently stay or live in either alone or to raise the family. It must be spiritually pure and clean, especially there is no evil act such as swearing at each others with using the dirthy or vulgar words. Killing animal for food or for any means in this place is not allowed. The TREE MOTHER would release from time to time her growing offspring to visit their love ones as the human being who live in those sancturies then she would call her offspring back to be with her. This transaction is physically functioned by the TREE MOTHER similarly to her releases the oxygen to the air and absorbs or suck up the Sun’s heat to feed her body for growing up. The TREE MOTHER is also the creature like the human being,designed not to kill,but to physically save and preserve the soul and spirit for a long live of the humanity on Earth until the Sun becoming bloat a red giant,please have pity on her. The KC will continue on the moral principle and the worship of the everybody ancestor’s soul or spirit through the TREE MOTHER. SIPHY!

    Siphy Nuon

    June 27, 2010 at 5:02 pm

  62. The world! Thia is Siphy(cp) talking. Please do not be jealous of me about revealing the true of the human being had or has or will have been created. I’m not what I am to talk to you,the world,but the incarnations of the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER,the ones that make me talking. If you don’t want me to say anything,just ask this blog to remove my name from it. So,you will not hear me,Siphy,the KC,no more and the world would get lost for the future of another less than 3 billion years. Would you,the world,like to do that? Or just try to put up the languages of the 4th? The world,you can try to eliminate the KC that’s the one it will help the humanity to be physically servived before the Sun is going to die or before when a particular runaway black hole is going to claim her for its sake from being severely punishable due to the celestial reason not defined. The world,please understand that there are many and many runaway starts and black holes in the universe that are currently ordered to lead the paths by the cosmic raw souls to stay away from all the solar systems that possess life bearing planets,billions and billions of them presenting in the cosmos. All you,the world,have to do is listen to the KC. We,as the human being,are growing upright toward the space,not going down to the center of the Earth,why you,not me Siphy,indicating by the 4th, still growing down,because you,the world,have the other mental impairment,the wrong faiths. If you disagreed,you have to do the way Siphy had just early asked. How the KC know about this? Sons! The KC is the cosmic religion. Wait for the time when this religion is going to reveal its Physical concept or the Worship of the Angelic Architect God or the Khmer or the KC. You’ll be proudest to yurself being alive on this erea of KC. The KC is the religion that will not destroy the human being lives or any living being anywhere in the cosmos to keep it growed oppsitely to the earthly ones you,the world,might already be aware of. The moral principle in KC is mainly or strictly pointed out or imposed on the act of intentionally destroying human being-like creatures’ life anywhere in the cosmos,not just only on Earth. The other acts of destroying life creature are just minor crime that are up to the planet’s own law. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 29, 2010 at 3:51 am

  63. The world! The TREE MOTHER dosen’t allow or like the wicked human being especially the potential killer of their own bodies or the killer of a human being near or in her environmental perimeter because she believes that an evill creature that would harm her offspring. If you happened to be intentionally wicked,please do not try with her natural energy and you have to stay far away from her. We,as the KC,like to ask you to be considered on having a friend that is the law of the nature that the human being cannot avoid. Start with one person first and try to study about his or her instinctive behaviour. If you are sure that he or she is one of those evill,please do not make that person an ordinary TREE MOTER’s worshipper. You,the world,might get killed by the lightning. Who know? It may be you,yourself can try. Please a TREE MOTHER is a heaven. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 30, 2010 at 3:40 am

  64. There are three types of lightning in KC. They are the electrical,the windy and the watery lightnings. Among them,only the electrical one that can be detected and very rare to be used by the TREE MOTHER because,I think,it would cause damaged or harm or killed to herself. Only the watery or windy ones had been used in this practice. Are you nut,Siphy? No he is not,the 4th. This is the new millennium and there will be not much time for the Earthly human-like creatures to be physically preserved or saved to migrate to the new planets away from the growing red hot outer layer of the Sun when bloated. Do you want to be cooked,the world? The Earth will have into vapour and our moon will be dissolved then,the 2nd. If your brain is not on this cosmic level,just keep listening Siphy. He is not hallucinated,the 3rd. He’s pure in KC. Already almost five billion years had passed,the Earthly human-like species still have the travelling speed very much slower than the speed of light and some of them who are proud to themselves as the human mockingly called the space travellers the aliens instead of the space travellers or the cosmic TJEE’s. The TREE MOTHER who bears the soul and spirit embryo of our ancestors meaning who was a very useful to the community when alive will be frequently worsipped by that community members or her love ones. She would keep her community pure out of the evil or harmful persons who will not show up at the scene of prayer or worshipers because being wicked and being afraid to get killed. You or they can try and will see what is going to happen? Only the fragrant plants or flowers are allowed to place by the TREE MOTHER, nothing else at all and the prayers have to be pure to all means. SIPHY.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 1, 2010 at 3:36 am

  65. The world! This is Siphy talking the final virtue of the spiritual concept of the KC. Nothing to lose is just to try for you,the world,reversibly to Siphy’s religious revealing about the TREE MOTHER. But do not forget yourselves this is the new millennium of the KC. It could be real who know? The TREE MOTHER was designed to last million years or pretty much more. On the other hand the human-like creature’s life about 100 years or less. So who is the real creature value. The TREE MOTHER is physical of all time. And she is a must to be customary to all nations on this planet,the Earth. The community leaders will have to warn their members not to be wicked or even to having misdemeanor offensen.They have to stay away from the TREE MOTHER while performing the religious worshipping her perimeter.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 2, 2010 at 3:28 am

  66. This is the last breath on the TREE MOTHER. Here is the 4th. If you’re the wicked person using your palm of hands with the five fingers of each to destroy the celestial properties including the human-like creatures,your soul and spirit will be completely destroyed by me,the 4th,if convicted even though the soul is very strong and powerful cannot be destroyed easily but with the 4th,no the other way around to get escaped. This kind of soul or spirit will not be having the chance to reborn as a human-like species or as the other kinds of living things such as the animals etc..And who are you,the 4th?Proof it. I’m one of the Earth’s incarnations,the judge and the rewarder. As long as you’re not one of fugitves of this scripture,your soul or spirit would be safe and will be reborn by being physically given a protected life given code. If something else as the misdemeanor offense committed by the individual or a group on the same category early described…will be given the protected life given code to the female animal species to be taking birth and also to be eaten by the others from life time to life time. Now on Earth,if one TREE MOTHER makes one community of at least 100 members good as it is,..million or billion TREE MOTHERS were born so the human beings here on Earth would be all good. There will be no dirthy blood soaked on her crust and the Earth would be a heaven as she supposes to be since she was born. Sphy is talking. I’m not realy in favor on the 4th. He destroyed the wicked souls or spirits and souls and spirits in the planet of Venus or NEANG CHOM,many and many of them. Bye-bye, the TREE MOTHER. Next the PHYSICAL CONCEPT……to be continued!

    Siphy Nuon

    July 3, 2010 at 2:39 pm

  67. The world,please go along with me,Sihy. I’m not anything but one man of the KHMER CHARISMA,a cosmic religion. You might not like this tittle at all. It’s used to call only this since from about more than 2000 years ago going on in the piece of the land called JA pronounced CHHA meaning the GOLDEN LAND in South-East Asia known nowadays as BENG TONLE SAP,the great lake in Cambodia that would be included the ANGKOR’s arear. The question that I cannot answer is how did I know all these things? And I don’t like the 4th involved in this answer. Only I would say is I am a man of KC. Why is that? The world,you hear all the time the word KHMER been used as an adjective for everything,good or bad acts,but anyway is still the KHMER. Being a KHMER or KC is not the easy way to grow up without weloming to be spiritually and mentally defeated. You know why..if it’s not real or true or will not be a KC. And the KC had been designed to wipe out the sin or the wrong faiths or nonsensical beliefs in order to upgrade and update the Earth that is one of the celestial properties to the way she is supposed to be otherwise she’ll be ordered to recycle. Don’t thing that I’m not worry about this. The world,you gotta worried about because the black hole is just the matter of accepting the given order. The world,look is it a heaven now our planet,Earth? Is there a heaven existed somewhere in space? Or where is no life would be no soul and spirit. And the space is a harsh empty vaccum of place. Is there any Earthly representative or the heavenly traveller who carries on the duty to take care of at least some solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy like the others did or do or will do? Why do we grow up upright pointing to space what ever the Earthly poles are,still alway in that direction. According to the law of physique,we suppose to grow up downward because of the Earth’s gravity and why we as a human being have the limbs proportionably perfect or correct to our body length? If the person is short..the limbs are also short..tall the limbs are long the right way of the measurement of the body. Why..why..? To be continued..SIPHY.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 5, 2010 at 4:10 am

  68. The world,had you ever been or have you ever been and or will you ever been thinking why are we as a human being creatures had been a must to be created here on Earth and on the other planets in the cosmos,can’t be proofed right now until then. Why are we different from the animals including the birds and the fish even though the ones look similar to us as the human beings and still we are what we are? Did we as a human being come like this since the Earth built? Yes,of course. Give another 4 billion earthly years or until the time when our mother star or the Sun dies,the monkey,the chimpanzee,the baboon,the King Kong-like animal etc. will look like what they are looked like right now because they were built that way. And we as a human being had been built our way. What is for as we are? SI(c)PHY(p)do you have a problem, I do not,the world. Being the ordinary human being-like specees we gotta think about this. If talking about the universe that would be Siphy’s favourite,saying the 2nd..he was born with that. That’s all about the PHYSICAL CONCEPT or the worship of KC God,a living or physically alive God. To be continued. SiPhY

    Siphy Nuon

    July 8, 2010 at 4:33 am

  69. The world! Have you put together just yet all the doubts that’ve been described earlier. If you did meaning that you perhaps willingly desire to take care of celestial property otherwise you don’t. If you didn’t you must fall into the category of being lazy if you’re not physically and mentally disable that would oppose to the physical action of the Angelic Architect God who is always keeping the cosmos running… to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 10, 2010 at 2:59 am

  70. Dear Lokpou,

    Thank for your consistent contribution. I wish you can put these words coherently together as a book and let other read it.

    In Solidarity,

  71. The world! Have you come to the conclusion why we are here on Earth? Do you accept our identity as a human being a celestial property? Or you,the world,just enjoy the luck as a human being without realizing that what you or we,the world,got to do as the celestial property creature. The world,there are many options to be given to the creature like us in the universe. The question is who is the one who gives these options to them and what are these options about? Will be clearly answered by the 4th shortly and the 2nd will affirm the true meaning of the physical concept of KC. The world,each word in all these blogs is very very important to us as a human being even though some sound to us like nonsensical, but it truly came from the incarnations,not all from me,Siphy. I’m the dummiest on space science or the cosmology or the Big Bang theory or the formula of the expanding of the univers ect..but the KHMER or the KC’s incarnations make me talk in order to physically save the earthly human being creature the time when the Sun is or might be ordered to be recycled because of the failure to make the Earth a heaven of the human being species and the failure of being granted as a heavenly traveller or as an Earth representative to the Virgin cluster of the galaxies.
    What are you talking about,Siphy? It’s beyond the human being behaviour. Siphy,you must have a problem. No,I do not. Our Sun now is the second generation of star. It means that she had been demolished once already by the black hole. Now she is at the middle age and she’ll be bloated sooner before she finally died. What do you think,the world? Going to defeat the KHMER or KC or not? Are we the ordinary creatures or what..because the animals cannot do this? The animal is on of the options described earlier. If you,the world,would like to support the KC,even though you don’t have to,me,Siphy,will take you to precisely see the cosmos and you,the world,would say thank you to what’s ever you have to endlessly. To be continued.SIPHY

    Siphy Nuon

    July 11, 2010 at 4:43 am

  72. The world! We,the KHMER or the KC,assume that you would undeniably accept our identity as the human being species on Earth as the celestial property and the dominant creatutures over of all kinds because the rests are just the subordinate ones to support our position due to the obligation that we gotta eat what ever we have to to be alive. Those subordinate things,some for educational purpose to the human being and some are just to be the love ones or the entertainers such as dogs or cats etc..All these creatures are physical objects. Being the physical world,getting old and died is a must privilege that we have to perform the regular tune-up in order to keep it in the good condition,especially our planet Earth. Even though,this theory is beyond the mind of not an ordinary person,but it’s true the way it is. Our planet is the space ship. Getting old everyday just like we do. Some day her gravitational pull might become weak or become slower and slower or even dead. What will happen to the Earthly human-like then? That’s why the KC’s PHYSICAL CONCEPT is a religious domain to be forcely revealed through Siphy which is me. The 2nd! Siphy will walk you through the cosmos from Earth. The 3rd! Because of love and care of the celestial creations,Siphy gotta wipe out sin=nonsensical faiths or beliefs or earthly religions from the face of the Earth. The 4th! We will suffer you as the individual or as the whole tribe the wicked and destroy that soul and spirit if convicted,but we reward those who did,do and will do the way the KC had been or has been or will be seriously impulsed. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 13, 2010 at 4:34 am

  73. The world! your body as the human being requires to have regular check up or at least once a year in order to be treated if found something wrong. Your vehicle such as car or airplane also requires to have regular maintenance in order to be useful otherwise it will be completely hanging awkwardly. Our planet Earth is not anything else but the celestial-physical object that would forcefully grab the Sun while moving so fast. When her gravitational pull stopped functioning properly,you can picture that what will happen to us as the Earth’s creatures this’s if you’re a regular human being otherwise ones would be waiting until that time has come. Because of this reason,we as the human being are here to be used as the tools or elements of maintenance of the celestial structures as described earlier,nothing else at all because of the animals cannot do that another word to be the space travelers or heavenly travelers or the technological enlightners who carry on such this celestial duty after being granted at the VIRGIN CLUSTERS that is why KAMBUJ DESA and his brothers,the FAVORITE DESAs ought to had been dispatched from their planet to Earth when one of the stars of the Milky Way galaxy exploded for about almost three thousand years ago. Siphy,you give the world a big migraine about this. What are those things that you’re talking about? No I did not. Don’t be woory,the world. I’ll walk you through from the Earth upto the universe or the cosmos because the KC is the cosmic religion and I am one of them. Who did or does or will do the job of giving the protected life given codes to every life bearing planets in the universe,billion and billion of them? To be continue.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 14, 2010 at 3:16 am

  74. The world! Now you know that our Earth needs to be tuned-up or given maintenance because her core of the gravitational pull is about mid-aged already. Sooner or later,it might be completely stoped because it’s a physial matters that was made-up from the dusts of several mineral grains etc… Who knows for sure. Even though the Sun is still having fuel to burn but the Earth is mal-functioned plus her body thoroughly gets poking that could hit her heart sometime it would cause our solar system moved imbalancedly and waiting to be out of order meaning waiting to die. How does the Earth get tuned-up,Siphy? You are always something? No I’m not. Is it KC illusional? No it is not. The world,please look back in time from thousand and thousand years in the past. There are many nonsensical teachings on Earth that have confused her dominant creature to believe or to mentally do the different ways that they supposed to as the human beings. The world,please recall all your faiths or beliefs to be made the redetermination and opt out those deceits. These preachers of those nonsensical scriptures had been or have been or will be given the protective life given codes to the female animals, all kinds of them,to be matched to take birth when they died the same as to those who are lazy to think about caring their own planet,Earth. Foe example,for those who have dogs or cats,these animals sometime tried to tell the owners who they were when alive,but the owners might not understand them. Only one way that our planet Earth will be able to get tuned-up is to depend on the human being species who had been or have been or will be created for these very reasons. How can we become like this? Oh!! Dear..that is why the PHYSICAL CONCEPT or the WORSHIP of KC God through the meditation all about. Don’t worry,Siphy will lead you,the world,to walk through the universe from Earth. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 17, 2010 at 3:32 am

  75. The world! Make sure that you understand there is not only us or our Sun’s solar system in the universe. Our solar system is a tiny part in the Milky Way galaxy if comparing to the others,billions and billions of them in the cosmos. But before I’m going a little further in space,I,Siphy,would like to declare to you,the world,that I am a dummy person about this subject that I like you to evaluate and make the determination on my KC’s religious documents that are constantly recalled from the distance of thousand and thousand years ago through the incarnations to be revealed to you in order to lead all the earthly dominant creatures staying on the right path of the rough road of their life time as they had been created for. All the words in the texts what ever are are the Incarnations’ speaks. So,please do not make any pessimistic scolds towards them in order to avoid being cursed by the 4th because all the incarnations are not anything else,but the super natural beings of the Earth. They are the ones that spiritually keep this celestial property in a good shape as it is and they also physically support the TREE MOTHER in providing the lighning etc..The world,you ought to believe that every physical property what ever size they are they must have the spiritual and physical property owner. In our KC’s case,it is the celetial-physical property. Every life bearing planets in the cosmos will have their own
    incarnations that would be able to connect spiritually to the Angelic Architec God or the KHMER. The incarnations like the 4th also reward those who are not wicked to be with their own TREE MOTHER safely and peacefully. Now talking about how can we go to see or worship the Angelic Architect God in a human form @ the center of the universe? Are you what,Siphy? A person could get killed by trying to do that? No,I’m not anything,that’s how you were created for. Why don’t you just say like the other faiths or teaching that your souls will go to heaven somewhere in the universe after death. I cannot because they lay or mis-led people and I could get punishable by the 4th. The world,being a KHMER CHARISMA as a person like me,one gotta be good in understanding the basis of the cosmos including our planet Earth. Because of this beingship,I’ll walk you through the universe proudly in the name of the KHMER,the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD. To be continued…..

    Siphy Nuon

    July 17, 2010 at 3:51 pm

  76. The world! As long as I’m here on Earth you’ll all be informed about doing the right thing as the earthly dominant creatures and I guarantee you,the world, you’ll not be mis-led to the wrong direction of the faiths because I am also a subject to be punishable the same way as you all are. Eh! Siphy,who are you on Earth because it sounds like you’re something? No, I’m not anything,but did you,the world,remember my earlier statements saying that you have to spirtually and mentally defeat the KC or the KHMER otherwise Siphy will wipe out your sins from the face of the Earth as he had been ordered to do so by the earthly incarnations or the super-natural beings in order to save the Earth as same as to save the Sun from being recycled by the black hole right before her natural death. The world,don’t you dear understand that. But if I’m gone,please do not remember my name…remember only the KC’s holy place and the place where I was born because without any of them the world would get lost for ever. Now talking about the space travellers or the heavenly travellers or the KC’s technological enlighteners and the…who is the one that gave,gives and will give the protected life given codes matching up to all the matching souls codes of the creatures on all the life bearing planets in the universe including Earth and where they are to be come from. Before these things to be continued in talking,I,Siphy(CP),would like to look back in time when I was a very small child right a little bit older than a baby,it’s just about the time that I could understand the world myself,my mother along with the other baby mothers…a couple of them most often got together in a special spot on the rice paddy field where they always met not far away from their houses. This chatting time usually happened at the evening under the full moon light. They spread out a palm-mat on the grass and were sitting on it near by their own babies who are laying down. I heard their chatting and laughing all along. But for me as a baby at that time something is still reminding me untill nowadays. When I opened my eyes looking up to the sky,I see the moon and all the stars seemed to be reachedable and I got filling that I want to touch any of them. Beside the moon,I saw those stars some are blue,some are yellow and are red and some are straight three and some together in a few and some are the whole bunch of them and sometime I heard the strong sound like a train passed by and faded away. Since then,my mind got stuck with all these doubts and needed to be resolved. I really wanted to ask my mom,but I cannot make a speak and she might not know any of these answers to be given,all she can do was my breast feeding. Oh,my dear mother,we saw each other totally about ten years for the entire of my life and without you the KC will not be reintroduced as it had been assigned to. Some planets in the cosmos are lucky in receiving the complex atoms or complicated matters from the explosion of the stars. To be continued.SiPhY

    Siphy Nuon

    July 18, 2010 at 4:21 pm

  77. The world,please understand that the incarnation is not magic and the magic is not the KC. Please do not confuse about all of these porfolioes of the cosmic religion. The magic like the magic words is not physical. If it’s not physical,it will not be the KC or the KHMER. The spirit is also not the magic in the KC and specifically identified as one of the elements that make up the life of the human beings in the KC. Usually the magic like the magic words the Khmer people in South-east Asia used it to heal the pains or the disease. They are somethings else and all the words had been crooned by the monks are pali relevant to the Buddha and fewly to the Brahma. The planets that got lucky received those complex matters are enable to let their human-like creature to produce the devices that can travel in space million time faster than our speed of light or light years. How come Siphy,explain. Ah! Who are you telling me,it’s not that much easy if talking about the cosmos,the 4th. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 19, 2010 at 3:42 am

  78. The world,the cosmos is about everything that exists in space in cluding all stars and planets and much much more…and the space is a very big place and also very dark that you can imagine and it is a harsh environment with plenty of the dangerous-natural phenomena such as the activity of the black holes or the cosmic tools,etc..the 2nd,please help me because I,Siphy,know most are the Khmer words on this subject matter and I try to associate with the English so the world can understand what I’m talking about. There is no heaven in space. It’s only the empty vacuum until you reach the planets that you want to go to and hundred billions of them available to be explored and to be resided located in all types of the galaxy such as the spiral arms like our Milky Way,the sombrero and the egg-shape galaxy called elliptical that would contain much more stars and planets than the other two. Stop..stop,Siphy,what are you talking about. No way that human being on Earth can go there to those planets in a human form or being alive. Yes,they can and they have to..because the spirit or soul cannot get out or escape to space from the earthly atmosphere or shiels. If it’s not able in this period of time,it will be someday in the future,but they have to be a KC’s, a cosmic religion. The human being were created for this very reson in order to be responsible on the duty of caring the celestial structures in the universe. For those as the human-like species of the other planets that received the complex atoms or matters after the explosion of the star would be a very lucky to achieve this celestial goals. But for those who are not lucky would have to depend on their planets got to offer and they have to apply the physical meditation in order to collect the organized knowledge obtaining through the testing of the facts. What is the complex or complicated matter? To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 20, 2010 at 4:09 am

  79. The world! please stop using a your very brain that would interrupt or interfere your desire to physically achieve the celestial objectives based on what you don’t know how and also based on your wrong faiths such as you’ll go to heaven somewhere above the Earth when you died. This is very wrong and those men or women who are jumping up or down and make loud noise on the stages trying to convince the dominant creatures called people to believe in them including the founders of all those nonsensical ideologies called the religions on our planet had been and have been and were and will be given the protected life given codes matching up with the female animal species by the REDSHIFT to get eaten for punishments due to misleading or slowing down the motion of the celestial property from being as they should be as the care takers of celestial structures. Stop…. stop..Siphy, say the REDSHIFT..what is that and how do that thing work? The 4th,plese calm down..I admitted that you have saved me from the dark since I was a child just for this very reason..calm down please. You know that I got blindfolded to be executed several time and for my entire life I had seen or had been with my mother only about ten years totally even what does she look like I cannot recall. How much more do you want from me,please give me sometime,the 4th? I confess that I’m some kind slow to make the Earth a heaven like KAMBUJ’s planet but at least I’m trying to do the best that I can and I’m not going to stop until I’m expired from the Earth. I’ll walk you,the world,through the universe just like the heavenly travelers had done and have done and did and do and will do. The complex atoms or the complicated matters that those technological enlighteners or space travelers used to mechanically operate their vehicles are from the death stars. When a lager star,many time lager than our Sun or a massive star,small but massive,run out of fuel to burn it collapsed and the heat from the collapsed star-like core heats up the red-cool outer layers and they exploded. After the explosion some of those complex matters fly through space and some left behind along with that star stellar core to create a black hole to be used as a cosmic tool and to produce a NUTRON star. This celestial event is the prime programme of the KC. To be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    July 24, 2010 at 2:51 pm

  80. The world!..if you and your family spend time at night away from the city light and walk slowly beneath our galaxy,the Milky Way,especially at the part of the world that is on the equator of the Earth like the place where I,Siphy,was born,you all would see a lot of stars in the form of the constellations that send out light waves with all kinds of different colors such as blue,yellow and red etc..including the sound that has gone by you. Sometime you would see the small-small pieces of matter that moved through space into the Earth atmosphere becoming bright as they burn called the meteor. All those stars are truly our cosmic birthplace because the complecated atoms that made up our human body had their origine from those death stars,the very old ones and you all should consider yourself as the child of the stars and there are many of them called the stellar corpeses in our galaxy. According to the KC’s legend, KAMBUJ DESA and his brothers,the FAVORITE DESAs,had been dispatched from their own planet,KAMBUJ,to Earth since they all were a baby by the heavenly travelers who are responsible to look after our Sun’s solar system structure. The 2nd,do you have their names of those human-like creatures and where they come from. No,we don’t have their names,but their station is somewhere in the Andromeda’s galaxy. They have transparent bodies that can be seen through and their space-vehicle is very fast,hundred billion miles per second called the flying tray that made of the complex matter after the supernova of a star in their galaxy. In this very case of the KC,our part of our galaxy must have the explosion of a star called supernova for about three thousand years ago. Is it this story an illusion or because the dominant creature on the Earth unable to achieve this celetial goal that is why it illusional? No,it’s not. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 25, 2010 at 4:55 am

  81. The world it’s not illusonal.It’s physical and it’s true. Don’t be pessimistic on this subject matter due to our or your very brain that cannot catch up that kind of celestial objectives and be optimistic that we’re not alone in the universe. All these kinds of the complicated matters had been and have been and still are being used to function the vehicles by the heavenly travelers. The pieces of the matters of the stars after explosion were made of the many various sorts of the compounds mineral grains called the silicate or the cosmic dusts and had been cooked and tranformed their qualities of the property from one to another for several thousand of the billion years since they were a star. These complicated atoms produce different powerful energy from each other depending on what kind of the matters they are. Some of them produce the heavy weight on the very small size like the one from a NUTRON star,a small piece of the size of the ballpoint pin would weight almost twenty billion tones and some small size of that matters produce the energy of the attraction or the pull or the magnet that attracts another objects in billion and billion miles per second in full speed that the ancient KHMER people called BAROTT HOSS or the flying mercury that they used it to make thing flied and some would produce the very strong body of the materials that would enable to sustain a spacecraft called the tray looked-without lid while travelling in a great speed in the universe. The space travelers make this thing looked like the CPU of our computers to operate their ships…ah!they are the technological enlighteners…they know what to do and how to do all these things…but they will have life expectency just like us because their body was also made of the chemical components that is why the DESA and FAVORIT DESA gotta relocated to the different planets for the very reason of their replacements. This is not the walk through the cosmos. I’ll physically walk you there,the world. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 25, 2010 at 3:15 pm

  82. The world,..we are still working on the PHYSICAL CONCEPT of the KC or the WORSHIP of the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD or the KHMER. The other cultures gave their Gods the name in their own languages like… know that and most of those Gods of theirs are nonsensical and the founders of those faiths were born the animals many time already. Why not the Khmer language called the Angelic Architect God in their own one because this language has nothing else to call this true-cosmic God and especially had been called the KHMER for the past eight thousand years upto now. The story of this tremendous hopes and expectation of physical saving the human being on this solar system called the KC is going on as you hear about. What is wrong with that? It’s just the name of your true-cosmic God. Oh! don’t know how long our Sun would stay alive because the dominat creatures on the Earth had failed to make oneself an earthly representative to get granted by the Angelic Architect God at the Virgin galactic clusters in the the universe as a space traveler. Do you,the world, know how much hard work that the heavenly travelers,the transparent body,tried to convince the REDSHIFT not to release a Black Hole or a cosmic tool to recycle our very own Sun. Let the KC telling you this..when a Black hole comes close to our Sun,it will attract or suck up the matters from her and moves around and around quickly creating the flat spiral accretion disk. Sooner,the whirling matters would give off x-ray,lose energy and finally fall into that Black Hole. At that time,you,the world,can imagine what is going to happen to us as known a dominant creature on the Earth called the human being. The spiritual praying is not acceptable in this degree because all these talks about are very physical. It has to be the physical one because our Sun is at almost her mid-age already and still nothing in the great wishes for this dominant specy. The world,the creatures like us or the human being on Earth are in the great needs in term of looking after the celetial structures like our solar system. In our own galaxy alone is about more than tow hundred billions celetial structures which each one of them contained one to two planets are life bearing ones and the potential amount of the human being-like creatures to be served as the space travelers responsible for this duty is very very tiny. Their this kind of duty is to keep all the planets in each structure moved in the normal ways by to be on the lookout for the bad activities of the dominant creatures with the palms of hands that would damage or destroy that planet where they are inhabiting because if one planet in the structure is unbalanced,it would make that celestial structure moved very dangerously or even destroyed and all the celestial property will perish. to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 27, 2010 at 4:27 am

  83. The world..the numbers of the human being creatures on Earth being born seems to be a lot to us,but if comparing to the great needs for the cosmic environments that are required to be fullfilled are beyond the wishes of the REDSHIFT. If combining together all the human being-like creatures in the universe,the numbers are still minus zero to be accountable. Siphy!!!you’re too much about this..slow down..the earthly dominant creatures never thought that much far. The 4th!! you’re an earthly incarnation who is handling only the spiritual affairs. As far as I know you don’t have much knowledge about the other worlds especially the physical affairs that are to be handling by the heavenly travelers or space travelers,the living being-like human species all over in the cosmos,please do not interrupt me. There are about over a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. They are all kinds of the types,the Mexican hat shape like or the Sombrero; the egg shape like or the elliptical and the spiral arms like our own,the Milky Way. And each of these galaxies,you can imagine,contains a hundred and a hundred billions of stars. If there is a star,it would be a celestial structure,even some runaway stars in space. The world..being a KC’s person,you ought to know all of these otherwise you don’t have to be and be becoming the lost ones. Now, will talk about the traveling means of the heavenly travelers in space in order to perform their celestial duties. Will start with the ones who got lucky to receive the complex atoms of the death star. How did they make that device that can fly very fast in space? If they used the Plutonium gas,not going to be able to do that kind of job. To be continued. SiPhY….

    Siphy Nuon

    July 28, 2010 at 3:08 am

  84. The world..! at this time and so on,I’m by myself because everything that I’m going to reveal to you,the world,will be beyond the knowledge of the earthly incarnations: the 2nd,the 3rd and especially the 4th. In order to do this I would have to connect myself to the REDSHIFT,the headquarters and the most powerful energy in the cosmost. The world,how can I connect myself to them? My brain would get bursted after all. The space is not an easy subject matter, it’s very complicated to be revealed and a lot of things to be covered and to be proofed as the physical, especially the heavenly travelers’ spaceships how do they function. If I,SiPhY,was not born a KC,I would be just an ordinary person like the others on the Earth and the Earth would know nothing about all of these. The world.. please allow me. If you read the KC or my writing,you’ll not be in favour to read the other writers’ writing regardless who they are because they are not what they are supposed to be in writing. The NUTRON star would have all the matters of an ordinary star after the explosion compressed or squeezed into a very small size of a ball that is why those matters are very so powerful energy. The spacecraft that brought the FAVORITE DESAs to the Earth is called the flying try. It’s flat on the bottom and also on the top,so it can land on the water,on the land and in case of emergency it will land on the thick woods without damaging the craft and especially the speed is beyond the our imagination,it’s about one billion miles per second,earthly time. You,the world,might not believe this because it’s before I’m telling you that complicated matters are worked,after I reveal about how did they built that device,you would agree with what I just told you. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 29, 2010 at 2:48 am

  85. The world..!I already toald you that the NUTRON or uncharged particles or elements are so massive because they will have all the mass of an ordinary star,most of them that left behind with the collapsed-stellar core after explosion and the Black Hole got the job to spin that core along with all the matters and squeezed them into a ball making an accretion disk of a large-spiral whirlpool of matters. According to the REDSHIFT,almost every planet around the huge,expanding cloud of dust and gas that was formed by the explosion of the ancient stars,many of them,called the supernova that we can see with our naked eyes from the Earth in the Milky Way galaxy received those very powerful or very massive matters or elements or materials..all are different kinds of them as described earlier…if you,the world,wish to possess one please go their in a human being form or in being alive…do not wait until died then go..not to be going to work that way. Thus,all the founders of those nonsensical religions telling that your souls and spirits will go to space or to the heaven like that were sent to take birth with the female animals for several life terms already by the REDSHIFT…if you have question reguarding about this,please ask them,the REDSHIFT…do not ask me,SiPhY,…if you,the world,do not know what is the REDSHIFT,please turn your mind to the cosmos or to the universe by sticking up with the KC because the KC will bring you there to emotionally see them with all kinds of the planet’s representatives,except the Earth,from all over the parts in the cosmos…and let the Earth run by the democracy..I meant the real democratic ways of the world. There are many-many life bearing planets available in the cosmos waiting for you…all you have to do is to go there and claim one. Is it illusonal or the earthly dominant creatures can’t do it in order to own that very massive matter or element? Now,the KC is revealing about the transparent body heavenly travelers,we called them aliens because we cannot do like them physically, produced a device from that complicated substances of magnetism. That object is some kinds of the button looked-like and will be able to use only with the flying tray spaceships and the flying tube spacecrafts because they are too fast in flying in the full speed. How did they build it,the transparent body? To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 29, 2010 at 9:48 pm

  86. The world..,the flying tray spacecraft or the frisbee that the transpatent body heavenly travelers used to commute in their responsible cosmic zones is faster than lightning..many-many time faster that is why from their station in the Andromida galaxy to our Earth where is in the Milky Way would make only one stop then. And the flying tube spaceship is also very fast but it’s normally used as the mother-spaceship. The way those spaceships are built,because it’s physical,they have to be built as required by the law of the fundamentals of applied physics such as the flying tray it must have the pylon,the stabilizers, the elevator,the rudder,the flap,the aileron etc..the world,please say the same way as I just told you… please do not think something wrong about me..if you would like to be the KHMER..please keep reading what I wrote,write and will write otherwise you’ll be what you’re right now. Would you like to try something new and better during your remaining time that you have left on Earth such as trying to go the Crab Nebula and possess a piece,the size of the ballpoint pin, of the complicated matter that would draw or attract the celestial sphere property atomic numbers almost everywhere in the cosmos and the speed would be incredible for the dominant creature on Earth to believe on. If you can get that kind of the element that is the most powerful energy like the transparent body,you will not call them would call yourself an alien insteat. According to the REDSHIFT,that matter is called in our earthly word the COSMIC MAGNET. Being a magnet even the one on our planet Earth, must have the poles,the South and the North or the Negative or Positive regardless what shape they are. According to the law of the magnetism when two magnets are close to each other they’re seeking a different pole to attract each other such as the north-seeking and the south-seeking poles, respectively. Thus,when two magnets are close to each other with the same poles they would repel each other. All the planets in the universe must have the core or a magnet to pull itself with the mother star like our Earth or the furthest one,a dwarf planet Pluto that pull the Sun. The spaceships that are mechanically used that matter are physically functioned the same way as described earlier. Thus,when taking off one must use the same poles of the magnet of the ship and of the planet and when travelling,one must use the different poles between the ship and the planet of an objective. If that objective is too far the spaceship cannot get drawn,one must find the closer to go first then that objective planet later. For those who are not lucky like that they will depend on their own planet has to offer. But they have to physically meditate in their life by exploring or observing and testing or experimenting of the fact in order to get the organized knowledge of obtaining or reaching the PHYSICAL CONCEPT of the KC for the KHMER CHARISMA.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 31, 2010 at 9:00 pm

  87. The world..,I’ll walk you through the universe. It’s pure and it’s very physical because the KC or the KHMER told you to worship the Angelic Architect God alive, the physical true creator. He is at the Virgin cluster of the cosmos where all the galaxy clusters in the universe combined. He is waiting to see you as the one who met his aspiration and he’ll grant you as the space traveler or heavenly traveler in order to be responsible the celestial duty. Would you like to find out what does he look like and would you like to do that? Oh…! the PHYSICAL CONCEPT…Siphy,it’s not the easy subject.. but you’re the KC at birth..

    Siphy Nuon

    August 1, 2010 at 2:13 am

  88. The world..!now I,Siphy,walk you through the universe in the name of the KHMER CHARISMA or the KHMER or the Angelic Architect God,a cosmic religion. Please be aware of that,If you,the world,decided to ignore or carelessly refuse or deny what the KC is all about.. you should think twice because the year of 2012ad or 2010kc would the mark of the mid-age of all everything that were made up our solar system counting from our Sun upto all the dwarf planets such as Pluto etc..if the KC’s is the right matter for the world and the’ll be like the founders of all the nonsensical earthly religions punished by the REDSHIFT..if the KC becomes a nonsensical faith that you can proof it as it is so,I,SiPhY,will be getting punishable instead of all of you,the world,due to my failure to wipe out the sin from the face of the Earth..but if you all don’t have the TREE’ll go to hell anyway because your souls and spirits will not have their protection to be assured that they’re alive even you died. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 3, 2010 at 3:03 am

  89. The world..!if our Sun as the mother star of our solar system be able to live or be allowed to stay alive until the end of her life,it won’t be that much long for the human being to be physically’s just about four billion years more. But her law of the nature requires she must get swollen up in to the red giant first before she finally become a black dough or the black just about three more billion years..then our planet Earth will no longer exist and we are known as the dominant creatures or the human being will be all dead..that is why the KC or the KHMER is very important to physically save them because this kind of celestial property is not easy to be created or built and their each individual soul or and spirit protected life given code is so much expensive to be given. It sound like still very long time for the individual. But if it’s for the KC or the KHMER seems to be not enough time to do this kind of volume of responsibility to the REDSHIFT of the physically saving the human beings. The word physically walk you through the cosmos means the soul or spirit cannot do this,travelling through space or travelling in the universe because they are going to get swallowed by the galaxy or the star or the black hole during the journey..but the soul or spirit never has the chance to go out to space from their planet they are inside. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 4, 2010 at 3:43 am

  90. The world!..the subject of physical walking through the cosmos,here,is to concern to those who are willing to turn their mind or their a very brain to the KHMER CHARISMA or the KC or the KHMER,a cosmic religion,that is associated or incorporated with the REDSHIFT,a celestial headquarter and a very powerful energy in the universe. After an individual human being-like creature from his or her own planet somewhere in the cosmos reached the VIRGIN CLUSTER where a physical kingdom of the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD(what does he look like?),he’ll or she’ll get granted as a space traveler or a heavenly traveler or a celestial-technological enlightener then he’ll or she’ll be sent to the physical headquarter of the cosmos,the REDSHIFT,in order to be given the celestial responsibility by providing the instruction of the subject matters including the celestial property maps and the celestial sphere atomic core numbers. If,someday,you are lucky to be able to go there,you’ll see them what they look like and they’re a representative of their birth planets and always performed the celestial annual contest in order to improve their celestial-technological skills and also to make their birth planets gloried and fame. Now the PHYSICAL WALK through the cosmos. It’s a very hard subject matter for me,the SiPhY,to handle. Let see,being a KC you have to prove it. If you’re an earthly dominant creature…imagine you have a spaceship(my favorit is the flying tray or the fribee) equipped or properly loaded with all the requirements to be for a space traveler…you have to do your home work first by setting up your mind where do you have to go,a VIRGIN CLUSTER?,then do it…make sure your speed has to be about one billion miles per second because the cosmos is about one hundred million light years a cross for the distance…some KC’s Favorit Desa’s who work at the Redshift visiting their mother at birth planets monthly or some time weekly. You have to lock up the atomic number of the Virgin cluster center where the physial God is with your spaceship power device before you fade the speed from off mode to take off to what ever your speed will be…as you know the cosmos is about everything that exists in space including all stars and planets and much-much more…during the journey you would might encounter with the runaway black holes…but your speed is incredibly fast…so you won’t get suck up by any of them and be careful do not run into it…to some extent,small-small things or matters such as the asteroids,comets,meteors and the other small pieces that move through space etc. are subjected to be dangerous for your travelling…you have make you’re aware about their exact movements and directions before you planed to do this journey. During your Bong-voyage,you’ll notice the gas and the cosmic dust clouds that stay scattered all over the place in space…these clouds will become a star some-celestial-day when they come together by compressing in one spot and became dense and condensed…one finger will go to touch a condensed point in order to trigger it to produce the contraction that would make the gas smashed and squeezed each other… To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 7, 2010 at 3:51 pm

  91. The world..,the spacefrisbee now is smoothly travelling in space with the incredible speed. Its destination is the VIRGIN CLUSTER center of the universe,the kongdom of the Angelic Architect God. The mission is to worship him as a living and a true god of the cosmos. This spacecraft is carrying you who ever you are as the earthly rep who is patiently controlling as a pilot of the ship and is expecting to get granted by him as the space-traveler or the heavenly traveler when arrived there. And me,the SiPhY,I am always remotely with you along as for company during this journey because it’s very first time for you as the earthly dominant creature carrying on such mission and also the KC has told you to go there alive or in a human being form. Right now in the flight,I feel so confidant on you as the pilot and the ship as on the Earth before taking off I saw you did a good job on the pre-flight check and on the flight instruments check inside. I saw you walked around and manually shook all the controlling structures of the spacecraft such as the rudder,the elevators,the flaps…the powerful magnetic panel placed on the bottom of the ship for using as the taking off and landing equipment. I’m proud of you as you have complied with the pilot’s rules and regulations. I can see as infront of me all the flight instruments are also working properly and significantly. But of course,there is nothing as moving parts,except a needle of the powerful magnet-bar that had been locked up with the atomic number of the VIRGIN CLUSTER center to get pulled or to get drawn from it. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 12, 2010 at 2:58 am

  92. The world..,you’re flying the ship and I surely know your duty,but since I’m with you and I am a talker..I like to repeat the thing that you just did before you are upto now. Oh my!..just a blink of the eye you have already passed the astroid belt..that is why I saw you looked back a couple of time that would make me worried thought you wanted to go back home. Ah.. you just wanted last seen the mother Earth and say bye-bye to her…keep flying you just about to reach the Kuiper belt in a second…there would be a surprise for me to know how skilful you are in flying because there are overthere thousands and thousands of small celestial bodies or objects orbiting the Sun far beyon the planet Neptune…such a surprise to those small-small matters that got a core produced the powerful electromagnetic wave to pull and keep the Sun with them. Are we in the extraterrestrial territory yet?…yes,we are…oh!..look in your optical glass screen…a matter the side of the Himalayas mountain comes towards our ship…ooop..! ooop!…you’re good…I’m very proud of you. Now,you passed the Kuiper belt and enter to the empty vacuum space of our galaxy the Milky Way. Since we are here on our way to the VIRGIN CLUSTER center of the cosmos where the machin of moving the cosmic structure is at or is called the physical kingdom of the KHMER,I like to bring back the good job that you did while you were on the Earth. After your preflight inspection,you sent a electromagnetic signal to magnet-axis on the bottom of frisbee then the ship and the Earth magnet started to repel each other and the ship got lifted so quickly…then you opened a powerful celestial magnetic device and faded the speed to pass through the Earth atmosphere that consists several layers or the shells such as the nearest the Earth surface,the troposphere then the stratosphere,the mesosphere and the outermost,the thermosphere…I can tell you felt hot a little bit at this point. To be continued..

    Siphy Nuon

    August 14, 2010 at 2:27 pm

  93. The world..,before I’m talking about the things
    outside our solar system,I like to refresh your memory,even though you’re flying,about the beauty of the celestial bodies in our solar structure just to keep you spiritually connected with our own one in term of making a report to the REDSHIFT and in case you fall in love with the others while exploring. Our mother star is called Sun,THA-NGAI in Khmer. She has eight biological children,it used to be nine but one was later found as her adopted child the Pluto. She also has a bunch of grandchildren such as the moon ect…upto now she is at her midage and normally brings as her given schedule and directions all her family members including her possessions orbiting the center of her galaxy,the Milky Way. I hope that you know and remember all the name of her children while filing a report. All her children and grandchildren are so beautiful and especially she is very so useful as the other stars in the universe by having you,an earthly representative to represent her at the headquarter of the cosmos,the REDSHIFT and be granted as a space traveler or a heavenly traveler performing the celestial duty. Up next will talk about the things outside our solar system and what would have the very most energy or power in the cosmos to move the all the cosmic structures in order to keep them alive or being collided with one another. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 15, 2010 at 2:33 pm

  94. The world..,this is me,the SiPhY,would like to make a correction on the sentence…in order to keep them alive or being collided…as to in order to keep them alive or FROM being collided…when come to this subject matter or talking about the cosmos my brain is just about getting numb…but since I’m good with it…please don’t be worry…a good and a true thing
    is just yet to come. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 15, 2010 at 8:53 pm

  95. The world..,right now you are or we are flying in the Milky Way galaxy’s territory. You know that our galaxy has a shape that is curve-winding round at the center called the spiral arms. It’s almost completely flat and consists of about two hundred billion stars. I believe that your spaceship is not that much big or large to be difficult to maneuver around and across the restricted space areas. Per my advice,you’re better to fly far above the galaxy body because there are not many celestial objects to stay away from…ooop..ooop I got feeling rubbed from the ship…you must run through the cosmic soul or the black energy that is travelling to make a path for the runaway black hole to stay away from the stellar systems that possess the life bearing planets or to lead those that had been ordered to recycle the unuseful stars. These cosmic souls are still raw meaning they are not given yet the life given code to be populated in any of the planetary structural systems. If you can make a full speed during this time,it’s a good idea because it’s a signal telling you that a black hole is not too far from your ship or our ship. I just want to remind you that you must always keep your eyes on the needle of the magnetic instrument while maneuvering the flying tray or the frisbee…you have always stay within 90 degree protractor in order to get pulled or drawn by the VIRGIN CLUSTER center. Your fixed point is 45 degree. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 17, 2010 at 3:40 am

  96. The world..,your large flint or crown glass screen of the spaceship with a very well-defined characteristic lense provides a very fine information of pictures in light years ahead that would help your journey go safly and with a lot of funs. I believe that this instrument is made of the complex atoms the same as the powerful magnetic bars using in the spaceship. Of course when a star is forming,it squeezed and squeezed not just the hydrogen gas but also the cosmic dusts that composed of glass,carbon and several kinds of mineral grains of silicates that is why it’s very so powerful as an optic lense. I,the SiPhY,can see all the celestial objects in front of the ship with the large and wider angles,so do you. You’re flying the ship and I do the talking while I saw something interested. Oh..right there…a very large junk of condensed clouds of gas and dusts is being compressed and squeezed just like a python squeezes its large animal many time larger than its body before being able to swallow…but billions of time much more than this. Let me tell you…why is a star shining? Listen to me…I’m telling you how it works. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 18, 2010 at 2:03 am

  97. The world..,it’s amazing about your optic glass screen. It allows me to see clearly the process of star forming. This is for the first generation of star that is made of from the raw dust and hydrogen gas clouds…not like the second generation of star that is made from the remnant of the dead stars called the nebula or nebulae by the black hole,the celestial tool. This process is like this…when the dense point of cloud is squeezed,the hydrogen atoms collide each others producing the sparks of the tiny particles. These particles would form the larger particles that made up the helium,the biggest elements. This kind of the star forming process is a nuclear fusion like that would release huge amount of energy that keep the star shining and from collapsing under its own gravitational pull. And for the 2nd generation,the black hole would attract the matters of that nebula or those nebulae whirling around and around creating an accretion disk…then the whirling matter would give off X-rays,loses energy and finally falls into a black hole. This process also releases huge amount of energy just like the process of the first generation of star described ealier. That is all about the process of the star creation that I know and I see on the screen of your spaceship. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 19, 2010 at 2:46 am

  98. The world..,those clouds of dusts and hydrogen gas now become stars after had been compressed and squeezed and squeezed for several thousands of celestial years. You can see them on the screen as the distant stars far away,be sure do not fly too close to any of them to avoid getting melted like a comet when near the Sun. Those stars,some pull each other in pair,some are runaway,some form in a small or a huge group of stars called the constellation,as you can see on the screen some twinkle,some explode, some collapse,some collide with the others…and some are very massive that would even swallow up light. See…see,I told you…that luminous cloud looks like a ring shining less bright in the middle that you just passed by called nebula. It’s the cloud of gas and dust of the dead star. When a star is smaller like our Sun runs out of fuel to burn,it bloated into a red giant and million years later it became like that. Where are we now the world? Oh..we’re still in the Milky Way,but just about to pass over and enter to the next galaxy. I’m telling you about almost two hundred billion stars exist in our galaxy,the Milky Way and most of them have their own planatary systems that also many of them are life bearing planets just like our own Earth. Thay are all celestial properties that are available to be claimed if you can…it’s not too far…still in the Milky Way. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 20, 2010 at 3:37 am

  99. The world…all these talks are about the worship of the Angelic architect God or the KHMER. You always would hope to see him what does he look like when you arrived at his kingdom,the VIRGIN CLUSTER center… but I’m sure that he has the palms of hands with the five fingers just like us because we’re from him. There is another kind of nebula that formed by the explosion of the dead stars. If the modern word is as the SUPERNOVA. You can see from the Earth there is one,a huge-expending luminous cloud of dust and gas, without using the binocular or telescope. It’s like this when the big stars or the massive stars run out of fuel to burn,usually a big star,many time larger than our Sun,like this burns fuel too fast,they collapse. The heat from the collapsed stellar cores heats the red-cool outer layers and they explode. Then that is what they called the supernova. You had already seen on the optic glass screen when we were at the center of the Milky Way some of the stellar corpses caused by those supernovae. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 21, 2010 at 2:57 am

  100. The world…you just exited our own galaxy,the Milky Way. Be sure you remember that it’s a spiral arms galaxy. You,look…look out there,not too far from the Milky Way,I’m sorry,you’re flying. Something looks like an island in the sea,isn’t it. Oh my…it’s a next door galaxy of ours called the Andromeda. Look at that,it has billion and billion of stars…it looks like the Milky Way,also a spiral arms,but it’s a little bit tilt…why they are so close to each other…they might get collided each other some celestial days. What do you thing,is I’m right? What is that? It’s a flying tube,a mothership, with the whole bunch of very small-small spaceships around her. what are they doing up there between these two galaxies. Are they at war or what? To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 22, 2010 at 2:49 am

  101. The world…you’re flying on your way to worship the physical God…as you can see now there is nothing as spiritual thing in space…all are physical matters. The Redshift had,has and will send the protective life giving codes to the female animals to be matched to those dominant creatures like the human being-like forms in the cosmos to be reborn with due to their actions as a sin of breaking the law of the Redshift,the most powerful energy in the universe or the cosmic headquarters. You’ll find out who they are,they’re physical,after you have arrived at the VIRGIN CLUSTER center,the physical machine that moves all the celestial structures of the cosmos…be sure to watch or keep your eyes on the warning-distant intrument that would tell you how far more to go to get there. As far as I,the SiPhY,know less than forty million light years from our earth to the center of the cosmos. That flying tube or the mothership was from that galaxy,the Andromeda…do not be close to any of those small ships caused being chased by them…your mission is to go to VIRGIN CLUSTER center…did you see any smoke coming out from those small-small ships…no…must be a magnet drawn device between them and the mothership they used…their speed is incredible just like ours…may be their operating system as the same as we have. The way I’m seeing that activity,they are not at war…they are praticing to evacuate or rescue living being from the planets to another when the motherstar explodes…do we have one yet like this in the Milky Way galaxy? Oh my…there are many many and,I say,many…large and small matters in space after exiting the Milky Way. Look…look what is that looke like the Mixican people hat…oh,it’s the galaxy,the Sombrero,…there are many many and many stars and I blieve that there also the planets gravitationally pull with them…most of them are life bearing ones because all look blue to me on the optic lense screen. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 22, 2010 at 2:16 pm

  102. The world…,where are we now? We are in the cluster of our Milky Way galaxy called the local cluster of the galaxy. It consists of about from ten to twenty galaxies combined. You just passed the Andromeda and the other one called what,the Seyfert galaxy,and still more-distant galxies to get across to another galaxy clusters. The Milky Way orbits this local galaxy. I have heard in the KC’s ancient story saying that before reaching the VIRGIN CLUSTER center,there are a couple planets called the worm planets…it’s just like the earthworm,but thousand time larger and their food is the earth-like mineral grain such as iron and proton…usually they are bound together like a big ball the size of a small asteroid moving through space looking for young planets as their food resources…we still don’t know how they lifted themselves from their planets gravity…the KC did not tell…if you see them do not hit or break those balls…you must stay away from them because your blood also contains iron substance. Those worm planets are in the eliptical galaxies. How about your food,I saw you lick once a small piece of candy-like,you told me you feel full and got energy for a full earthly day…what kind of food is that? To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 23, 2010 at 2:57 am

  103. The world..,you are travelling in the local cluster of the galaxies space and you’ll exit soon. Your travelling speed and the flying skill you have are very incredible. Oh..,you are now exiting the Milky Way local galaxy cluster and entering the local GROUP cluster of the galaxies. This local group galaxy cluster contains the multiple local galaxy clusters where the Milky Way local galaxy cluster is orbiting. You,look-look..what is that,not too far from here while we’re are flying…it looks like an egg with a group of the billion stars combined…it’s a elipticle galxy…oh,my…unbelievable…why is so,so and so many stars like this… got a message on the optic glass screen…to be continue.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 24, 2010 at 2:10 am

  104. The world …,you’re flying and I’m still enjoying to look at the binary stars systems of that eliptical galaxy. They all are beautiful and most of them consist of the planatory systems with the blue color. They must be all the life bearing planets.! the messages are mutually sent and constantly are signaling. You fly and I have to check out all these messages and trust me,the SiPhY,you never-never get lost in the cosmos when with me because I’m a KC man and also the MASTER of the UNIVERSE. Eh..,what is this kind of the language? Look familiar to me,but it is not KHMER nor the English and nor Franch…it’s some kinds of language codes or something that I have to decode them on time or in time to see what is all about to avoid encountering with any obstacle on the way. Oh..oh..what is that? These are the codes because that is cosmic language. I beleve that it may be you’re almost reaching the VIRGIN CLUSTER center. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 26, 2010 at 2:38 am

  105. The world..,I,the SiPhY,now know how to decode all these messages. Have you been in Canbodia,the place where the KHMER CHARISMA is originated? If you did or you planed to go there,I’ll tell you where to find this language codes. You have to use your own brain…do not ask any body,because they are not you and they are not that kind of your brain. You have to go to the AngKor temple or the 12th century monument by walking around the pond that is surounding the temle structure…you’ll see that is the language codes or a cosmic language because there is one KC’s Desa,a very young man,got killed by then the time the temple construction is about to finsh because of the reason of transferring religions dispute from our own KHMER CHARISMA to the HINDU,the Asian Indian faith,to be identified to the space travellers. I know past is past,but this is just to indicate the reason why. The world,keep your eyes on the ship’s artificial horizon while I’m trying to decode the messages. The message is as the following: To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 27, 2010 at 2:56 am

  106. The world..,attention…attention…all the space travelers who are at this point…you are approaching the VIRGIN CLUSTER center of the universe…you must be ready to climb up higher upto one light year altitude of the representing height of your planet in order to avoid sucking up into the revolving channels of the center because if you do,you cannot get out of it and will be dead. Attention…and you have to stay flying on the air until another order is given. You’re so smart while you heard me saying,you have switching the magnet bar to the repelling mode. Now the spaceship is climbing higher and higher…

    Siphy Nuon

    August 28, 2010 at 2:02 am

  107. The world…please keep and keep climbing up until reaching the allowable height and stay still right there…do not go any higher than this because there are some travelers above you or us awaiting to land on the center…look at that on the screen…oh!my.. around the surrounding area of the center,there are some kinds of the channels or grooves,billion and billion of them, of the chains of the galaxies,all kinds of them,are orderly coming towards the center and they are moving so fast…are they going to crush the center or what…can you please give me the bottom lense of the ship so I would see what is going on at the center celestial body…oh!…my…this thing is spinning like a spinning jenny or a spinning frame…oh!!!!!!the world the VIRGIN CLUSTER center or the cosmic core is spinning by trying to pull forward everything for moving in time and on time and it looks like a spinning NEWTRON star,but it’s not a stellar core nor a galactic core,but a cosmic core or the Big Bang collapsed core. We’re still up on the air awaiting the order for landing then I have some more information to tell you about this cosmic center…as far as I know through the optic glass screen,this thing not a breathing God…it’s a thing and I can also see a palm of the human hand with the five fingers scar or mark shown on it…it’s too early to tell how big this thing is. Since we’re up high above it,I like to figure out the equatorial diametter and the period of the revolution of this cosmic collapsed core. to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    August 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm

  108. The world…let me,the SyPhY,finish what I have started. I understand that the world would want to know how the universe is functioning and why what the word KHMER is all about,especially the REDSHIFT,what is that…if you,the world,wants to replace this word for or to something else,it’s not going to work that way because the KHMER word has deep-rooted connection with the cosmos,mainly with the REDSHIFT…,a Headqarters of the cosmos and it’s the one is only place where all the souls and spirits had been,have been and will be given to all the living things in the entire universe that is why the REDSHIFT is displacing every a second in the space. Right now you,the world,wanted to understand is what is the core of the cosmos…how is it working…what is the Big Bang-related collapsed core,is it the same as the ordinary stellar core or is it a galactic core or what…and how this thing is spinning in order to pull and swingedly release all the local GROUP galaxy clusters in term of keep them all moving or alive…the REDSHIFT,please do not give any more demand…

    Siphy Nuon

    August 29, 2010 at 2:49 pm

  109. The world..,the REDSHIFT is constanly sending messages to my brain…it’s just like a pulse of energy as the radio wave. What did I say in English wrong to them…the world please have pity on me,this is a truth of my statement…I don’t know all these things. I told you,I’m telling you and I will tell you what ever they told me,to tell and will tell you. If in case I am gone,please do not remember my name or do not come to see me,please see and remember the KC’s holy place and the place where I was born. The REDSHIFT knew that I’m able the save our Sun from being demolished by leading you,the world,to reach the VIRGIN CLUSTER center of the universe and will help you to get to the REDSHIFT for the fanal objective. In 2012 will mark the mid-age of our mother star,the Sun…it’s just a second of the REDSHIFT’s time. I hope that you’ll reach them on time in time to declare that you’re an earthly represantative where is the Sun’s offspring and the offspring of the Milky Way galaxy. Allow me to remotely lead our earthly reps who put their lifes on the line of the space-travelling. This is not a joke,it’s about to save our Sun and our solar system and I am required to respect for the REDSHIFT’s law. You know what,the local group galaxy clusters got pulled and swingedly released by the VIRGIn CLUSTER center like a swing shot…pulling inward on less power than the shot one by one consecutively. There are four channells of almost U-turned shape grooves around the center,inward then outward at the marking points on the edge of the center wheel…just like the timing belt of the car that has to be perfectly associatted with the crankshaft of the engine. You know that when the Big Bang got hit by the palm of the human-like right hand,it exploded and all its matters fly through space that make up our universe right now and its collapsed core was left behind… this happened about almost 20 billion years ago. Now the Big Bang collapsed core is cool off and got the scar of human-like palm of hand on it. It’s the spinning NEWTRON star if you use the modern word called the PULSAR.’re allowed to land on the center. I,the SiPhY,would have a lot of information to tell you,the world. To be continued..

    Siphy Nuon

    August 29, 2010 at 5:48 pm

  110. The world..,you have switched the magnetic bar on the bottom of the ship to the attraction mode and carefully adjust or fade the downward speed of the ship to prepare for landing on the VIRGIN CLUSTER center. While you’re doing this I like to figure out the CENTER’s equatorial diameter in size if comparing to our solar system planets. This center is about the size of the planet of Saturn,if I’m not wrong it’s about 75,100 miles,but it’s very so massive in the electromagnetic wave and the spinning revolution. It pull down our ship,I can feel,like a piece of paper falling down toward the Earth. On the other hand,the period of revolution of this center is impossible to be told because it’s always daytime,you know why, there is no penumbra like our Earth. I’m sorry to the world due to this matter,this thing furthermost receives the light and the heat from million of stars every-earthly-day…all I.the SiPhY,can tell you is this thing is very so massive. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 1, 2010 at 4:01 am

  111. The world..,now your flying tray or space-frisbee is finally landing. You locked up the magnetic bar of the ship with the magnetic center’s pole and they all move or spin together. The world..,the way you see this,it sounds like something…but it’s true matter, without the KHMER or the KC,you’ll not here this thing at all…so please keep followed up and educate yourself untill you feel that how important the KHMER is…not for the SiPhY at all,the world. I am,CP, so dummy. The KC has many and many and very many stories of the cosmos to tell you,the world…and if you read or understand the KC’s stories you’ll be difficult to ignore them and change your mind to listen to or believe the others… this is just a warning to you, the world…but if you’e one of the KC’s followers, you’ll be the best,by being granted by the KC and you’ll see the universe precisely and harmoniously. Before our ship is completely landed,there are some spaceships had been already landing on the center. Oh…my,it’s a rigid crust of a spinning newtron star or pulsar…but it’s a cosmic or universal one…it’s not a breathing living being or a living what is all about and being a breathing or living being or thing,one must have life expectancy meaning that that
    living thing cannot live for ever…they have to die or have to be expired…oh my brainer…how to prove to the world…it’s a living God or …?. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 2, 2010 at 3:21 am

  112. The world..,the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER is not a sphere body like a planet,it’s a celestial-solid wheel of the complex atoms with the smooth rim or felly and visibly marked by the four spokes made of two diameters with the four angles of the ninety degrees at the center of the body. At the end of each spoke,there is timing point that is precisly coordinated with the timing point of each individual- local group galaxy clusters that fall toward the it from all four directions of its surrounding area and it pulls them inward and swingedly kicks them outward. The VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER is a physical machine that keeps all the heavenly structures moving properly in the universe. The time when a palm of the hands of the dominant creatures called the KHMER broke a very-small-massive matter called now the Big Bang or the expanding of the universe about almost twenty billion earthly years ago,this VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER is still very hot and spinning in the incredible speed collecting all the matters that left behind by the explosion in the universe…sqeezed and squeezed until into nowadays shape and size that is why it’s so very massive and powerful. It’s not a living thing or God…but it’s alive and active otherwise the cosmos will be dead. The VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER is a cosmos NEUTRON STAR,but it’s not a star because it’s cool and has a few switching modes on its body beside a very so electromagnetic wave and very so powerful spinning. More information is on the way about landing on this very cosmic core then about the REDSHIFT? To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 4, 2010 at 1:59 pm

  113. The world..,the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER is uncharged particle body. It has a few switching modes that one of them makes this NEUTRON STAR spinning called PULSAR,but it’s not a stellar or galactic one and it is also additionally switching to a different modes from time to time of their cosmic world. All the space travelers who are landed got their space-suit on…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 5, 2010 at 2:16 am

  114. The world..,since all the space travelers in the sky above the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER are landing,the cosmic language codes of the instant messages are appeared on the optic glass screens saying that attention to all heavenly travelers…the rigid crusts of the CENTER would make a fire in a second of the CENTER’s time…you all have to take off immediately and must stay at where you’d been staying before your initial landing. You must maintain your altitude until the CENTER’s phenomenon is over. There are a few events accumulatively happen during this time by the crusts. At fisrt the fire,then a second later would be the wind all kinds of wind…high wind,strong wind,storm,typhoon…then the breeze…when the winds die down,at last the crusts would absorb all the oxygen moistures in the universe to make a rain. This is all about the nature of the cosmos. When the rain is abated,you all can land your spaceship again in order to meet with a representative from the REDSHIFT. Thank you! To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 5, 2010 at 3:11 pm

  115. The world..,being a KC’s person leading you,the world,to reach the physical God or the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER,I like to do thing flawlessly during this your critical journey and other everything relevant to this kind of religious matters…please bear with me even though I talk too much in the details. The world..,you are now at about one earthly light year of the altitude above the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER or the KHMER,I,the SiPhY,or you,the world,can see the big-deep scars of the palm of the human-like hands,one for each side of the CENTER when it is leaning quickly up and down. Oh..!the fire already started…your ship feels heated,but not that much…the CENTER looks like a fire-ball… the message is saying that it supposes to take in ten seconds from one event to another…from fire to wind…then to the rain-dropes…would take totally thirty seconds of the cosmic time…it’s about three thousand years of earthly time…oooop! 3,000 years!!!we cannot live that much long…are you what,the SiPhY..? Our life expectancy on Earth is a hundred years only. We have to find the other mean to reach the REDSHIFT before we die. The question is why the CENTER has to have this kind of phenomenon…to avoid being hiccupped due to used up its energy and also it’s a law of the nature. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 6, 2010 at 1:37 pm

  116. The world..,this event of the natural phenomenon on the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER accurately occures annually in the cosmic time period. All the celestial structures in the universe are timely mechanical because they are all physical elements and they are operated by the REDSHIFT,the cosmic headquarters. You,the world,and I,the SiPhY,might not yet know who or what is out there unless you go to see or meet them alive or right now. As far as I know the REDSHIFTs are the galaxies(but not a real galaxy according to the KC will find out when you’re there)the most powerful energy in space and the farthest known and also displced themselves every a second covering the universe or the cosmos. Their centers are hundred time brighter than those of the ordinary galaxy. The bright strong narrow stream shoots out from its centers in several light years are not just a gas jet,it’s also a data collecting and transmitting from and to all the life bearring planets of every corner of the cosmos. Ooooh..,new cosmic message codes just appeared on the screen saying that all the space travelers above the CENTER are granted as an official-individual heavenly traveler or space traveler…where do all these messages come from?…is it from the REDSHIFT or ????? I don’t belive it came from the REDSHIFT. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 8, 2010 at 12:54 am

  117. The world..,the messages did come from the Big Bang-related collapsed core or the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER or the KHMER because the messages that I got or get or will be getting from the REDSHIFT are not like that…it’s the different code usages. The REDSHIFT’s cannot move the universe,but they control it just to make sure it’s running as the way it supposes to be..
    .and who or what are these folk creatures I and we did not know…they run the universe under whose command. The world..,if I’m not me,the SiPhY,I will not have such pressure to answer all these inquiries. The cosmos is a big place and so damn dark…do I suppose to know everything that exist in space? Come on the REDSHIFT,now you demanded me to educate the earthly dominant creatures to lift themselves up from the Earth gravity,the way not to be using the mean of combustion……again…how I suppose to do all these or that..why I’m so demanded? you see the worl, you are still not yet reach them,now new order has been received.…who is going to help me. I believe that I have to pay back to them,the REDSHIFT, when KAMBUJJ DESA lost the formula of producing these things in the great lake TONLE SAP about two thousand years ago during his migrating from the ANGKOR’s island to the dry land in the JA’s region. The REDSHIFT is not a QUASAR…it’s look like one…but not be a quasar and it is a lot younger than the REDSHIFT and also there is more in numbers of them in the universe. The REDSHIFT is just a few numbers enough to operate the cosmic structures and they are very-very old celestial objects or galaxies in the universe. Their distance is very so far away from the cosmic center or the KHMER. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 9, 2010 at 3:33 am

  118. The world..,the REDSHIFT is the most powerful in the universe. Please don’t worry about them. You’ll find out about them when you get there. The thing for you is two options that you would have to be anxious about to make decision. Now you’re granted as a space traveler or heavenly traveler by the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER or the KHMER. Warning!!! It’s serious!! do not read the SiPhY’s writing. If you read his,you’ll not want to read someone’s else author’s in the Earthly world beacause the SiPhY’s brain is the REDSHIFT’s messages,the master of the cosmos. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 11, 2010 at 2:18 am

  119. The world..,you are now above the CORE of the universe
    ,a machine that actively moves the mechanical-cosmic structures as the way they all had been,are and will be unless something went or goes wrong…that’s the REDSHIFT’s responsibility and now it’s in flame,a cosmic flame,in term of sending out the heat wave through the universe as the father of all. Your flying tray or frisbee or spaceship is locking up with its magnetic wave by spinning with the same its revolution. Now it’s time for you to decide what to do next. You realized that you cannot wait until the CENTER’s phenomenon ceased. How old are you now? Oh..,you can continue your this very trip to reach the REDSHIFT,but the way of returning back home on the Earth you might not be able to make it due to your life expectancy because you have to wait until the Milky Way’s local group galaxy cluster comes closed to the cosmic core or the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER and also you’ll be asked to meet the REDSHIFT’s in charge ???? at least one minute of its time that is about one hundred earthly years to prove our Sun has the rep that would make her useful as the others to join the REDSHIFT’s fatal-cosmic programs as a space traveler or a havenly traveler responsible for a given duty. On the other hand,if the REDSHIFT that you’re going to reach staying above or near the Milky Way galaxy,it’s a spiral arms I,the SiPhY, remind you,you can directly dive from there to Earth just for a short period of time,but if it’s not you have to die in the REDSHIFT’s galaxy or world. Which decision yet did you make? Let me know…I’m,the KC,leading you there or back home to your TREE MOTHER…you’ll never get lost in the universe. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 12, 2010 at 3:55 pm

  120. The world..,the KC still didn’t get your final decision…by the way,being the KC we have to make decision for you,the world,…ooops!!!! I,the SiPhY,feel like we are going to receive a message while making determination on what we got to do next…where does it come from these kinds of coeds? I would hope it will come from the REDSHIFT that we are trying to reach…now it’s not…it’s still from the cosmic core rigid crusts where we are above…the world,your brain has to be at this level,a cosmic level,in order to accept this kind of teaching… otherwise you would be what you currently are…this is not a movie it’s a physical and a true religious matters and be seriously carried on or complied with the REDSHIFT’s demands of wiping out of the sin or the wrong mentally acts or the wrong faiths versus the RESHIFT’s miissions all kinds of them,from the face of the Earth or the spaceship. You,the world, have the right to believe or to keep your sin,the REDSHIFT also has the right to wipe them out plus?
    …attention!!! all the granted heavenly travelers above the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER or the KHMER(the code shows to be called like something else strange,anyway we’re earthly creatures we have to use English to be understandable to everyone.)must leave…you are not allowed to stay any longer beacuse after the fire the crusts would make the cosmic winds that would destroy all of you…leave…leave immediately…ohhh…myyyy
    this is not a good time…we came in the wrong time,but we cannot wait for another three thousands years untill the rigid crusts produce the water a lot of them then the seeds of life forms in the universe…we cannot just do like that…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 19, 2010 at 12:42 am

  121. The world..,you see that there is no breathing thing or God or anything…it’s a COSMIC NEUTRON STAR or a BIG BANG-RELATED COLLAPSED CORE with a very so powerful rigid crust that produces or makes everything or any other thing existed in the universe and you,the world,just about to leave him,not it because he is actively alive and also a creator. To make this a very your journey a mission accomplished, you have to reach a REDSHIFT?…with all costs to save our Sun…this is a serious matter…not the way we grow old then forget it. Let’s,the world,look back in time…the KC for KHMER CHARISMA’s scripture is saying that there are four ninety degree REDSHIFTs and the only four of them in the universe…under the command of the RIGID CRUST and each of them are precisely timing with the timing point of the spoke end of the COSMIC CENTER…all of them shall be properly coordinated. Now,the thing is we have to find out which one is ours or is handling the channel of the chain of the Milky Way’s local group galaxy clusters. About more than two thousand years ago,there is an explosion of a star in the Milky Way galaxy cluster and the baby boy was brought from a reserved planet name KAMBUJJ to Earth by this cluster rep’s crews,the transparant body…you,the world,must try to find out where is that reserved planet and go there. That planet is orbiting one of the twin sisters’ stars…there is no night time on that planet and it is reserved for this kind of the phenomenon of the COSMIC CORE where the REDSHIFT’s representatives and the space travelers can be met. The world,don’t worry…you got me,the SiPhY,…I’m telling you what to do…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    September 19, 2010 at 12:05 pm

  122. The world..,all the REDSHIFTs cannot be reached by the space travelers or heavenly travelers unless their reps take you there because there is no way that you can find the entrance or gateway to enter even using the communication signals is still be impossible to reach them because their center is more than hundres time hotter or brighter than the ordinary galactic centers. Those your sending signals will be destroyed before reaching them that is why their reps have to be met to take you and the others of the other galaxies upthere. To be continued…..

    Siphy Nuon

    September 22, 2010 at 2:10 am

  123. The world..,all the homemade ships of the space travelers including yours have to be left behind when continueing your trip to the REDSHIFTs because they are going to get melted while travelling near their centers. The heavenly travelers who are eligible to go to the REDSHIFTs must be on board their ships and those space travelers must have large or long life time expectancy otherwise would die on the ships. What do you think,the world? You gotta leave the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER anyway. How many more earthly years you have left to reach the RESERVED planet? Why are we given the so short life expectancy?…because our Sun is a very small star,smaller than many other stars in the Milky Way galaxy and also she is a second generation of star meaning that she had been recycled once already. it going to happen to her for the third time or what? To be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 23, 2010 at 2:18 am

  124. The world..,please give me the top of the spaceship convex lens and sharply focus it so I would be able to see the other ships above us…ooops! almost all of them are gone…how did they know where to go? must be their local groups galaxy clusters reps are telling them where the reserved planet is. How about us… your home work…turn on your optical glass screen…make sure you know that you can pan left or right or tilt up or down your space ship only whithin ninety degree segment…do not goout of that range that you would be out of the attractive power. To be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 24, 2010 at 2:24 am

  125. The world..,the screen shows light years away the obstacles you might encounter on the way to reach that planet,the RESERVED planet or the KAMBUJJ. You see…look at that you have to pass through a colossol
    stars then a triple orbiting stas and finally a twin-sister stars that that planet is sandwichedly orbiting…there is no night-time outthere…warning
    ..!if you read Siphy’s writing,you’ll not want to read something else…now,the worl,dyou know… please unlock the taking off and landing magnetic device on the bottom of your ship then go…the SiPhY,go where,we don’t have an atomic number of that planet to lock up with our magnetic device… oooops…a message..!!!where did it come from?…this is a REDSHIFT of the Milky Way galaxy local Group galaxy clusters chain. We are almost arrive the RESERVED planet of atomic number of xxxx. Please rendez-vous with us at perpendicular of the North and South poles and East and West poles of the equator… thanks now we know where to go…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 25, 2010 at 12:53 am

  126. The world..,now you’re travelling so very fast in full spead by getting repelling power from the rigid crust of the cosmic center. You would arrive there in about fifteen earthly years. Look…look a colossal stars galaxy ahead of you. You have to find the way to go through between those stars…I would hope that yourship will not get melting down because that group of stars is larger than ninety degree to pan or to tilt away from. Oh..!I think you feel released now you can pass that group of stars safely. Right now on the screen,you can see that RESERVED planet light years away…now it is eclipsed with those two stars the time that you get there it will be at least a little bit out that you can aim your ship to. There are two perpendicular points on the sphere thing like this,but I wish that the REDSHIFT ship knows where you are…ooops!!the message…the REDSHIFT ship is here…did you see us…ok now you see them. Go ahead land it. Here the REDSHIFT crews are waiting for you, the eathly Reps. They are all from every cornors of the cosmos working at the REDSHIFT HEADQUARTORS…so will you be…look,a few of them look like you…ask them where did they come from? We were born in the REDSHIFT galaxy with the fathers who were from somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy. Do you know the name of that planet or those planets where your fahters came from? No…is it Earth…never heard of that…we’re from Earth,a small planet in the Milky Way galaxy where the galaxy your all fathers came from…are they alive…no they are all dead a moment we were born…sorry to hear this…may be we’re too..
    ….the end of the PHYSICAL CONCEPT of the KC….this is the property of the KC’s holy place. The END!!!!

    Siphy Nuon

    September 26, 2010 at 2:41 am

  127. The world..,the SiPhY is still around you. There are thousand more stories about the truth of the universe or the cosmos to be told. Are you what the world? You still worship the killing device, especially the one with the blood stains on it and you think you’re an educated or intelligent creatures…come on the world..speed up your brain engine…what are you the SiPhY…you have the problem with your birth…no I’m not. I have a problem with the REDSHIFTs,the master of the universe…if you,the world,can mentally defeat the KHMER or the KC, you can make a living with the nonsensical preaching…otherwise the REDSIFTs are going to physically eliminate you from the Earth,just like the founders of all these nonsensical faiths…the SiPhY,you too much…telling the truth to the world. To be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    October 1, 2010 at 1:53 am

  128. The world..,what is the REDSHIFT anyway…why is it very so powerful in the universe…can anyone’s brain be attached to it…or it has to be the SiPhY’s…the KC’s man…please be advised that all these are excluded the KC’s scripture…the world,you’ll be revealed someday on this…their language is so very rough that the SiPhY has no other choises but to follow them…you,the world,know why…because those creatures’ works at the REDSHIFT resulted nothing well done but to get destroyed by all kind of reasons or means of the dominant creatures,especially the ones of the EARTH…one protected life living code of the human-like creature would cost them a great deal of the amount of resources…but to us as the earthly ones seem to feel getting it free…why don’t they do something,the REDSHIFT,…may be not all of earthly- them like that…there are some or most of them to be considering perfect living things and to be helpful to the cosmic ideals…now,the EARTH or the spaceship where is the house true-called…there million and million and much-much more planets in the universe are empty that supposed something are living on or in there…why is the SiPhY so fucked up concerning about all these things…that is the KC all about…it had and still has and will have deep-rooted connection with the cosmos…the COSMIC CORE’s rigid crusts can destroy any of the REDSHIFTs that is flaw on the cosmic missions…can the SiPhY be substituted or replaced by earthly one…or the SiPhY has to carry on the REDSHIFT’s????…now the SiPhY has to find the way of the free combustion of any chemical or any kind of gas to tell or educate the earthly dominant creatures by means of travelling on their planet or anywhere…this is not a laughing matter for the SiPhY?????…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    October 2, 2010 at 2:15 pm

  129. The world..,day by day for the earthly dominant creatures seems to be beautiful to those who are feeling like that’s it and enjoy life by getting older and die…but for those,not only on the Earth, who are truely influential by the cosmic missions would be much far more than just to live and expired and cannot claim as anything else such as this is the astrological observation or the zodiac or the prediction of the future or the warning about the calamity ect…it’s about the truth of the physical world of the cosmos or the universe…to keep all the heavenly objects running as the way they had been,are and will be…the SiPhY cries out loud looking for or welcome those who is or are able to handling this kind of thing to replace it,not him…warning!!if you read the SiPhY’s writing,you’ll not want to read something else…you,the world,see that who can lift themselves up from the Earth without using the combustion…why does just the REDSHIFT tell what or how to do it…the REDSHIFT is the powerful galaxy in the universe…it can be shifted only ninety degree segment proportionally with the timing point at the end of the spoke of the cosmic wheel core and the people,I say the people as easy to understand this,who work there are just like earthly us only they are technological enlighteners and they don’t know much about the Earth…but they know who is one of them upthere through the records…they are not spirits nor ghosts or anything…do not wrong about them…even the protected life given codes for the living things is chemically composed by them that is why they know all the living thing’s soul codes to be paused if that soul is bad enough and the KC doesn’t want to have it happen to Earth…my time to do this is limited…as far as I know there are a few plants in the SOMBRERO galxy the people are able to switch their body from the gravitational pull to repelling modes against their planets gravity and they use the bird to pull them to where they wanted to go…am I,the SiPhY,would be able to do like that or not on our lovely Earth…but the magnetic idea is my favorite…KAMBUJJ DESA,two thousand years ago,lost the formula of doing this kind of thing in the great lake in Cambodia…can I physically and mentally meditate in order to dig out that knowledge back from the water…I’ll try…oh! dear,because I was born KHMER…KAMBUJJ DESA is not natural KHMER,but he was landed on the KHMER hill…he is the cosmic blood from the reserved planet orbiting the twin sister stars…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    October 3, 2010 at 2:56 pm

  130. The world..,I am not SIPHY…I am the SiPhY…If you would like to see me,please do not see me you have to see the holy places…the KC’s holy place and the place I was born…you see without any of them…you would not know about the truth of the universe or the cosmos…the world..,please do not say or think it or the SiPhY is illusory or illusional…the SiPhY has openened your minded eyes to see the universe or the cosmos and they are all true…if you’re looking for the proofs to support what I told you…you have to be there yourselves…if you cannot do that…please shut up and keep quiet…there are tousand stories of the cosmos to be told by the SiPhY…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 6, 2010 at 2:21 am

  131. The world..,I’m stil around you…I know off hand you love me…so do I…I’m the SiPhY is not mentally perfect,but I am able to tell you,the world,thousand stories of the universe that is no boddy on Earth can,no body,but no body…they can try…you know what the world…I am a KC who is connected to the REDSHIFTs that is the master of the universe…you listen to me…if I cannot accomplish their demands…they are going to take me away from you…would you like to do that or would you like to keep me to annoy you about the cosmic matter…I’m telling you…you might not care about this…but for me,the SiPhY,my hand is full to get the knowled of people flying or swimming in the sky…travelling in their own planets…Oh! the SiPhY what and how you are…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 11, 2010 at 3:01 am

  132. The world..,I,the SiPhY,am the writer…whether or not you like me…I’m still be a writer for you to read…if you do not like it ask the blog owner to take my name off from the blog…otherwise you,the world,will be annoyed…I am not regular…I am the Khmer or Khmer Charisma or the KC for short…you,the world,had been warned several time not to read the SiPhY’s writing because you’ll not want to read someones’ else…come on the SiPhy…you’re scummed…you’re not recornized by the world or an earthly world as the best one…o.k. fine with the SiPhY…it’s very serious that if the SiPhY can make the earthly people travelling or swimming in the sky of the Earth without using the combustion…the SiPhY would be able to pause the bad people’s souls on the Earth in order to make them only one’s individually or groupingly that can be controled…please do not think it’s a fake because 2012 near…the people’s bad flash would be consumed by the animals if you’re bad enough to favour to destroy the cosmic properties…you,the world,know what they are…the SiPhY’s brain now is so temperatured to do the homework on the peoplen of the SOMBRERO’s galaxy planets who are able to repel their bodies from the planets’ gravity and swim or use the trained birds to take them anywhere they want to go to…oh!!SiPhY,you’re too much…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 13, 2010 at 2:32 am

  133. The world..!this is the SiPhY..,writing some good and bad news for you all who like to follow up or update the KC’s paths.I am at my birth country on vacation and about to go back to my adopted motherland.The good news is I am able to possess a small piece of land that I was born on and the bad news is my TREE MOTHER who has been terribly suffered now completely destroyed on the face of the Earth by means of land for rice paddy field.No one to be blamed but myself who is going to go to hell after death just like those who have no TREE MOTHER.What’s life.I can feel that how much she concern about me…oh my…

    siphy nuon

    October 31, 2010 at 4:31 am

  134. I knew many of the war correspondents during the Cambodian part of the Second Indochina War. I was in Cambodia between July 1972 and July 1974 with Visnews and UPITN.
    I miss some of the people I knew back then, including Siphy, Moonface, Pat Sun, Vuntha, Costo etc.

    Walter Burgess

    November 4, 2010 at 12:48 am

  135. The world..! for those who would like to follow up the KC’s being going on…the SiPhY is home and would be able to write more and more anything relevant to the cosmic matters especially on the REDSHIFT’s assignment about the people of a few planets in the SOMBRERO’s galaxy who would be travelling in the sky by using noncombustion means…it’s not a movie,but it’s physically how or PhY…the 4th would give me some credits of doing this that I won’t go to hell after my death and the REDSHIFT would give my soul to rebirth with the right mother…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 13, 2010 at 12:02 pm

  136. The world..!I am still around you all regarless who you are what you are and especially where you are…my only brain is still between cool and hot on the home-works of the people in the SOMBRERO’s galaxy who would travel faster than our earthly airplanes without using the means of combustion that would cause painfully harm to their birth mother’s planets…because of your earthly individual or group or nation or nationality’s extreme envy or ambition of power on one another increasingly queerer and queerer to destroy the cosmic properties including cosmoic souls given life forms the REDSHIFT’s reprsentative of the local group clusters had asked the SiPhY or the KC to make the earthly dominant creatures all in one blood-sibling with only one birth father,the KHMER,voluntarily and forcefully…the world..!this is not a joke…you’re better to destroy the KC first before the KC makes you,the world,a KHMER just like the KAMBUJJ DESA from the RESERVED planet made the South-East Asian tribes about two hundreds of them a KHMER without loosing one drop of the blood on our lovely Earth… smart haaaa about more than two thousand years ago…the KC would be able to do that too,if the KC can make our Earth a heaven…please believe that,the world,the KC has deep-rooted connection with the cosmos,please do not make mistake on it…my mother’s mid-wife kept the SiPhY’s after-birth organs in earthen-rice cooking pot for my father who was away at that moment to see and my father burried it because he was doubtful and scare of it…will see what is going to happen…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 20, 2010 at 9:19 pm

  137. The world…all the dominant creatures called the human beings with the palms of hands on the Earth would forcefully become a KHMER under the supervision of the REDSHIFTS empowered by the rigid crusts of the Virgin Cluster Center or cosmic Neutron star or the Pulsar or the Big Bang-related collapsed core or the KHMER…this decision is nothing to do with the SiPhY,a naive-natural-born man who is always with the REDSHIFTS’???…if there is any appeal on this decision,one or the world shall make to the REDSHIFTS’reps…if one doesn’t know how to do it…please keep quiet and enjoy life as the property of the cosmos or the universe…just like those dominant creatures in the billion and billion-life bearing planets in all galaxies including the spiral arms,the sombrero and especially in the elliptical where there are more stars and planets than the others in the universe that got the numbers of the billions of them…the word CAMBODIA derived from KAMPUCHEA and KAMPUCHEA derived from KAMBUJ-JA…KAMBUJJ is the RESERVED planet of the REDSHIFTS and JA is the old Khmer word means golden land…a baby who was from the RESERVED planet is KAMBUJJ DESA…DESA a very old Khmer word means PREAH KROU in modern word or religious envoy…how about the word KHMER…??? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 21, 2010 at 2:12 pm

  138. The world..!by the way you have untill 2012ad to appeal on being a KHMER’s decision…the reconsideration on the your appeal would be determine by the local GROOP galaxies clusters reps of the REDSHIFT,the transparent body groups…the one who is stationing in the ANDROMIDA’s galaxy,the MILKY WAY’s neighbour…their spaceship is functioning by the spinning empower of the KHMER rigid crusts that their ancestors possessed it long time before they nowadays were born…otherwise the world you’re automatically a Khmer…sorry to hear that…no other choices because the REDSHIFTs got all your,the world,life protecting given codes and they the ones who run the cosmos…or you can wait untill when what will happen when you,the world,betray the KHMER or the cosmic rigid cruts by means of destroying the cosmic properties including the human beings or planet…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 21, 2010 at 4:26 pm

  139. The world…i’m still around you all the time…i’ll let you know when the information are given from the four Redshifts of the the cosmic core or the Khmer…now i know that one of those planets in the SOMBRERO galaxy has everything similar to our lovely Earth…now i need the people there the body parts anatomy…so i can figure out why they can repel their bodies against their planets gravity…gravity is the force that attracts the objects toward the center of the planet…the SiPhY is the religious name of SIPHY…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 27, 2010 at 4:14 pm

  140. The world…the newly information from the REDSHIFT’s Reps of our local GROUP galaxies cluster of the MILKY WAY galaxy has just arried revealing that a planet among those few with the dominant creatures who can repel their bodies against their own planet
    contains the crust,the mantel,the moho and the atmosphere and the gravity one hundred percent just like Earth that they would ask the SiPhY to be happy for one point or at least part of it and the people or the legendary creatures are having the figure of a earthly human and the face looks like the bird with the red fleshy edges of the mouth called lips,but have no wings and they are not the birds and look so very beautiful if you as the earthly see them smile your heart would crash on them…anyway the SiPhY got to study on that kind of people anatomy including their food they eat,their body structures such as hair follicle and related matters,hemisection of their head and neck showing part of their brain and its arteries that would show various aspects and section of brain,their eyes,the pulmonary veins of their body principle arteries and the major of their internal organs and the major of their bones ect…we know that all the fleshy bodies of the living things in the cosmos are made of from the death star complex atoms that would be understandable that everywhere in the universe would be the same matters such as oxygen,nitrogen,iron,silicon,carbon etc…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 28, 2010 at 8:26 pm

  141. The world…please be optimistic on the SiPhY’s assignment by the REDSHIFTs and please don’t be pessimistic on the REDSHIFTs…you are all physical-flashy bodies meaning that we are all in the hand of the REDSHIFTs that they would be able to do what ever their commissioner asked them to do such as to realease a black hole to recycle the stars ect… but for our Sun might not be going to happen beacuse the KC had proved that she is a very useful star that produced the technical enlighteners who were able to reach the Khmer or the cosmic core at the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER…what is the meaning of the Khmer anyway?…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    November 30, 2010 at 1:04 am

  142. The world…please read all the blogs that the SiPhY has written and make the determination on what the conclusion or -sions is or are…did the KC discouage the earthly dominant creatures not to meat the aspiration of the rigid crusts of the universe or the KHMER or what…please think about that,the world,because of the midage of our Sun or 2012ad is near…the KC will ask not to let it happen and the world got to do something to support the SiPhY or the KC…if the REDSHIFT’s assignment for the SiPhY cannot be resolved during his life time…the future Khmer Charisma or the KC’s ordained persons called the JTEE,male or female,will be able to help the Earth…it’s in the Great lake in Cambodia or Kampuchea that formular buried…please do not think it’s not ture…we are not only we are,the world…you have to think that it’s the comos or the universe…the KC is not an alien,but the cosmic religion to save the real or the physical world connected with all the four RDSHIFTs…it can see trough the cosmos or the universe or the would you like to let it happen or what…go to bed at night and pray KHMER…KHMER…otherwise it cannot be getting helped…the SiPhY,you’re a very dummy…you lied…how can you see through the cosmos or the universe…this is the SiPhY,what!!!do you want it happen to the Earth or what??…to be continued..

    Siphy Nuon

    December 2, 2010 at 12:36 am

  143. The world…you would know how did the Khmer connect to the cosmos…why the Khmer is so important…is it real the SiPhY?…if it’s not,the KC won’t be able to lead the Earth’s Reps to reach the rigid crusts or the NEUTRON STAR of the cosmos,the one that created, creates,is creating and will create more and more living things including the life-bearing planets physically…discouraging the creatures with the palms of the hand with the five fingers to reach this NEUTRON star or the COSMIC PULSAR or the KHMER is not allowed by all the four REDSHIFTS…those who violated,violate,are violating and will violate the REDSHIFTS’ laws are subjected to be punishable such as those who had been already sent by them to take birth with the female animals to get eaten by the predators as they had been preaching the nonsensical faiths…being nonsensical or sensical faiths can or would be known or understood by you,the world…the SiPhY is also going to get punishable if like one of them or those ones…you know or understand some of the sea-animals at the bottom of the sea such as fish that can tranform their original body color to the different ones in order to camouflage themselves from the predators or the eels that can produce the electricity a hundred of volts that could kill a man from their that kind of the body…is it a generator located somewhere in their body…or they themselves that know how to do that kind of thing…oh!! the SiPhY,you too much give a headache to the world…ah, that the kind of home-work that i’m doing on the REDSHIFT’s assignment…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 3, 2010 at 12:19 am

  144. The world…we as the dominant creatures on Earth had been,were,are being and will be armed by the palms of the hands would not mean to be used it or them to destroy the cosmic-ridgid crust properties…it’s for the aspiration of the KHMER or the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER or the COSMIC NEUTRON STAR or the COSMIC PULSAR technological submission…please do not make mistake on this potential incident that every body bould be gone because of that craziness to become the whirling matters of the black hole…the world would you like our Sun to be recycled for the third time by the black hole or what…how do you know that it will not happen…the world,you must think about this twice or thoroughly…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 4, 2010 at 12:09 am

  145. The world…you,be warned not to read the SiPhY’s writing,if you do you tend not or will not want to read someone else dids regarless whose or who the writers are…you know why the world…life of ours moves on so do the celestial properties even-though some of the earthly brains are not on the cosmic level to cheer on what they called life not free off the REDSHIFTs…that is why the KC or the cosmic religion is here after the explosion of the big or massive star,not only this part of the Milky Way galaxy,but everywhere in the whole cosmos…being a physical object what so ever alway gets painful and suffering…only the eyes that can see through the universe would be able to know that…the are billions and billions of life-bearing plants in our celestial property,why don’t the earthly creatures want to leave their space-ship and claim ones…they are all free to be taken and also about the power, only us the REDSHIFTs who can possess,no ones else,asserted by one of their Reps in the REDSHIFTs cosmic meeting,may be the KC would not do its job or what…the SiPhY will be gone somedays, please find one now to replace it not him,Rep…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 4, 2010 at 3:06 pm

  146. The world..!there are three awesome-major assignments constantly signal to my brain,the SiPhY,by the recently cosmic meeting of the four REDSHIFTs’ Reps…they are: one) imitate the real thing and actions from the people of the planets in one of the SOMBRERO galaxies…two) make all the dominat creatures called the human species on Earth a one sibling called the KHMER the offspring of the cosmic RIGID CRUST…and three) make the earthly creatures called mankinds to leave their own planet or spaceship or Earth to claim any of the available life-bearing planets in our celestial property…many and very many of them…if the KC would not do the good job…the SiPhY will be replaced…thousand and thousand years ago,KAMBUJJ boy made the SOUTH-EAST ASIAN tribes all the KHMER…why don’t the SiPhY make the cosmic species the KHMER…you think the cosmos or the universe got the same size as the Asia…oh my!! the more the SiPhY is alive the more assignments given…the REDSHIFTs’ Reps they don’t know the SiPhY is a very dummy man on Earth…anyway,life moves on…the SiPhY will do the best that it can…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 6, 2010 at 1:15 pm

  147. The world..!now the word KHMER…this word sounds like something not important to those the ones who just enjoy earthly life then dies without knowing what is going on in the universe…but for those who care about it,most of those are the intelligents, would have a doubt as what is it and the ones who don’t care about anything depent on those ones…the world,you know that the KHMER is the RIGID CRUST of the cosmic core and is the one that would naturally or phenomenally destroy any of the 4 REDSHIFTs that is running with a lfaw or out of order that is why the Represantatives of all those REDSHIFTs are very-very thoroughly on the alert of monitoring the specific movevements of the cosmic structures because of all those structures are physical and also all those REDSHIFTs’ Reps are notthing but the space-travelers of the heavenly travelers or the cosmic-technological enlighteners…the question is,on your doubt,the world,can they control their tempers or their tantrums..? that would make the SiPhY a very a lot of headaches and very worry…as the SiPhY has declared or cried out loud earlier to those who is or are what ever or where ever they are who can be taking place of the SiPhY..;who would be able to resolve all the three assignments of the REDSHIFTs being imposed on it are very or more than welcome otherwise you,the world,have to support the SiPhY…the word KHMER means the science, the leteratures and the arts and these tree assignments of the RDSHIFTs are sure that they are connected to the word KHMER…the meaning of the word science is the organized knowledges obtained by researching or by exploring or by observing and experimenting or tasting of the facts…do the REDSHIFTs mean that the SiPhY has to go to any of those planets of the SOMBRERO galaxy in order to observe or explore or experement from or on those people or what..?being the SiPhY is not normal…how is one large group of the people in south-east Asia called KHMER..? the SiPhY is also responsible to answer this inquiry..? oh..!the SiPhY…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 9, 2010 at 1:17 am

  148. The world..!two words are very distinctive…SIPHY and the SiPhY..SIPHY is a natural man and is very simple and dummy and also a very old man,but the SiPhY is the one that you,the world,have to wactch out because it the KHMER CHARISMA or the KC…what ever it told,is telling and will tell you is or are connected to the REDSHIFTs of the cosmos…if on Earth,it’s connected to the four Incarnations,especially the Fourth,the Judge and the Rewarder…if the SiPhY is SIPHY,it will not be able to see through the universe as you,the world,already are aware of…the Si=atomic number 14xthe cosmic-atomic numbers would be able to pause your soul,unless you are taking its spot and be acknowledged by the REDSHIFTs’ Reps that make you able to destroy the SiPhY not him…if you,the world,cannot do like what it’s saying you have to be its followers regarless who you are the Capitalists,the Communists or the Socialists or the non-what ever called the Neutralists ect…please do not against it…if it’s not real it will not be like you’re aware of…please be advised,the world,…this is for the world’s sake…for those who are obtemistic must counsel the ignorant…unless we want to be recycled…the PhY is the physical something that can be seen and touchable or visible…the lterature means the value of writing as the works of the arts…can the SiPhY write somethings to make the cosmos a KHMER..?eh…the world..!have you seen the language codes in the temple of AngKorwat or the temple of the PrEah Vihear located on the border of Cambodia and Thailand…the SiPhY might be able to decode most languages that is why it know the KHMER is deep-rooted connected to the cosmos,especially to the REDSHIFTs…do you,the world,know how to talk like the SiPhY..? or you just know how to destroy the cosmic property including the lifes of the creatures with the palm of the hands..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 10, 2010 at 12:37 am

  149. The world..!this is the SiPhY…arts in the KHMER means the expression or the action or the dids of what is or are beautifull…there are several kinds of the arts the LABOKKATOR or the marshal arts,the KABACH CHAMLAK or the fine arts,the LAKHONE or the plays etc…all these are going to make all the earthly dominant creatures to think about going to space or the universe or the cosmos looking for the available life bearing planets to be owned…if you,the world,are fucking up lazy we’ll forced you regarless who ever you are unless you,those lazy people,know how to make earthly mankinds swam in the earthly atmospheres without using means of any of the combustion that you can stop or destroy the SiPhY otherwise your soul would be paused by it…this is the REDSHIFT’s messages…it’s serious to the earth- life forms…but the SiPhY will anyway that you have to be finally its…the SiPhY who are you..?to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 11, 2010 at 12:03 am

  150. The world..!the young generation of the REDSHIFTs’ Reps used their languages unpleansantly to us,the earthly creatures,as such as the transparent body…if you’re as the SiPhY you would know how to decode those languages’ codes such as the ones that laid out on the perimeters and sidewalks of the AngKor Watt temple and the Preah Vihear monument in Cambodia,you would realize that how hard is it to say these kinds of words…sometime would take time to understand the meaning like martial or marshal,but the real one is the martial arts…the earthly creatures must know all these before entering the new worlds other than Earth…the old-day transpatent body Reps of the REDSHIFT who are in charge the Milky Way local Groups galaxies clusters chaine or groove,the ones that landed their crafts on the KHMER hill as now the Angkor’s area for more than two thousand years ago are all just dead,the new generations are taking place and who are still stationed somewhere in the ANDROMEDA’s galaxy…they’re all rough because as the young heavenly travelers…the world..!this is not a movie…if your very brain electro-aspects are not at this cosmic levels,please leave it for the SiPhY and the KC to handle all of them…one local galaxy cluster is the combination of about twenty galaxies and one local GROUP galaxies cluster is about a hundred time of the local galaxy clusters and they are in charge them all…about two hundred billions stars like our mother star,the Sun in only the Milky Way alone…don’t be pessimistic on them…those young heavenly travelers feel that why are the earthly dominant creatures so lazy..? none of the available planets had been,have been,is taken by one piece of them…it gotta be something wrong with the KC or the SiPhY..plan B might have to be imposed on these two subjects of our ancestors’ records…those Reps might not be aware that nowadays on Earth more and more physical-fleshy bodies of the dominant creatures rapidily grow and some had and have produced,produce,are producing and will produce the weapons to exterminate ones’ life existed on her…or may be they aleardy know that is why their languages are so unhappy…the SiPhY,you gotta be fast to accomplish their assignments in order to be able to stop these acts or to pause the souls of all these palm of hands creature…can it be done that,the KC…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 11, 2010 at 10:07 pm

  151. The world..!the palm of the hand with the stars on the top of those fingers is the symbol of the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD of the KHMER CHARISMA,a cosmic religion, who later was turned out to be the RIGID CRUST of the BIG BANG-RELATED COLLAPSED CORE or the COSMIC CORE or the VIRGIN CLUSTERS CENTER or the KHMER…he is not a breathing thing but the very and so very actively powerful object that had and has created,is creating and will continually create the universe…we as the SiPhY religiously indicated this cosmic creator a HIM referring as a MAN…we must use the HIM or HIS or HE when be relating to the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD…he is not a soul or a spirit or anything,but a physical object…for those creatures with the palm of the hands called the dominant ones in the universe or the cosmos who worship him they have to be there at HIS PRESENCE…the KHMER or the KHMER CHARISMA or the KC and the SiPhY is for this cosmic religion…the SiPhY can see through the universe as known by you,the world,…what is the RESHIFT anyway..? why is so imposed and demanded..? the world..! the celestial structures including the Earth where we’re housing right now are nothing else,but the physical objects or elements or atoms or matters or substances or materials or touchable or visible or feelable objects and they are required to be maintained and taking care of in order to be in a good condition…that is the cosmic property…with the size of the universe, who is or are going to be able to handling these enormous tasks…the REDSHIFTs’ Reps…they are just like the earthly us who become granted as the heavenly or space travelers by the RIGID CRUST at his presence…incorporated with the REDSHIFTs is the KHMER CHARISMA, a religious name given by the cosmic core since billion years ago meaning since a small piece of matter got hit by the palm of the hand…the SiPhY is the IT,but SIPHY is the brain that connected to all four REDSHIFTs in the cosmos…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm

  152. The world..!losing life of the dominant creatures on our planet is alway brought to the attention of the REDSHIFTS through the Incarnation,especially the Fourth,the judge and the rewarder,not only the Earth alone,but everywhere in the cosmos because soul and spirit cannot do or perform the physical jobs and especially cannot travel in space that they would get swallowed by stars or black holes or by the other celestial objects…if the intentional killing occured to among the potential space traveler candidates could or might,the SiPhY says,make the Earth owned what so ever a big either natural or artificial disaster…this is just the prelimenary warning…the pessismists might not be in the attention of this KC’s scriptur,but when it happen all the earthly us would be subsequent while the SiPhY is with the handful of the REDSHIFTs’ assignments…you,the world,don’t have to build anything to worship the KHMER or the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD…he is with you all the time day and night…where ever you go what ever you do…all you have to do is reaching the stars…if talking about the stars it would be the planets be attached to them…if you don’t know how to do it…that would be another scenario that the SiPhY is always getting the blames on…the world,who ever you are,you’re allowed to be extreme Khmer Charisma…the SiPhY says again and again, you have to be extreme in or for the K.C. because the SiPhY can see through the cosmos…do you remember,the world,when you were on your way to the cosmic core…you’re flying by the galaxy that looks like the egg shape…that galaxy is called the elliptical galaxy…the SiPhY told you look! look! the big ball of the worms or earth-worms traveling in space looking for the new or young planets for food sources…please do not fly near or close to them… they eat miniral and our blood contains iron…of course the food they eat is the miniral that contains most iron and proton ect. that would enable them to repel against their planets’ gravity and travel in the universe…but the earthly us,we are omnivorous or carnivorous and a little are the vegetarians how can we switch our body mode like the earth-worms…oh my..!to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 15, 2010 at 1:09 am

  153. The world..!as you know now you are what you eat… the K.C.’s scripture is always right from ever so very beginning…it let you think whether or not you’re smart the way as the K.C. realy is…the SiPhY just received a messages from the Reps of the REDSHIFTs saying that the worms realy traveling in space and do not interfere their mission…they are only looking for the new and young soil planets to be fed because their planet that they owned is too very old,not enough mineral foods for them…just let them go…there are many and many young planets in our property for them to be chosen,a message from the transparent bodie Reps…the SiPhY some kind likes them because they’re reasonable people or the heavenly travelers…let the SiPhY tell you this the worms of the ellipticle galaxy is not like our earthly worms,they owne the planets…since their planets has no mineral water,salt,coal,petroleum, gold,copper ore ect…no more,they have to find other means to survive…may be we the earthly get hit some time…do not break that ball as the size of the planet…if you do no body can fight them because they are just like the worm,billion and billion of them…the world..,you know what they eat mineral substances such as the iron…the iron is the highly magnetic,very ductile and a good conductor of heat and electricity,especially the proton…the proton is a particle that is in the nucleus of all atoms…it can be changed from a positive electric charge to a negative mood of electron charge that is why the ball lof billion and billion earth-like worms can repel against their own planets gravity whe they are bound in a ball and travel in space…those worms are sized as the elepant on the Earth…when they are bound together their body atomic number power is so very great…the SiPhY,you know too much…who are you? eh..! our soul is made up all these elements by the Redshifts Reps…it’s a heat molicule…it can be pauseed…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 18, 2010 at 1:35 am

  154. The world..!if you realy are at the KHMER CHARISMA’s physical concept which is the one that makes you seen through anything in the cosmos…you can be extreme about or in it and also are religiously allowed to be extreme in order to fulfil the aspiration of the cosmic RIGID CRUST or the KHMER or the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD…the KC’s scripture talks a lot about strange living things in the universe and leaves the puzzles to be resolved by its people especially the TJEE’s such as the issue of the ELLIPICAL galactic worms had left and are leaving their own planets for food sources and billion of them…the question is how did they lift themselves up to space..? the way they had done or did or will do is first they are bound up or tied up together as the size of a planet for each ball then they switch the gravitational pull mode from attracting to repelling,in this case it is from PROTON to ELECTRON or from ELECTRON to PROTON,it’s up to what ever their planets gravitational forces or special forces are and after those balls are up in the space the magnetic powers of their bodies would do the pulling and their food is the one that enable them to do this…the SiPhY has admitted that it’s not normal or SIPHY,he is not normal by talking like this…of course he,is a KC…now the SiPhY is still working on the issue of the dominant creatures of the SOMBRERO galactic planets who or that are able to swim in their planets sky or atmosphere…the SiPhY would hope that it will be resolved sooner…will talk about the our soul…how is it made up..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 19, 2010 at 2:43 am

  155. The world..!about more than two thousand years ago,there is a baby boy of the RESERVED planet named KAMBUJJ called by the people who live in the JA’s region,nowadays as the ANGKOR’s area and the area of BENG TONLESAB or the GREAT LAKE in CAMBODIA or KAMPUCHEA,was brought to the KHMER hill if in the summer season or the KHMER island if in the flooding season by the spacecraft of the transparent body Reps of the REDSHIFT for the local GROUP galaxy clusters of the MILKY WAY galaxy or our Earth’s galaxy in accordance with the explosion of one big and massive star of our galaxy that is and always the KC’s religious accounts imposed on by all the four RESHIFTs,the cosmic headquater under the supervision of the cosmic rigid crust or the Khmer…later he was known as the KHMER DESA or the KHMER MESSIAH…according to the KC’s scripture this baby boy as when he grew up as a man he and his brothers who were brought later from the ANDROMEDA galaxy had made all the tribes in the SOUTH-EAST ASIA a KHMER as in the name of the VIRGIN CLUSTER CENTER…he lost the formulas of doing all the things that making people to fly without using combustion in the water of that Great lake while immigrating to the dry land of JA from the Khmer island caused by the two crocodile-kings,as a couple,capsized his raft…since then every Khmer Desa of the KC tried to dig out to get it back meditatingly from the water…the SiPhY hopes that it’s going to get it sooner or later…after his mission on the Earth,the Kambujj man had been assigned to a few other galaxies to do the same job as in the Milky Way…after his life expectancy expired he went to the RESERVED planet of the Redshifts staying with his TREE MOTHER until nowadays…the question is who or what that brought him everywhere to those places…the flying tray of the transparent body Reps…be optimistic,the world,we are not just we are alone…you have to understand that the universe is the physical things plus the us or ours…two millennium had passed,there is none of the planets had or has or have been claimed by the earthly creatures with the palms of the hands or the dominant creatures…and we don’t want our Sun to be recycled for the third time,the world…go along with the KC or the SiPhY would have to be replaced..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 19, 2010 at 3:37 pm

  156. The world..!the KC has just received a new message from the transparent body Reps saying that the time is almost running out for the SiPhY…the earthly dominant cteatures had and have watched and are watching and will watch the dangerous celestial objects such as the asteroids,comets and the others to prevent their own planets from being to get hit especially those that are not in the celestial system structures that can be controled…the Redshifts Reps are also doing the same things from being destroyed by the cosmic Rigid Crust or the Khmer…if the SiPhY cannot be responsible who will…it doesn’t mean it shows off,but to save Earth from the truth…of course the Reps don’t care or don’t know about the earthly creature us,all they know is if the bugs that damaged the property cannot be reduced the star of that structure must be recycled…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm

  157. The world..! we as the earthly creatures including those ones existed,exist,existing and will exist in the cosmos or the universe are made up by the complicated atoms that had origins that belong to the very-long-time-ago stellar matter that would instinctively cause the earthly us and the cosmic them to be the children of the stars and we the earthly and they the cosmic creatures should strongly believe all the stars in the sky are our and their cosmic birth places…if this past or current or future scenario is the ideal reason why don’t the palm-of-hand creatures on Earth use their damn-individual-smart brains to build the things that enable them to reach those star-mothers,not to get to them because they’re too hot but to reach their offsprings called the planets,by reverse they built and builds and are building or will build somethings that could destroy their children,instead…as the SiPhY,has come to do not understand what kind of those brains are…who or what ever those brains are,we’re not alone…but when we’re gone,we will go together to stay at the special place called the censorship of the black hole…agan our Sun had been recycled twice already…it is just the matter of when for her third…the Redshift’s Reps called them the bugs…because if one star os gone the celestial structures must be adjusted or corrected their paths that would make a lot of works for! what does it mean the physical…the SiPhY is imposed to make those cosmic dominant creatures in the cosmos a Khmer…so the Redshifts’ Reps would be determine what to do to resolve this matter…the other places in the celetial properties also have some issues to be resolved but that are not much harder like earthly dominant creatures because they are realy smart in the wrong way meaning that to destroy the celestial properties…let the SiPhY tells the world this a few planets in the SPIRAL ARMS galaxy somewhere deep in the universe got dissolved by that galaxy NEUTRON star energy pulses as the radio waves dued to the malfunction of the speeds of those planets caused by the creatures who house there…it must be a big ones that would cause that kind of fatal matter…the world,this is not a movie…the SiPhY is telling you…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 21, 2010 at 12:07 am

  158. The world..!since the Khmer Charisma reintroduced itself at the very first era of this current millennium,it has scaned,scans,is scanning and will scan enlightening-spiritually and enlightening-religiously every pieces of life-bearring things or matters or creatures,billions and billions of them in the universe…the K.C. would see all kinds of the physical figures,how do they live,how do they religiously socialize ect…but each assignment is given or imposed on the SiPhY,not SIPHY…the K.C. concludes that most Spiral Arms galaxies’ dominant creatures would do the things reversly,just like those that their planets got liquidized by the pulse of the energy of a Neutron star of their own galaxy…the K.C.’s scripture slogans that it had happened by the automatic trigger of that Pulsar…the world,this is not a movie…it’s a physical…no any power that is very powerful like those of the space-travelers or heavenly travelers…any of you,the world,will possess,too,if you should be one of those cosmos’folks to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 22, 2010 at 11:50 pm

  159. The world..! making all the cosmic dominant creatures a KHMER is not harder for the SiPhY following the assignment imposed on the KC by the Redshifts’ Reps because each life-bearring planet such as Earth in the universe has the INCARNATIONs that are handling the spiritual affairs towards the living things especially for the most important and powerful ones…there are four of them…one of them is the fourth,the one that judges the soul’s cases and rewards those with the favorable acts towards the other souls in term of taking care and protecting the celestial properties mainly the potential space- travelers or the heavenly travellers meaning that that includes all the potential life forms who can be one of those travelers are…the REDSHIFTs’s Reps are always reasonable cosmos’ enlighteners eventhough they are from the same origins as ours…they gave this demand to the KC because they cannot control the law of the natures,but they can maintain,take good care,and protect the celestial structures as the way they are…they cannot stop the stars like our Sun from being running out of gas or fuel to burn…but they know how to manage to physically rescue those creatures from the danger and harm,the best they can through the the KC…by doing this those potential creatures have to be in one or common or identical umbilical cord…that is why the SiPhY got a big handful to comply with their demands…let the KC remind you,the world,the when were traveling to warship the the ANGELIC ARCHITECT GOD or the COSMIC RIGID CRUST,while you were between the Milky Way and the Andromeda,there is the flying tube-spaceship with a numbers of the small flying frisbees as her offsprings flying up and down around her…they are praticing and rehersing on how to relocate the living things to the other planets fast and safe because one of the mother stars almost becomes swollen up or bloated…this is not a movie,unless the SiPhY can be replaced by another otherwise all the cosmic dominant creatures especially the one on Earth shall be voluntarily or forcefully a KHMER…the SiPhY has just gotten the information about the dominant creatures in a few planets of one of the SOMBRERO galaxies who are able to switch their body mechanical modes against their planet gravity…those cosmic creatures are strange reptilians…their mothers are laying eggs,just like the lizard or snake,but they breastfeed their offsprings and the offsprings suckle the milk from the mother’s body to get fed just like the earthly one or the human kind…what they called the MAMMAL…is it odd,isn’t it…but they eat meet and plants…the external anatomy or figure and the major internal organs of their body are just like the ones of eathly ours…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 25, 2010 at 2:22 pm

  160. The world..! the SiPhY is still working on the sky- self-propelling dominant creatures of a few planets in the SOMBRERO galaxy…first you to be advised that this is the cosmos’s issue,not the Earth’s one…the SiPhY has been given the three assignments while the KC is scanning the universe…you can imagine that there are almost two hundred billion galaxies in the cosmos and each of them contains over two hundred billion stars,and each star,very most of them got the life bearring planets, a lot of them…some major informations or news obtained by the SiPhY,made SIPHY(cp)’s brain clearly seen the cosmic magnificent views,especially on the figures of the dominant creatures of those with the palm of hands,regarless what sizes their brains are,they are the dominant ones in the universe…the SiPhY doesn’t care or works much on the civilizations or social and polical unrest of those human-like species,but is focusing on the important assignment of switching mechanical mode of the gravitational pulls of the earthly dominant creatures’ body…this is the very hard one…the two others are not really required for much work such as to make the earthly creature willing to leave their own planet and claims another somewhere in the cosmos…but to make Earths’ ones flying without any means of using combustion is incredible equation to those that already existed in somewhere in the universe…there are a couple Reps of the REDSHIFTs who are from the egg-hatching planet of the SOMBRERO galaxy and all of them are the frisbee-pilots…looks odd to the earthly cultures…these kinds of cultures that would always pull back or discourage the potential heavenly travelers’ desire and that would make our mother star or the Sun unuseful…somewhere in the universe,a few planets of the egg-hatching and the leech-meninx-plate dominant creatures that can switch their body modes of the SOMBRERO galaxy got their mother star so very useful to the REDSHIFTs by producing several REPs for them and they are all odd to the Earthly ones…these commitments of imitations of that kind of things are beyond the capability of the human kind because we’re the mammals,not that kind of creatures…the SiPhY has to find the other sources of the gravity-mechanism to be copied of…some planets contain only water,some have only trees,and some exist only the dominant creatures,no subordinate creatures as called the animals at all…what is wrong the universe…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 26, 2010 at 4:22 pm

  161. The world..! since you have heard,hear,are hearing and will hear frequently the word KHMER or KHMER CHARISMA or KC,I,SIPHY(cp),like to bring up the root of this religion,a cosmic one,such as the TREE MOTHER ect. and why is it so deep-root-connected to the universe and why is it so very truthful and so physical… being the natural-real thing,such as the gold or the diamond or anything else that is natural real or pure,has never been afraid to be defeated or eliminated in all circumstances and always welcome to be replaced if possible in order to keep the celestial structures actively moved in the way it should be in the cosmos…why is it only the KHMER…why isn’t it or aren’t the others… the answer is the physical truth…the cosmos is the physical truth…if the SiPhY is lucky enough to be replaced by the other in term of being in or beyond its cosmic commitment,SIPHY(cp)’s brain aspect would be just normally free of this very demanded and so imposed cosmos-slogan or might be because I was born in the desolate landscape of rice-paddy field… anyway,life moves on…the world,please have pity on me…I am a person,not the SyPhY…why did the KHMER have deep-rooted connection to the cosmos..? when a larger or massive star explodes the DESA has to be brought from somewhere to that part of the star’s explostion by the REDSHIFT’s Reps who are responsible for that local GROUP galaxy clusters in order to process the recruitment of the heavenly travelers or space-travelers who are the potentially technological enlighteners who can successfully worship the KHMER or the COSMIC RIGID CRUST in term of fulfilling his aspiration…why it has to be like that..? it’s a religion,a cosmic one…I do not have the ability to prove to you,the world…if you insist,you have to live and wait until a star explodes again in our galaxy,the Milky Way…if this cosmic scenario is beyond your imagination,please dearly bear with me,SIPHY(cp) because it’s so demended by the REDSHIFTs,the Headquatres of the universe…the word KHMER did exist so many thousands of years…this did not talk about since the Big Bang natural event that had happened about almost twenty billion years ago…the question now is how did SIPHY(cp) know all these..? the answer is CP is the KC…if you,the world,make yourselves a him or the KHMER, you’ll be better to know much and much more…eventhough you cannot replace the SiPhY…but at first,you have to opt out your imbecility of being only you’re in the cosmos or at least keep your mind that we’re not alone and all the celestial structures are subjected to be watched or to have had been watched…the world..,you have to thing like this if we as the bugs called by the Redshifts’ Reps hit the weaken point or the heart of our mother Earth and she would die cutting lose away from the Sun…what are we going to do..? because of this the KC scans the cosmos for gaining some kinds of help from those dominant creatures who are able to keep their own planets a physical heaven with worry free for ever…the word KHMER and KAMBUJJ explanation are on the next blog…it’s so important to know because it’s the dominant-earthly creatures method of physical-surviving plans…why and what the KHMER DESA like KAMBUJJ has to do with the explosion of the star..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 27, 2010 at 7:09 pm

  162. The world..!while the KC is scanning the cosmos and providing what it had and has found to the REDSHIFTs’ Reps,thousnds of things to be released to the SiPhY and finally is going to lock up on the SIPHY’s brain…to replace SIPHY,one has to be doing everything on this cosmic issue with only one head meaning anything and anything with only one brain of the only one head…otherwise cannot replce me,SIPHY,because the REDSHIFTs’ Reps’ signals cannot be received by several sets of heads of the dominant creatures to be revealed to the Earth public as well as to the universe…the world,this is not a movie…a pulse of energy of the signal would damage the brain aspect of unqualified head…please do not self-proclaim on all the cosmic scenarioes relevant to the CK,the SiPhY and SIPHY and also it’s religiously punishable to those who blindly intend…if we look back in time thousand and thousand years past regarless as much far as time you can imagine,the word KHMER then existed on our mother Earth…and this word is very connected to the Cosmic Rigid Crust,the physical machin of all evething flourishing in the universe…hundred numbers of the monuments erected by the Khmer ancestors most of them contains the language-codes indicating the COSMIC CRUST and that can be decoded only by the celestial or the cosmic officials such as space-travelers ect…though,in South-East Asia,there are several groups of main races of people such as Australoids, Melanesiens and Indonesiens etc. migrating to…we as the KC’s people on Earth still are not clear about what group of race of people that had been able to initially reside or live in a high hill located in the middle of the GREAT lake of now Cambodia…and for what reason that made them disappeared,this dated back about since before the Sumerian era…this group of people the one who introduced the TREE MOTHER at the first place,because when the baby Kambujj arrived on that hill the souls and spirits that live in those Tree-Mothers for thousand and thousand of years got out from their mothers and performed the Welcoming Dance to great him then got back to those trees when finished…what they called the angels…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 31, 2010 at 5:51 pm

  163. The world..!the word KHMER is sure to have connection with that people race that is initially there,because when they had gone the word KHMER became a shrine of god on that hill…the story goes like this…but first the question is why did SIPHY(cp),a person,know all these things?…why didn’t the others?…the answer is why SIPHY knows all the truths of the cosmos…why don’t the other people,because he is or I am a pure KHMER or a KHMER CHARISMA or a KC whether or not I’m or he is accepted by who is ever the lower brainer about the universe and he does and I am doing everything by myself otherwise he or I won’t be accepted by the REDSHIFTs’ Reps…the KC’s scripture denied it’s not a race of malayo-polynesiens that had been on that hill…the JA’s region of Cambodia at that time of thousand and thousand years ago,was a vast plane of territory in that part of the nowadays world…untill aroud about two thousand years later,there is one star in the Milky Way galaxy exploded…the KC’s 4-PILLAR began to record every events and incidents relevant to the KC,a cosmic religion,now available in KHMER language…it’s saying there are about two hundreds of tribes living on the dry land around the JA’s region…they all worshiped and prayed only one god,the KHMER,when the natural phenomenons of all kind of threatening subjects had occurred…this is the act of the cosmic rigid crust done just to keep all the celestial structures moving in the normal manner…right in the middle of the vast flat plane in the JA’s region,there located a high hill called TUOL KHMER…this hill had been abandoned for several centuries by the initial group of people who had been there…the size of the top of this hill is about five to six square miles during dry season and about two square miles during flooding,even smaller than that if the flood is so big like in the year of the DRAGON…in the summer the JA’s people called the KHMER hill and in the flooding season,a KHMER island…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 1, 2011 at 1:17 am

  164. The world..!the REDSHIFTs’ Reps signals are asking you to remove the symbol of the killing device from the top of anything that would expose to the universe…the cosmos with the numbers of NEUTRON stars or PULSAR would not appriciate on the property being intentionally destroyed…being a pure Khmer, one has to be an extreme KC and be physically facing to the effects of the REDSHIFTs’ Reps by being able to resolve their given demands and mentally clarifying some of the issues to the property-public that would make their spaceships a physical and a true heaven…the Earth becomes smaller and smaller due to the boom of the living-cosmic property whom cannot be by any other means allowed to decrease but to let them find the new spaceship to house on just like the earthly-like worms of the elliptical galaxy had done,did,do and will do…and the KC is responsible for this…some of the damn-small brains might laugh on this KC’s slogan,but when we have to be gone we’re all go together…quote…this demand of the transparent body Redshift’s Reps is not a very hard one like the one that having gravitational modes switching in the body of the dominant creatures…the SiPhY hopes that will work out somehow due to the KC’s cosmos scanning…the KHMER hill,back then two thousand years ago,is still very dangerous spot of the land for the people who live on the dry land of the JA’s region…they cannot do the hunting in the hill’s surrounding area since they didn’t have good hunting materials and they are afraid to become a hunted by the poisonous and wild animals and those back then animals are very so ferocious such as the gian centipedes,gian spiders etc…during the flooding season…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 1, 2011 at 1:59 pm

  165. The world..! during the flooding season especially in the year of the DRAGON that would most happen from May to November of each year,the water that is drinkable would fill up over one hundred square miles of the land in that great lake of BENG TONLE SAB’s area,a vast flat plane that you can imagine and it’s also covered with immense jungle and bushes known nowadays as the ANGKOR’s area…it’s just like the earthly deep basin or reservoir that would fill up with water from the Mekong river and be dry out when it recedes in the same path way of the river…from the hillside up to the hilltop there grows a dense wood of the big and tall trees with some are very high almost out of sight…when the big flooding occured the wood everywhere sinks in the water,only a short top of some trees left appeared…most wild animals got drowned and some big-big ones such as snakes and centipedes etc. are able to survived by hanging on to the trees top…from the Khmer island itself to the dry land where several different tribes are living is around fourty to fifty miles across… the lake has the extreme large volume of water and so deep with the big waves when windy…this is might be the reason that the initial-original people cannot survive and how can they get there…and why it’s many centuries later, the baby Kambujj has to be brought to that Khmer hill..? why do all the tribes back then worship that hill as the shrine of the KHMER god…it must be that small group of the initial-original people are the original Khmer ancesters,around eight thousand years ago and they the ones that found the KHMER or the KHMER CHARISMA at the very that Khmer hill or Khmer island…the world,it’s better to know and understand the origin of the KC because every physical thing such as atom must have the origin or the core…as long as they have two eyes,two ears and the human limbs proportionally equal to their body and walk upright regarless how they were born are the dominant creatures in the universe and the cosmic property because they are the potential heavenly travelers… to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 2, 2011 at 2:17 am

  166. The world..!the KC’s scripture is saying that most of the dominant creatures of the spiral arms galaxies are the similar look and having their identical body…they are all the earthly human-like life forms and their social behaviour is commonly the same… it’s good to know for the earthly dominant creatures to be careful while exploring the cosmic planets…the man named Kambuj that later known as Kambuj Desa for the Ja’s region tribes is from the Reserved planet of the Redshift that is handling the cosmic groove of the local GROUP galaxy clusters that would include the Milky Way,our own galaxy…that is why he looks like earthly us,most to the Asian people…but his life expectancy is much longer than the earthly ours,about five hundred earthly years, due to that planet’s mother star and the chemical compound that made up his body…Kambuj had no offspring on Earth,nor any wife during his a hundred years on this planet before his new assignment to another galaxy…please do not ask to provide some proofs about him,use your damn-smart brain to figure out…Kambuj is the very first Khmer Desa then after him are about almost ten more and SIPHY would be able to count all their names associated with the places they were born…they are not from like Kambuj…they were born here on Earth such as the one right now or nowadays or at this present century a.d. is somewhere in KAMPUCHEA or Cambodia… right before the Khmer Empire,it’s about from the first century a.d. until the century when the ferocious religious war occurred in the JA that was around the beginning of the seventh century a.d.,the JA’s region as a country named after him the KAMBUJ + JA + DESA meaning KAMBUJ is the messiah or lord of the golden land,JA, and later becomes KAMBUJJA = KAMPUCHEA = CAMBODIA…DESA means MESSIAH or PREAH KROU in Khmer…the Khmer island in the flooding season,there is about a square mile land-spot on the very top left moist and dry ground where some of the wild animals get together to feed each others to survive…the island is never naturally peaceful during this time of season…it always looks foggy faint and covered by thick clouds combigning with all kinds of the natural phenomenons such as the rain soakingly showers all day all night,week and week along with the continuous sound of the thunders mixed with the bright light of the frightening-scary lightning of the thunderbolts…the people of those tribes that later no longer self-recorgnized by the main races more often see during midnight a space object landing there with the curve-round-winding light moving on the top…they called them KAMBUJ meaning the flying thing from the planet named KAMBUJ…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 2, 2011 at 2:47 pm

  167. The world..!the environment,the landscape,and the territory of the nowadays Angkor’s area or the Great Lake Tonle Sab’s plane is not the same like once it was back then two thousand years ago and long before that that you can imagine…the sea-water level is very much higher,if a very big flood, it’s just about almost reaching the top of the mountain named Phnum Krom,the lower mound, where at that time was also a part of the Khmer hill or Khmer island…during the flooding season,the Mekong river water streamingly flows into the lake by bringing the mud and sediment to fill up the lakebed about a meter height yearly and also the people then flattened up for building road for communication and for farming… because on the Khmer hill, most of the trees are the Tree-Mothers,though,the lightnings and the thunderbolts constantly occurred during the deluge due to the evil spirits being around them…the KC’s scripture(if a scripture,it’s exclusively relevant to the cosmos… if the 4-Pillar,it’s only connected to Earth, especially the Incarnations)says that the baby from the Reserved planet is the a child of a space- traveler whose life exspectency is almost expired after gotten granted by the Cosmic Rigid Crust or the Angelic Architect God due to being unable to continue his trip with the Redshift Reps to the Cosmic Headquarters…he has decided to get married with a woman there…this baby was born just about the time he died,but he had prepared the Tree-Mother slogan on the right way for his son…there are not a lot such as this kind of babies on each Reserved planet because of there are a very few space-travelers arrived there each cosmic time…one Reserved planet is for one Redshift Headquarter…there are four Redshift’s Headquarters in the universe…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 6, 2011 at 12:25 am

  168. The world..! during sometime more than two thousand years ago one massive star in the Milky Way’s channel of the local Group galaxies clusters exploded and its complex matters fly into space and our planet Earth was eligible to receive any of some of them because it was a part of our Sun’s sector…the Redshift’s Reps,the transparent body,then made a request to the baby’s mother to relocate her son to one of the Spiral Arms galaxies where is in their responsible-servicing zone…the woman realized that her husband who had just passed away was a heavenly traveler and so does to potentially be her baby because of the blood-lineage…she has no other choice,but to unhappily agree to accept the Redshift’s Reps request…she has asked them that when will my baby be back home because he looks so much like his father…when I see him just like I see my husband..? she got no pleasant answer from those Reps…she has so sad face while wrapping her only child with his father cheesecloth and also packed all his important documents into a bag for her baby to take with the him…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 7, 2011 at 12:28 am

  169. The world..! the baby’s mission is to recruit the potential heavenly travelers or space-travelers or technological enlighteners on Earth…the KC’s scripture does reveal that the Redshift’s Reps had chosen the hill or island of KHMER because it’s the right place of the physical and spiritual conceptions for the baby when grown up and it’s the spot of the ground that marked a true milestone for the earthly dominant creatures to achieve the difficult goal or dilemma and it’s the only one spot of the earthly lovely-burrowing toad where has the rooted-deep connection to the Cosmic Rigid Crust or the Angelic Architect God or the KHMER or another word to be called the marvelous shrine on Earth…when the baby arrived, it was at the earthly night time of the summer,the entire hill was illuminated by the bright light of the ships that can be seen miles away by the JA’s region people on the dry land…the people there then called these objects KAMBUJ…look!!! KAMBUJ… KAMBUJ meaning they are from the planet named Kambuj, a Reserved planet of the Redshift…centuries later after the Kambuj word became a country’s name,the people then used the word LAANN HASS meaning the recoiling spring-flying object…only this KAMBUJ that Cambodia named after…the other Kambuj or Kampuch is or are just damn fake…how can the Reserved planet’s baby be able to survive..? he just a baby and his father is from one of the Spiral Arms galaxies somewhere in the local Group galaxy clusters…the baby doesn’t know his life expectency,nor his name,but the KC does…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm

  170. The world..! back in the Reserved planet,the baby’s mother that you can imagine how much she missed her only son…only she can remember is the birhtmark on
    his right palm of hand that would rise up above the skin…his face look is just about to erase from her memory sooner because it’s so very short time for them to be together…when the baby is placed on the ground by the stump of a big tree,the sound of the music is ringing out for the same tune from each of all the big trees assuming that those are the Tree Mothers that located from the top to the bottom of the hill…and at the same time of that precious KC’s moment,a group of the Tree Mothers’ angels arrived to perform a welcoming dance to greet the arrival event of the baby…the music is so melodious,harmonious and sweet,and especially is so very powerful that would have to scare away all the wild and ferocious animals from the baby’s scene including the small-small insects and ants…and also to lull the baby to sleep…the music endlessly plays one piece after another of the different melody…from that time on, the angels of the Khmer hill got their handful with the responsibilty of feeding and protecting the baby…the KC’s 4-Pillar tells tail that some angels hand-sucked the milk of asleep deers and red foxes then got hurt by the kick of those animals…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 9, 2011 at 2:44 am

  171. The world..! I,SIPHY,got feeling that you,the world, is trying to determine that how can the baby be able to survived in such environment of the Khmer hill especially when the hill becomes an island during flooding season…this must be a joke or something?
    …no,it’s not…it’s the SPIRITUAL concept of the KC,the power of the Tree-Mother’s angels…eventhough you hear the word SPIRIT,but they are physical of their kinds…these species are made up by the heat molecules and they stay there with their mothers for thousand and thousand of years before the baby has arried,perhaps in thought moving back from nowadays to the Sumerian culture erea and they went through all kind of these hashes and hardships…they all raised this baby until he can feed by himself,it’s about when he is ten or more earthly years old…but the music is still usually ringing out from the trees to protect a child…there are some stories of the Tree-Mothers’ angels raising the Reserved planet baby written in the 4-Pillar of the KC…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 9, 2011 at 2:14 pm

  172. The world..! all the dominant creatures’ life forms almost commonly breath the same air as we do on earth…since the reserved planet’s baby is just a baby,so he can adapt to the earthly atmosphere…when this baby had become a child who can pull the roots off the ground and pick the fruits from the trees when feels hungry that had been plentiful at that time on that Khmer hill… he started to have a doubt that how he was born without any of the parents and how he got here…because there is none of anybody looks like him…sometimes later the numbers of the baby-boys had also arrived…who are letter called the Favorite Desaes…the amount of those babies are not less than twenty…they are from somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy…their spaceships came at daytime and can be blurily seen by the Ja’s region people in about two thousand years ago…they called them Thaas Hass meaning the flying tray…that would make the Reserved planet child so happy…the KC’s 4-Pillar indicates that this happend through the request of the Khmer hill’s child…it cannot affirm that how,but it actually happened…please do not ask to provide the proofs of this claim…if you’re the earth-bound brainer,you’re not going to believe this untill someone’s soul on Earth gets paused by the Redshift’s Reps then you’re accept that this is a real thing…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 11, 2011 at 12:20 am

  173. The world..! the Tree-mothers’ angels are also very happy to this event of the arrival of these babies and they raised them the way the human beings do to their offsprings,only one thing that you might have in mine is how did they do that…it could be impssible…yes,it’s possible…please keep your smart brain active in order to achieve the KC’s enlghtenment,a cosmic religion…there are a lot of questions being raised on the Khmer issues such as how did the Khmer become an empire and how did the monuments being built etc.?…because there are more babies to be fed,some angels have to collect the cow’s milk-fruits to hand-feed them…the days and times had passed…the Khmer hill or Khmer island had filled with the human-like species from the other worlds for the mission of promoting the potential space or heavenly travelers…the Reserved planet’s baby now is a young man…about a few years less than thirty earthly years old and his all brothers who got left alive from the natural incidents such as fallen preys to the ferocious animals etc. are now also the young men…they perceive about what their mission is and they are all constantly looking for way to get away from the land where they grew up in order to explore the new things…they do not know where or what would be the adventure…that how the Khmer is all about…the older one got the thought that they cannot do either way or mean by foot or by water way,but they have to leave regarless what ever will happen to them…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 12, 2011 at 2:52 pm

  174. The world..! the young man originally from the Reserved planet found an idea of making things to use it in order to cross the great lake and to protect themselves from all kinds of wild animals that had eliminated the number of his brothers…the world, please do not be pessimistic to compare the nowadays technology or science to that back in two thousand years ago when people there then are still able to use branches,thorns,horns,bones and stones as the tools for farming,hunting,fishing and fighting…this young man still doesn’t have the name to be called or to be identified just yet,so do his brothers…their communication is using hand-gestures along sometime with the body that would become the Khmer people’s nowadays traditional-classic dances such as Romm Vong etc…the young man when he was a child then a boy has used all along a flat piece of meteorite when there are plenty of them in the Khmer hill or island to cut or slice the roots and to split coconuts etc…he then also uses that metal piece to produce fire by scratching it with the hard ceramic rock or stone later the Khmer called BAM PONG POY…now they all got the intention of producing the better tools to meet their goals and they would know how to do such that…they make the kilns to melt the pieces of the meteorites that would come out as lead and iron then they make the small and big tools as much as the wanted such as daggers,common knifes,axes or hatchets and some of the weapons like arcks etc. to protect themselves during the journey…these all ideas never never erase out or go away from their minds regarless where they are…they are able to make the rafts from the big kapok-trees applying the wood-mechanical propelling by using the man power…SIPHY knows how to build it the way they did…they make themselves a few groups,some are using water pathway by the rafts, some are travelling by foot on the riverbed during the summer and the older brother’s group is the last one to reach the dry land of the Ja’s region…the group of the rafters spent about three months on the water before reaching the dry land…these rafters are called Khmer by the Ja’s tribes since they are from the Khmer island where is no one had gone there before…when the older brother’s group arrived,the tribes called him KAMBUJ…KAMBUJ referring to the spaceship with the round-winding light on the top that had arrived at night time in years long before the flying trays had been seen because he is the oldest in the groups…these Khmer folks are the initial founders of the Khmer empire and the ones who made all big and small tribes there the Kmher…and about the actual scenario of how did they make it is in the 4-Pillar of the KHMER CHARISMA…the music echoe rings out loud from the Tree-mothers now is called the Khmer music or later called the Srong music because it is produced from the tall trees or the traditional-wedding music…the traditional musical instruments are fisrt made by those Favorite Desa’s for their wedding ceremony…the cheesecloth of the Kambuj’s father now is called the wedding robe wore by the groom during wedding…the Kambuj’s birthmark on his right hand is as the symbol that made up the summits of the Angkor Wat’s monument or the twelveth century temple…now back to the KC’s scan on the cosmos or the KC’s scripture…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 12, 2011 at 10:43 pm

  175. The world..! now,you know the story of the KHMER or the KHMER CHARISMA’s origin…SIPHY,a person,is still able to reveal some of the works of the KC’s later ancestors who tried to imitate the ideas of those flying objects by adopting this very precious religious legend or narration…those works are such as the different kinds of the big kites that a man can fly on,the flying balloon of using the animal fat or the resin extracted from certain trees that the man can fly on,the winding-recoiling-spring flying object that the man can fly on and that can fly endlessly that our 3rd century ad or kc ancestors used it to transport or relocate their people from the dry land to the Khmer hill during summer and the submerging boat with using the mechanical man power to do the samething to the Khmer island during flooding season…all these,SIPHY(cp) can precisely prove it how did it be made or built?…eh..! if SIPHY had died then,who is going to tell you all these…you’re lucky whether or not you disagree with your good fortune…why didn’t all these KC’s inheritances existe anymore..? because the ferocious religious war that made the change from all these to the flying with using the magic words and to the power of being a honorary beggar…that marvellous Khmer shrine has changed its name sometimes from Khmer hill or island to Srong hill or island due to containing a lot of big and tall-tall trees and finally to Angkor city due to the old Khmer culture to call the town that is surrounding with water…the Redshift’s signals got sent to the SiPhY the new finding of another kind of the dominant creatures that do the samething as the ones of the Sombrero galaxy and the special weapons of the dominant creatures whose their planets got destroyed…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 14, 2011 at 4:49 pm

  176. The world..! new messages just arrived…the SiPhY is still doing the homeworks on the earthly human-like creatures in the universe who can kill their planets’ gravitational pull…now the messages are saying that a few planets in that Spiral Arms galaxy somewhere in the universe are trying to kill each other the gravitational pulls from their mother star…@ the end one of the lesser amount of the population is smater than that would be capable of doing just that to those two planets of its foes to have their gravitational pull completely stopped…all the living things on all those two planets lost the pull and got repelled their fleshy bodies to the air of the planets’ atmosphere…this behaviour that would make the galactic moving system malfunctioned caused the automatic trigger of that galaxy’s Neutron star released the powerful pulse of the energy as the radio wave to dissolve all of them of those three galaxies…the SiPhY is asking to be enlightened on how did that lesser population planet make that kind of the special weapon from the Redshift’s Reps…so the SiPhY would be able to make the earthly dominant creatures flying without using the mean of combustion…this is not a movie…to be contined…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 15, 2011 at 5:53 pm

  177. The world..! I,SIPHY(cp),would kindly accept the blameworthy critics on the misspelling English words and causing a little confusion on the sentences matter that sometime might have had or have occured or occur or will occur in the writing…this is not for an excuse,but to confest that there are so much KC’s information from the cosmos being received by only one brain of one person in one destination of having to comply with the demand policy from the Reps of all four Redshifts’ headquarters of the Cosmic Rigid Crust…somes are so very odd or unusual to the earthly human culture such as there is one planet in one of the elliptical galaxies some where in the cosmos exists the entire planet the dominant creatures that would travel to and from anywhere by pulling their head along with internal organs from their physical body…they left their body alone at home or at wherever they,those creatures,called it while flying…when they returned or come back home that all everything organs automaticly inserted into the physical body to normally walk and work as usual…I,SIPHY,used to hear this kind of thing when I was a small child,but not to physically walk and work like a human being such this…the one that I had heard is the evils or witches that make someone become ill or suffered…I don’t know what kind of foods they consume just yet…it might be their internal organs a sac equiped with the blood circulation valves of the pilot tubes between a sac and the death body…it could be their traveling time frame thoroughly watched otherwise the waiting body would be dead…how does the soul and spirit of ours on Earth and theirs in the universe work..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 16, 2011 at 1:56 pm

  178. The world..! the KC’s scripture and the 4-Pillar indicate that the soul of our earthly us and their cosmic them are the same things or the same elements that would have the same property of the ingredients…when they got trapped in the planet’s aimosphere,are called soul with the given code…who makes them trapped..? when they are in space,are called the raw soul without the given codes or the cosmic soul or the black or dark energy,the ones that move closer or away the cosmic things such as the galaxies and the runaway stars etc. or the ones that lead the pathway for the black hole to do the job of the demolition or the recycling to the unuseful stars etc…when the soul became part of our life,they move our body such as limbs,eyes and mouth etc. except our heart under the command of the spirit or the memory…these two matters work together just like the water that would make up by the oxygen and hydrogen and they are the heat molicules in one substance…the powerful element called life…when our body is no longer living meaning dead, it’s in rush or very quick to leave the body to avoid being fertilized by the dirty component of the dead body…and where will it go..? when you heat the water at the boilling point dry until there is none left,where will the water go..? all these two substances are not missing from the atmosphere of the Earth…they have to be somewhere that we will not know and see…unless we have the Tree-mother to attract and preserve it…the soul is able to take a new birth by the matching-protective-life-giving code given to the female creature by the Redshifts’ headquarters of the cosmic Rigid Crust…during pregnancy,the spirit would go first for the investigation on the ability of whether or not the soul can be there…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 17, 2011 at 4:23 am

  179. The world..! when the dominant creatures’ life is lost,the matching-protective-life-giving code is signaling to the cosmic headquarters,the Redshifts, then the 4th on the Earth who is handling the spiritual affairs would conduct the determination and judgment on the death’s incident…if it’s caused by the direct or indirect intention or aim,the soul of the criminals will be punished…how the 4th is judging and indicting the soul..? you would not see it,but you would mentally feel it…the punishment is so very harsh if a pretty bad one before being destroyed at the planet of Venus if in the Sun’s family and the Tree-mother also would not accept that kind of the soul as her offspring because she is the holy of her kind of creature…the KC’s scripture affirms that all the life bearing planets in the cosmos obtain the incarnations,the super natural beings…we will not see them,but we can emotionally feel it and no one would be able to hide or to run away or to get away from it…the misdeeds other than destroying the Cosmic Rigid Crust property or the misdemeanors such as the ones that mentally and spiritually discourage or stop the being potentially heavenly travellers shall be sent to take birth with the female subcreatures or the female animals by the given matching-protective-life-giving codes…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 17, 2011 at 12:34 pm

  180. The world..! this is another kind of the dominant creatures that I like to share the knowledge with you…this is not a movie or something…it’s about the knowledge on the universe life forms or the living things and all the already said creatures become the Redshifts’ Reps working at the cosmic headquarters of the Rigid Crust…to avoid being discouraged by some weak points or the earth-bound brainers of the earthly cultures,ones gotta know what is going on in the universe and as long as I’m still alive,I’ll do the best to educate you,the world, with the KC’s help and also I’m not a paranormalist or a paranoia or anything, but I can see through the cosmos…that’s all I can say…it’s a cosmic matters…the KC’s scripture reminds the SiPhY to let you,the worl, know that our Sun is not yet proving she is an useful mother star to the Redshifts and the KC’s 4-Pillar indicates that untill about the end of the third millennium ad or kc,there will be a Tjee of the universe who can reach the Cosmic Rigid Crust and she is also a woman…how about from now to then,what do we do because our Sun had already hit her midage…the world,use your pretty damn smart brains to do something to keep her survived from the third time of the recycling project by the black hole, we love her so much…let her die naturally with her way from being bloated into a redgiant, then to the white dwarf, then to the black dwarf, and finally to the nebula of her kind of whatever it would be…it’s still in one of the Elliptical galaxies…one planet exists only that kind of the dominant creatures called the Leech Golden Plate…there is no animals nor any subcreatures at all on that planet…it must be these creatures are solely the vegeterians… the KC’s scripture indicates that they are shorter and smaller or less weight than an average earthly person…they are pretty cute looking golden skin color human-like person and so socialized…at the Redshift’s headquarter of their channel local Group galxies clusters,the female groups have to be bound together while in the public,so as the male groups are during the cosmic events such as the galactic Reps’ meeting because they are a lot smaller and more cute golden look than the other galactic ones…when the female became premature,her egg is tranformed to a leech with the two suction discs,one on each side,but is not an animal like earthly leech…when she becomes pregnant, the male sperm is incubated inside of that thing…when the time is up for the delivery, the mother easily pushes it out through her vagina just like the earthly mothers do,but the real baby is inside of whatever you call it: the case or envelope or glove…the color of that case and the baby’s skin is alway golden…the baby’s umbilical cord is attached to one of the suction discs called the mouth used it to suck the mother’s breast…when full,it releases the nipple and flicks its body to hanging on the wall or tree or whatever they must have outthere…when that case’s life expectancy is expired,the cover breaks open then the mother has to cut and ties up the umbilical cord…now the golden baby is hers for breast feeding untill grown up as a cute one…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 18, 2011 at 4:39 pm

  181. The world..!the mission of recruiting the potential heavenly travelers on Earth of the baby of the Redshift’s Reserved planet is much farer than failure…there is none of spacefrisbee has been built due to one)he was then still a child about ten earthly years old if counting the years of his actual life expectancy eventhough he is about over twenty earthly years old…two)the important documents of his father,a granted space-traveler,was lost in the bottom of the Great lake assuming that that is not far from the Lower Mound where the king-couple of the crocodiles caved during migrating to the dry land of the Ja…their destination then was straight toward the chain of the Elephant Mountains where they would clearly see it from far away…the two crocodiles pried up the raft above the water rendered it to capsize then prey on the group…those rafters who have the good weapons such as the daggers and the skilful fighting against these kinds of the animals are able to survive and continued their journey until reaching the land…three)there is still in a doubt that our Earth might not entitle to receive any of the complex particles such as the gavitational-starlike or gravitational-galactic piece of the magnet…during his one hundred years in that part of the world back in about two thousand years ago, Kambuj had traveled all over the place looking for it…he could not find any,but the KC’s 4-Pillar asserts that there is one buried in the Great lakebed that got the Khmer word to call it BAROTT HAAS,the flying mercury…During his critical-cosmic mission,Kambuj and his brothers fulfilled many major importances to nowadays world such as this KC…how important is it..? to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 21, 2011 at 12:31 am

  182. The world..! we are still working on the origin of the Khmer Charisma,a cosmic religion…the KC was the particular subject given by KAMBUJ himself to all the every students who came from all over the place of the Ja’s region and beyond to learn the KHMER from him and his brothers…the KC’s 4-Pillar indicates that the young men of the Khmer hill or island are apt and expert in the KC’s religious domains such as the physical and spiritual concepts since they had been so long together with the angels of the TREE-MOTHERs…Kambuj is known then to all tribes of the large and small size as a DESA or Khmer messiah, as a king and as a Khmer priest…looking back two thousand years ago,the territory of the Ja’s region is surrounded by the chains of the DANGREK,ELEPHANT and KRAVANH mountains,and to the South and South-East with the sea…its center is the basin or the earthly reservoir of the great lake…back then,Kambuj and his brothers eventhough some are married to the tribes’ women could not stay with any of them of those tribes to avoid being killed and to kill because they are not peaceful by trying to gain power on one another…the smaller with the smaller and the largest with the same size…there are almost two hundred tribes then in the Ja’s region…Kambuj and his brothers camped themslves about ten miles somewhere North of the nowadays East Baray during the summer and a litle bit further during the flooding…this camp is known to all tribes as the Khmer people’ camp or the Khmer camp…the camp is identified by a few small windmills put in the middle to signal to the tribes’ peple indicating that the Khmer is here…since the Khmer hill or Khmer island men all of them are skilful in the iron works who can make the better things out of the iron of the meteorites such as the farming tools that can be used to clear the very large size of the land for farming,the hunting tools that can use them to hunt the larger animals,the fishing tools that can use it to catch the larger fish etc…the Khmer camp now is so rich on the knowledge and on the reputation to all tribes in the whole region and beyond…all the tribes regarless who they are named by races or by groups or by their own states whatever is or are would send their children,especially teenagers,to learn as then by referring to learn Khmer at the camp and the Khmer men accepted them all…the learners are reqired to socialized to each other as a Khmer to work together,to sleep together,to eat together,to obey the same rules together in the camp…because of being rich on food,in peace and much much more, those learners would stay in the camp as long as they want until they are grown up and forget who they are from and even their own languages…they know themselves only as a Khmer and thousand and thousand of them… Kambuj has asked the Ja’s tribes to donate the pieces of the meteorites if they found one…some tribes brought to the camp many of them by elephants and Kambuj searched every piece of them for the cosmic electro-pull-magnet…but he could not find one…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 22, 2011 at 1:36 am

  183. The world..!during one hundred years on Earth,Kambuj and his brothers did many things in the different ways in order to accomplish their mission of recruiting the potential heavenly travelers…all the learners who went back to their own tribes has become the Khmer skilful leaders of those community known as the Khmer leaders and they never ever fight against each other as the neighbours like their ancestors had done because they all came from the same root of the basic experiences and they are all the KC’ists… Kambuj told them that if you,a Khmer, intentionally kill your own Khmer,your soul would get severely punishable by the Fourth before it gets destroyed and cannot get away from it because the Khmer virtue was on the head of the death victim…the KC’s 4-Pillar slogans that Kambuj had met with the single queen or the very young female-king of the KORK THLORK tribe or of the kingdom of the mountain looking for his brothers,the groups who migrated from Khmer hill by foot…this largest tribe doesn’t have much people to come to learn at the Khmer camp due to the obstacles of crossing the wide river now known as the Mekong river where at that time was so dangerous by the water current during flooding and by the watery animals such as the crocodiles during receding season and also by travelling across the vast plane of Tonle Sab lake…not like the largest tribe of Kha-Omm or later known as the kingdom of CHENLA…the people of this tribe then called Kambuj a father and a Khmer Desa…many and many of their teenagers,some are in groups,including all the children of the tribe’s leaders must leave,in a thousand of numbers came most of them with the elephants to learn the Khmer with is the art,literature and science in the Khmer camp from the Khmer men known later as the Favorite Desa at the Great lake then later all became the Khmer…Kambuj is still on the Earth with all those people…his was not anything, but a man to be called as said earlier…this such destiny would enhance this Kha-Omm tribe’s capability to take advantage on the counter part tribe called Kork Thlork,the one on the other side of the wide river,the Mekong…the tribe’s leaders then are called Tjee…if the one that leads the whole or main tribe or the country is changed to be called from Tjee to HLUONG for a male,to SADECH for a female…the 4-Pillar precisely explained… since the Khmer tribe took over the Kork Tlork tribe in the centuries later around the end of sixth century ad or kc, the people of the Kambujja Desa got the word to call their leaders as a king and a queen due to the adoption of the Asian Indian religion,the Brahmanism…the Khmer believes that Kambuj had died on Earth…the truth is he didn’t die on the Earth…the end of the origin of the Khmer by the Khmer Charisma, a cosmic religion…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 23, 2011 at 3:20 am

  184. The world..!the KC’s scripture indicates that Kambuj is named when he was on Earth…he got two more different names after this while he was in the other two galaxies somewhere in the universe…now he is with his Tree-Mother and grows up older as his physical kind at the Reserved planet of the Redshift’s headquarter of the channel of the local GROUP galaxies cluster of our galaxy,the Milky Way…one of the two galaxies where he was in after Earth had already produced a few heavenly travelers who came to visit him from time to time…our earth of the Milky Way would take some time to reach this goal…and especially he is upthere waiting to see whoever is the physical spacetraveler or Tjee from Earth where he pretty much be familiar with…some earth-bound brainers might think that this a joke,it is impossible for doing this…yes,it is possible for those who is the potential technology-enlightener or the potential Tjee of the univeerse…don’t you have a doubt on SIPHY(cp)who knows all of these..? not only this, I can count all the name of the Khmer Desa’s fluently…if you’re me,you can see Kambuj on the Reserved planet clearly…that is all I can say…bye-bye the world..! oh,I still owe you for the Redshift’s Reps’ demand on how to make earthly people flying without any means of using combustion…will be all right to get it resolved,but I have to get help from where my life has begun…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    January 23, 2011 at 10:39 pm

  185. The world..! the SiPhY is still around you working on the homework of how to make the people flying without using the means of combustion products…please wish it or him (during my lifetime) to reach this goal of the Redshift demand…no such power is more powerful than the heavenly traveller or space-traveller because they can pause your soul…this is not a movie…goodbye again.

    Siphy Nuon

    February 18, 2011 at 1:31 am

  186. The world..! the SiPhY is still around you…the KC’s scans just recently revealed that one of the planets in our Milky Way galaxy nearly bordered the Andromeda had been broken away or cut loose freely from the gravitational pull of its mother star system due to the death of its gravity…now it became a runaway planet in the cosmos…all the living things including the dominant ones are almost perished because of the darkness and the big cold they received…the Redshift’ Reps, the transparent boy, got their hand full in making some adjustment to correct the speeds of the remaining planets in order to keep them normally functioned with their mother star without being crashed with each others…a Khmer Desa of the KC in that solar system is now in question by the Redshift’s Reps on letting or allowing this incident to happen to that life-bearing planet…that runawy planet is going to stay in the cosmic belt of the runaway celestial bodies if it will not hit any runaway star…in terms of the electrical power you, the world, don’t have to damage or destroy or transform the natural heritages because all these things are the ones that feed the gravity of our lovely planet…may be you think that if we have to go we’ll go together..? what kind of your big brain you have..? if the KC is able to physically preserved or saved your soul ready to be reborn, it will be able to physically saved our planet or spaceship…ask your earthly Reps to talk to the SiPhY…think again, if we have to go we must go together…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 6, 2011 at 2:04 am

  187. The world..! most earthly dominant creatures regardless what size their brains are…they don’t feel that our planet is a physical living thing of her kind…those creatures might think that why doesn’t she look like one of them…grasping the speed of her mother, the Sun, is not a joke, the world… she has to be perfect on every condition in her body…the big trees and all the big and small rivers with the current waters flowing that initially had and were born on or in her body are her nervous systems to release her stresses…if you, the world, try to ignore this kind of matter just like a human person has a cholestrol or the blood clog in his or her nerve and refuse to get it treated…when our planet got stroke cannot grap the Sun..? if we have to go we’ll go together…do not blame the palms of hands that’s not why they are built for…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 8, 2011 at 1:44 am

  188. The Spiral Arms’ dominant creatures are tough to be gave up…but they realize that they are on the spaceship…if the ship is sunk, they too are gone with the ship…can they leave the spaceship to another one..? the SiPhY, you’re very crazy, who is going to be able to do that..? yes, they can… goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 14, 2011 at 12:15 am

  189. The world..!it’s time for everybody to think about how to relocate for the new or another celestial body-property…use your damned smart brain instead to find out how to get there…don’t you think if the earthquake or else natural phenominon repeatedly or consecutively happens and if to being everywhere, who is going to help whom…the KC’s scan revealed some of the formulaes to pausing the souls of some wiked earthly creatures who like to destroy the cosmic property including the life of the potential space travelers whose are very dare needed by the Reps of the Redshifts, but it will take about one cosmic second that is about one thousand earthly years to receive it unless the heavenly travelers themselves gotta do it…the world…there are thousands of stories from the cosmic scans of the KC to be shared, especially those that had and has happened in the galaxies called the Spiral Arms…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 19, 2011 at 12:23 am

  190. The world..! you know or some of you might not know that somedays our Sun would become bloated or swollen up due to being low on fuel to burn…when her time has come our planet Earth would have to be surely vaporized…can you picture that what will there be going to happen to the earthly dominant creatures called the human beings..? they,too, will have into vapour and our planet will no longer’s only the matter of when…but it is going to happen…is it considered that the SiPhY has the mental illnesses by telling the world like this..? don’t you think it’s true..? if the SiPhY didn’t tell you who’s the one will…please foresee our human race and be a true Khmer, the world…it’s good to be pre-informed and to know about things in advance…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm

  191. The world..! please do not take my words seriously… you already know that I, the SiPhY, am so very dummy, but the newly informed about one of the billion and billion of a cosmic very less second ago that I wouldlike toshare this information with the earthly dominant creatures…one of the planets of the particular Sombrero galxy where is about the end of the universe has just catched on fire for the entire planet…it started from the deep buttom of its core up…no living things would be be able to survive… the Redshift’s Reps are trying to relocate the neighboring planets’ living dominant creature…the sources of the cause of rendering that planet to catch on fire is still under the cosmic investigation by the Redshift’s Reps…we’re the Earth dominant creatures assuming that it will not going to happen to us as the earthly dominant creatures…as the earthly culture, we’re the prominent ones who would like to see the Redshift’s Reps of the Milky Way local GROUP galaxy clusters look like when they come to rescuse us…you think that you can be survied to see them while our planet is on fire…you must be what..? goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 21, 2011 at 12:05 am

  192. The world..! I’m still around you…do you agree to be with me, the SiPhY, or not..? if you do, I don’t ask you anything…I’ll do my job as the KC’s person complying with what ever the Redshift’s Reps give demands… if you don’t, you’ll be advised that to find a person that is able to connect or to communicate with the Redshifts’ Reps…otherwise if we have to go we must go together including myself, the KC’s person…if you do accept to go along with me, the SiPhY, I’ll tell you what to do and you have to comply with my demands…for example, do not alter or transform the law of the physical nature…being like to block her breathing that will become an earthly disaster…Earth needs to breathe to be alive you can feel when you in the river,the breeze and the wind and please do not ask me why doesn’t she look like one of the Earth human being creatures…it’s not right to ask like this…our Earth is just like the other planets…had been built by the power of the Black Hole that attracted as much as it can all the remnants of the death star called the Nebula in English and squeezes and squeezes those cosmic ashe- matter then compresss it until no more queezable and left…the planet had been born…but during the process of creating, we are not sure what what kind of the miniral grains of silicates were initially collected to be built a core of our planet…there million kinds of them…it may be some or a few of them are easily ignitable…who know..?if you, the world, depend on the Khmer that had and has and will have the deep-rooted connection with the cosmos you’ll be informed every earthly second after been given by the Redshifts’ Reps…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 26, 2011 at 1:38 am

  193. The world..! there are billion and billion life-bearing planets as the offsprings of their own mother stars located in all kinds of the galaxies in the cosmos…but some how, there are many of them are empty from the existing of any living being…the KC’s scan showed that some planets are completely empty where they used to bear the very large amount of the living things on their own bodies…or may be those living creatures rendered them not to put up to bear them any more or the soul of the dominant ones got paused by the Redshifts’ Reps, who know..? if the dominant ones are gone the subones like the animals will sooner or later be gone,too…the SiPhY, prove it…look at your or our back yards in the Milky Way…the SiPhY cannot bring it to you…you have to go there see it yourself…if you cannot go there to see it…just shut up and be trying to physically go by listening to the SiPhY…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    March 27, 2011 at 5:00 pm

  194. The world..! the KC still acknowledges that we owe you something to be offered…it did exist in the 3rd century ad or kc when a Khmer Desa name Ayuttiak used it to travel physically in the sky in the Ja’s region back then…the KC’s 4-Pillar indicates that it’s a type of miniral grain called BAROTT HAOS in Khmer and a flying mercury in English found on the Earth crust in the Great Lake’s region and still be available in use but not much by a few Khmer Commenders during the process of enforcing a FUNAN to be merged with the Khmer tribe called Chenla in 6th century ad or kc… there are two individual kinds of that thing,one is Positive and another one is Negative…they stick together all the time…the user has to know which one that get repelled from the Earth core and which one that get attracted…wrong using would be a disaster to that user regarless who they are…the KC’s 4-Pillar also emphasizes that such as the flowers…they are the plants…some are no smell,some are fragrant, and some are farted like a kind of foul-smelling vine or the gintiana scandens due to being fed by that kind of that invidual grain of the Earth crust…The SiPhY are dummy on Earth,but big brain on the cosmos…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    April 29, 2011 at 7:17 pm

  195. The world..!let me share a story of my very young childhood experience that I still think it might not be real…but I realy saw it on my own eyes even though I was so young…everybody know that there are many things on our planet Earth left to be unknown by us as a human being…my mother has a short trip business in Svay Rieng province…she took me with her and left me staying with her friend’s family in a small town called Chentrey…it was a big heavy dark cloud in the sky and immediately become the drizzle in large rain drops on that area…I was about five nackedly running around plying under the rains…then forgot myself who is far away from home about less than three miles due to being happily collecting small- small catfish that creeped along the shallow water in the rice paddy in the very big cropping field…I still remembered that the reason why I stay that much far from home because I see some children are also playing with the rain drops like myself… since a lot of fish to be collected I feel some kind to ignore to join them…I thought they are kids, less than a foot tall, plying about less than ten meters from me…they seem not to bother or ignore me and about three to five of them…when I look at them patiently intended to play with and one of them looks back at me, then I relized that they are not kids they are very middle aged and old men…I quickly ran back home…took me about twenty minutes to get there…oh my..! who are they these men..? I aked the people at home…they asked me back did you there..? yes, I did…they called those a little short men MARINH KONG WIEL…where did they come from and where do they live? nobody know at all and I was warned not to go there again…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 11, 2011 at 12:01 am

  196. The world..! this is another story of my childhood that I like to share with you…it doesn’t mean anything to me or to anybody at all…but it may be to make you or me thinking that perhaps the animals or the insects whom that we don’t know about might have the jurisdictional systems in their society just like ours…it goes like this…I was around ten, my mother asked me to climb a mango-tree that I used to do this for her all the time when she needed in order to get the what they called the ant-cocoons or the sparrow’s nests of the big ants, the Khmer people called them Ang Kraong, to make a soup for a lunch… we eat that thing honestly and test sour, but it’s very good…it’s a big mango-tree and there are a lot of them of that thing on that tree…it’s only one big tree trunk that splits into two branches…befor climbing I have to have myself prepared otherwise going to get bitten and stunk badly then fall off to the ground…I painted my whole body with the ashes of the fire-wood that make the big ants fall off when they stay on me…you know the big ants…they are a lot larger than the small ones which live in the organized group on the fruit trees…they have a long narrow neck and a funny tail that looks like a container filled with the sour liquid or juice that’s the one to makes our soup testy…when it bites at the same time it sprays that juice on the skin wound make it stunk so bad…usually they, in a very large group, run towards me attacking me that sometime I have to back off…but this very time was different…not manay of them came to attack me only a few small-small groups…when I looked at another branch, I saw a big crow of those insects circling about a foot of diameter with a bout five individuals in the middle of that circle and right in front of those fives I saw three of that kind, I think they might be a judge or something…I kept looking at that strange event of those big ants for a while until a few of them came from the crow then dragged one of the fives out a little bit then dropped the victim neck by the fang of one of those few then the same few went back to drag another one from the fives and did the same thing…immediately the circle is adjourned…now they concentrated on me the one who is going to eat them…I told this story to my mother…she didn’t care about it…goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 15, 2011 at 6:24 pm

  197. The world..! there is one story of a nation on Earth that had made known to the world that it’s able to pull our Earth’s moon called LUNA towards the Earth and keep it for their own…the Khmer Charisma, the Cosmic Religion, would advise those of that nation that, is it their scientific brains are good anough to claim how to do this thing or it’s just to show how their mouths are the way they usually are…with the world is being the watching one, the KC will be able to shut it or you or them up for very ever… goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 17, 2011 at 1:16 am

  198. The world..! the moon called Luna is the natural satalite of the Earth or the asteroid that is ready to come and hits the Earth…you don’t have to move or bring her to the Earth…it automatically comes towards her if she is not rotating or revolving herself in the right and fast speed meanign that the Earth is trying to keep or kick her away from her… according to the KC’s scripture or the cosmic scan, the moon is locked up with the Earth…you can see her only one side of the face all the time meaning that she cannot move herself freely…she can move her body only what’s ever she is allowed to in her earth-celestial groove from West to East…again she is locked up or hooked up with the Earth by the hook…if you use the nets or robs to pull her towards the Earth, she’ll be unlocked or unhooked from the Earth and the Earth would rotate and move quickly away from her many time faster than having her in the load…for example the earthly month has only 15 to 20 days…because the Earth dosen’t stay still, she is rotating and voving around the Sun and the Sun also orbits the center of our galaxy…let’s think like this…if you swing a ball with a string attached, the ball would go with your hand because that string is tight or got stuffed distance…but if the string is not tight or weak or loose the ball will fall on you who stay still and your hand would go ahead far away from the ball like normally does…but the Earth is not you…she will leave the moon far away behand her…in this case, the men who is trying to pull her catching up with the Earth would have to move faster like the Earth’s speed and also have to know where the locking up point of the Earth and the moon and especially how much gas do they would have in their toys tanks…the less gas would make them feel like we are on the death meat… is it those men having a small brain..? goodbye.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 22, 2011 at 10:22 pm

  199. The world..! somwe of you might worry about our mother star or the Sun would travel or have a journey acroos the galactic plane in a few years from now that would cause a catastrophy to our planet and others as the offsprings of hers…the KC is very well aware about that…the KC knows that our Sun is trying to avoid this kind of danger by taking all her offspring to currently move some time blow and some time above that galactic plane of our very lovely galaxy, the Milky Way…due to the law of the physical matter, it can be realy supposed the way it is… because our solar system is the physical elements or atoms or cosmic particals or cosmic matters…it could be ragged, tattered like clothes, tumbledown like a house or being in a disorderly manner that would need to be repaired or tuned up or oily ongoing basis and especially she is getting older evry day…please read the previous the SiPhY’s writing that is saying that the Khmer would need a Sun’s Reps to help resolve this matter…if the alleged moving Earth moon man or men can put the nets or robes wrap around the Sun to help her not to go across that Milky Way galctic plane in a few years from now, the KC would acknowlege that they are having a big brain that they like as being so much…otherwise please shut up to do not anoy the world any more and let the KC, the Cosmic Religion, do it job by making a deal with the transparent Reps…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    May 24, 2011 at 12:32 am

  200. The world..!our very own mother star called the Sun has reached her middle age sometime shortly in the future, may be in 2012 ad or kc…she becomes naturally weaker due to having less fuel to burn just like a human mother has less or no food resource to consume…her body is lacking physical strength and energy that she would not be able to pull or drag all her offsprings and adopted ones with her to travel up and down in the elliptical line or plane in the Milky Way galaxy as usual…though, she has no very other choices but to make a short cut journey across the dangerous galactic plane where would locate a big massive black hole in the middle…if you,the world, imagine this along with the KC, you would see her eyes filled with tears and you can feel her feeing that I will no longer enjoy leading my children by hands any more…and especially,she realized that she got no help due to the law of the nature and when she dies, all her children would die,too…during this very moment of time of our mother star’s situation, who as the dominant creatures who live on one of her children called Earth would help her to at least feel better or can completely avoid that shortly future danger..? there are some earthly cultures are saying about this, but it’s just the warning to the earthly creatures and saying nothing about how to help her…we as the earthly dominant creatures know that our mother star has no Rep at the Redshift Headquarters and only hope that she has is on us, the dominant creatures…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 24, 2011 at 2:16 pm

  201. The world..! this kind of our mother star’s situation is commonly happened to everywhere in the cosmos… million of stars die every earthly day by bringing their own children with them because of the law of the nature…the thing is if that dead star has her own Reps at the Redshift’s Headquarters,the Reps would come to rescue the living things,especially the dominant creatures…but in term of our Sun, the Earth’s mother,she doen’t have one because the potential heavenly travellers, most of them had been killed…so, she is punishable by having them killed…what she has to do is sufering is truely a must…can the moon-moving men bring the gas to refuel her upthere..? this is not about the hate, it’s about saving life of the potential heavenly or space travellers…the world..,you must understan this, there had been many lifes lost on the Earth, especially the potential space-tavellers ones…the Earth dominant creatures deserve to be perished including the KC’ist…but the Transparent body-Reps of the Galaxy-Groups-clusters of the Milky Way galaxy groove or channel of the Andromeda defend that there is a second chance to be offered for this kind of the earthly creatures by asking the Reps of the Redshifts Headquarters to send one very small black hole,a cosmic tool,along with the raw cosmic souls called the Black or the Dark energy to lead our Sun away from the periphery of that Milky Way center-massive black hole that would attrack the matters from our mother star and it is already been sent since the KC has been retroduced…it would be on time in time to lead our Sun when she is crossing the galactic plane of our galaxy…it’s not a good idea for our earth to stay inside of that big-massive black hole to get twisted…the KC’s scripture revealed that it would be a little bit a rough journey of our Sun and every body in her group,especially for the ones called the human beings with the palm of hands representing the-their Angelic Architect God…the you,the earthly creatures, should prepare yourself from being rough in daily life activity by then, but not be going into inside of that black hole…that’s all the KC can do because the world had allowed the potential heavenly or space travellers killed…this is not a movie,it’s the KC’s realship…we cannot stop our Sun,the mother star, from being dead because she is a physical thing…only thing we can do is rescue ourself or migrate to another planets of another solar system… is it SiPhY having a mental heath problem by talking like this or the KC is a Cosmic Religion..? every earthly day, stars are dying…some exploded,some collapsed,some collided with each others and some become a Red Giant like ours…a lot of informations given by the Transparent body Reps regarding our Sun…may be it’s close to her doomsday…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 24, 2011 at 6:02 pm

  202. The world..!the KC’s Cosmic Scans just reveale that our mother star must decide to make a short cut by crossing the galactic-Milky Way plane in order to catch up with her Local Galaxy Cluster to avoid being left alone when entering to the timing point between the Cosmic Groove or Channel and the spoke of the Virgin Clusters Center,the core of the universe that would cause the normality of the cosmic movement speeds malfunctioned to the entire Celestial bodies systems…how rough is it will be during her journey across the dangerous cosmic plane..? to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 24, 2011 at 11:19 pm

  203. The world..!aske yourself like this…why are we called the dominant creatures different from the animals because of the reasonn as the KC previously discribed…the KC would be able to help the entire solar system alive…please think about the Khmer… to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 27, 2011 at 12:49 am

  204. The world..! there are a lot of messages given by the Cosmic KC’s scans given to me,the KC’ist via the our galaxy Groups cluster’s young Reps,the transparent body since our mother star,the Sun, has reached mid-aged years-old…it’s just like the true-cosmic bombardments are falling on my brain…some are not to be the favours to the earthly culture due to the ugly or unpleasant words used in the blogs…it’s perhaps they are some kind of upset towards the human beings that connot produce the Reps to represent our mother star…not just only on Earth alone, but on elsewhere planets as well in her family solar system…those unpleasant words are dislike to the eartjly culture, but it works very well to other cultures on the other places…to be soon continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    May 28, 2011 at 7:32 pm

  205. The world..! the KC’s scripture known as the Cosmic Scans denotes that our Sun’s short cut journey across the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way galaxy is real or is surely going to happen in the short future due to her senility that will render her not able to travel in the usual path or road as normally does called the elliptical plane,long distance and up and down; up and down surface… but she and her family will not die inside of the big massive black hole located at the center of the galaxy due to getting help to avoid the great danger and she is also dued to become a Red Giant dead star when most of her offsprings would die including our own Earth…how can we as the dominant creatures survive..? the answer is that the palm of the hands with the five fingers is all about the survival of the human like species in the Sun’s family system…the transparent body Reps demanded that from today date the women must stop producing fruit or fruits by fertilizing the bad seed or seeds of the man or men who doesn’t or don’t or will not care the cosmic phenomenon or phenomena regarless how musclar sex that man have because the bad seeds would produce bad the fruits etc…the dominant creatures everywhere in the Sun’s family stop concerning about nonsensical faith or spiritual belief called God because there is no such thing existed or exists or will exist in the universe…all they have to do is make themselves aware and fully alert that our Sun would not live for ever, she is physical and has to die someday…when she dies everybody in her care would die,too…now the time that the earthly dominant creatures would think what they have to do when our mother star goes across the a galactic plane…eventhough her journey will be away from the spiral arms power of the black hole, but the kind kind of at least power would shake more or less her offsprings such as Earth…our Earth would feel shaky and trembling like her body crusts broken apart due to travelling roughly then also at the same time trying to catching up the mother speed…the KC’s scans assume that she would have some of the big and small unusual celestial objects fallen on her unlike the current or old road that she normally travels… there would be a few of other kind of the human species from nearby celestial places come at that turmoil time to rescue some of their planet own spicies such as Mars…they are not heavenly travellers, but their technology make them capable to do so that the earthly people can see…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    May 29, 2011 at 2:55 pm

  206. The world..! the Cosmic Scans or the KC’s Scripture has provided more informations about the sooner journey of our mother star called the Sun that she would a must cross the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way galaxy…but first,please be certain that there is no one to get blamed on this cosmic matters due to the natural privilege of the Sun and no one would be able to magically help her family members…for those that are technically smart would be the one will be a hundred percent survived such as a few of the human like species of the other planets or places in the same siblings of our Earth and the others would be sceptically saved…the Cosmic Scans predict that since the spiral accretion disk of the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy is so large and so very powerful, it’s still be a dangerous threat to the body of all the Sun’s family members even though she’ll be travelling far away from it…our Earth atmosphere would automatically change its category from the nowadays that we have to the not all but for a few different ones and they are all so hard to control such as the lightning matter…according to what we know and understand, the lightning is the electrical discharge between the cloud or some cases between the cloud and the Earth crusts called the ground and had occurred randomly and as the earthly creatures we would know how to at least prevent it from happening to us by using the lightning rod… since our Sun travels on the new route, you or we as the human being would rightly believe that the change of things of our mother star will physically and truly happen such as her atmosphere that is very important to us as the human and others on Earth… what we have now as troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and the highest one is thermosphere…when our Sun is on the new route these things might change their property…for example the Earthly shield of the troposphere the one that most produces the electrical discharge by its cloud drops close to the earth crusts or groud from about twelve miles to a few miles short distance, the Positive pole from the sky and the Negative pole of the Earth very close to each other…you can imagine or picture that what is going to happen to us on Earth mother…this is not about Pray,Praying and Prayer…it’s about our Sun is the physical matters…the Transparent Body Reps are so busy adjusting moving speeds of all celestial bodies in their Channels of the Galaxy Groups Clusters then…we help ourselves…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 5, 2011 at 5:07 pm

  207. The world..! the Khmer’ist or Khmer Charismaist is still around you doing some homeworks about imitating the human like beings of some of the galaxy planets who can switch their body against the gravitational pull of their own planets in order to fly away from the ground that was given as the demand from the Young Transparent Body Reps of the Andromeda galaxy…this demand is to prepaire not just for them to travelling from place to place but to protect themselves of those species from being destroyed by the big natural phenomenon such as the earth quake etc…it’s the natural matter that no one can avoid it…in addition to this particular fetal or deadly matters,there are many and many informations from the cosmic scans of the KC consecutively imposed or loaded on my brain since the Sun is about make her move across the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way…the world..! you’re not going to believe this they,the Transparent Body Reps, requested that to punish the earthly women who like to fertilize the bad seeds of the men by meaning that the ones who did not care about saving lifes of the earthly dominant creatures saved properly during the natural disaster, but to having fun of having sex with that men only…it may be they would make the vagina size ten time lager than the original one and the the KC defended this by appealing that since the Earth for the past of her half age had been containg the non-sensical cultures called religions that would discourage the human being to praticing as the way it is prior-said…for example some are lying, some are trying to live easily on other sweat and some are changing from the physical to magical truth for their own business…this is not a joke it’s for being till our Sun becomes ploated a Red Gian and no medical doctor can fix that thing…our Earth posses that miniral grain that enable us to quickly switch the polarity of the gravitational pull…the world..! you suppose to understand that…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 9, 2011 at 2:02 am

  208. The world..! all the cosmic celestial bodies including the dominant craeature-species have the the atomic property in terms of the law of the natures…the KC’s cosmic scans revealed that the time when the star is initially formed, there are many and many different kinds of million miniral grains, not just the glass and carbone elements alone that mad up the life of that star…when the star is dead, its those miniral grains would differ to the powerful atoms or elements or substances etc. after had been cooked or burned for several billions and billions of earthly years…some produce the attraction called magnet, some produce the spinning power just like the Big Bang Cosmic Collapsed Core called the Virgin Clusters Center, the one that is actively moving all the Cosmic Celestial Structures nowadays, some produce the strong power of emission of the pulses of energy called the radio waves and much much more…our Earth posesses a very small or tiny piece of the spinning miniral grain that renders her rotating or spinning…like the spaceships of the Transparent Body Reps of the Andromeda galaxy are used that thing to propel their propellers…there are billion and billion planets or celestial objects in the universe would act different way depending on their those miniral grain property such as some spinning, some locking up with the primary object, some attracting, some sending out light waves etc…the Transparent Body Reps affirmed that because the earthly time is so short and almost running out and there is no earthly dominant one as the heavenly traveller, the women who walk or connect or lovely involve with the lazy men in cosmic matters would be cursed or physically insulted by the Transparent Body Reps’ request as described earlier and being publicly seen from nowadays until the Sun becomes bloated into a Red Giant…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    June 10, 2011 at 12:18 am

  209. The world..! some earthly opinions have been raised that if the space-travellers or heavenly travellers or the technology-enlightened travellers are truthfully exist, why don’t they physically appear and declare who they are to us as the earthly ones..? of course, it might be true the way it is…but according to the KC, a cosmic scans revealed that there is none of any earthly Representative from the Milky Way galaxy on the lists that is why nobody-Redshifts Reps know or have a knowledge about our lovely planet or spaceship called Earth that is bearing the dominant creature life forms called the people and especially our mother star called the Sun has not yet at till her this midage produced any Rep that can be proven she is a magnificent member like some of the others in the local galaxy clusters…they might look at us as we look at the subcreatures on Earth due to having unknown about being what we are…the KC’s scripture agreed that there are a number of spacetravellers that are not classified as the ones who get granted by the Rigid Crust of the universe such as the ones are mentioned above…they are religiouse dominant creatures from all over the corners of the cosmos working as the celestial body structures care takers…they are the Reps of the Redshifts…but for those who are able just to lift them selves up from their planets gravity into the vacuum of space are not still a heavenly traveller unless they can get granted by the Big Bang Related-collapsed Core and travel from galaxy to galaxy…for those that are called the Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO by the earthly-us are not one of the heavenly travellers that had been already described…they are local and also might not know who we are on Earth…we are advised that some might do harm to the earthly creatures if provoked…that’s the reason why to those above opinions…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm

  210. The world..! please bear with me I am just trying to save the dominant creatures’ alive humen as much as the KC can during the midaged life expectancy of our mother, the Sun that is why I spent so much time doing this, but the earthly culture big or small damn brain tossed my writing away from the public…do you want in Franch or in Khmer I can do that , young man….you’re damn don’t know what I’m going to talk about…the world knew who am I…I try to save life of the earthly dominant creatures, pale…I’m able to copy the cosmic example via the KC’s Cosmic Scans and reveal to the eathly people to do the same in order to physically save their life during the 2012 natural phenomena of our Sun…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 16, 2011 at 4:31 pm

  211. The world..! this is not for myself personally or individually…it’s for us all on the lovely Earth…as I told my love that if we have to go we must go together…please do not be shame to accept that…I know that I owe you, the world, to find the eathly Rigid Crust that can lift you up against the Earth special gravitational force that attracts the object to its center… the world, not just you, but at the Andromeda’s Reps, the trasparent body, expectation is compelling me as well…why only me…the messages are ponding on my brain all the time, but not the ones that I’m in need…that thing is on the way and is going to take about ten cosmic seconds that would be about a thousand earthly years to reach me…should I live that much damn time or I have to do my home work by myself in order to achieve this for you…oh..! I need some helps…if you cannot help me just let me takl to release some cosmic stresses in oder to live a little bit longer otherwise I have to be replaced…one of the planets in the Sombrero galaxy somewhere in the universe, their homes or houses are built above the planet crust about three meters of height because they cannot stay directly on the ground…they’re going to get killed by the natural phenomena…how did they do that and how or why the UFOs manoeuvre so very much faster than or equal the our speed of light..? all these things are also on the KC’s homeworks…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 16, 2011 at 5:38 pm

  212. The world..! first I like you to undersatand I’m not special nor regular, but the normal human person…I asked myself to be replaced, but no luck…anyway do not do the way that you don’t understand because it’s beyond or above your brain cells…it’s near what ever the people called the 2012 natural menomena…you might not realize our mother star called the Sun because you see her her is normally showing glowed as usual, but not…she is going to die pretty much sooner due to her food sources are running out…you, the world, please do not be a spiritually and physiclly miser to your next and so on generations that wonn’t get hit by the death of the Sun…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm

  213. The world..! the last message on the blog was not given anything even though myself I’m not sure about that…I’m apologized…I’m sure that you might not believe what I’m going to tell you between me, a KCist, and the Transparent Body Reps of the Andromeda galaxy on providing the formula or anything that would leads to find the silicates or any of numerous compounds on the earthly crusts that would enable us to use it against the gravity of the Earth and cancel it when needed because I cannot wait for a cosmic ten seconds from another sources of the planets that their people’s habitats are built above the ground without using the poles, they used the strings attached instead…bad given codes were received from them and it was very hard to decode them…all I had with them then was an argument…last codes from them were mad known such as the words sooner, sooner something like that…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    June 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm

  214. The world..! I’m still around you…please do not think I forgot you…a lot of things to be considered to be done to the world isn’t it..? why is it to Earth..? most damn people in the world are hoping that don’t worry everything is going to be okay…wrong or very wrong…earthly thing is not okay because all of them are physical…to be continued…

    Siphy Nuon

    July 2, 2011 at 2:03 am

  215. The world..! right now your KC man is being busy trying to tell you, the world, about being prosecuted a man that is the bloodlineage of the original Khmer Fevorite Desa’s of the Angkor hill or island who is not true the way those damn people think or thoutht of…it was cheatedly wrong…the world the KC can destroy the world at any time just like Mars if the world still let the cheated maneuver occure in the birth place of KC caklled Cambodia because the KAMBUJJ Desa is watching on how justice the earthly world is…please do not let it happen because my birth mother and my adopted mother are on Earth or here…don’t worry I love you all…and I have the other way to destroy the cheated madness as pausing the souls of the entire of that nation…

    Siphy Nuon

    July 4, 2011 at 6:30 pm

  216. The world..! I believed that we can see the huge, expanding cloud of dust and gas from Earth without using telescope or binocular located in our Milky Way galaxy… what the people called the Crab Nebula and it’s not far away from us or Earth…you know what at the center of that thing, there is a tiny neutron star that sends out the radio waves of the pulse of energy over 30 times per second…some of the rigid crusts of that star would produce the energy of attraction called magnet…it’s not the type of the cosmic one, but the galactic one…I think that you can use the earthly magnets for your spaceships from Earth to reach that Crab nebula neutron star to get its magnatic rigid crust then continue your journey to the edge of the Milky Way where there is one neutron star upthere…get its rigid crusts for yourships to go to the Andromeda galaxy where the transparent body Reps’s station is located…get the cosmic rigid crust from them then go to the Virgin Clusters Center to be granted as the heavenly travellers…from Earth, I can help you to build the engin with magnets, but the KC has the Holly place where you have to pay homage to…to be continued.

    Siphy Nuon

    July 23, 2011 at 2:24 pm

  217. The world..! every small and large rivers on our spaceship called Earth are her respiratory systems…you cannot let those who ever earthly small brainers to destroy them that would render us as the earthly creatures perished…again, if we must go we all have to go…please do not let it happen…your KC man is your option who know how to do by magnets for you to get that kind of powers…do not be smaller brainers…

    Siphy Nuon

    July 30, 2011 at 1:56 am

  218. The world..!the Khmer ancestors are the magnet users called BAROTT such as the one that landed on Khmer hill or island two thousand years ago, the flying trays and I know how to do just that eventhough we don’t have the cosmic one like them…that’s all I can say…

    Siphy Nuon

    August 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm

  219. The world..!being starved or a famine caused by the natural phenomena such as drought etc. somewhere on our planet Earth,we cannot just bring food to feed them all the time…if this matter will happen or occur in the entire planet,who is or are going to feed who or whom..? we have to tell or teach them how to find or to go to another planets to live there otherwise they have to face the subsequent events…

    Siphy Nuon

    August 21, 2011 at 3:23 pm

  220. The world..! what are ever such as the damn white cap plus a piece of black cloth used to cover the woman face,the damn robe used to wrap around one’s head called the turbine,the robe to wear representing the damn faith called Sari,the yellow robe that is worn by the beggar,the killing device called the cross etc. should be considerably destroyed from the Earth appearance because they cannot physically save the earthly human life when our Sun is running out of fuel to burn,especially in the year of 2012 coming up and asked to wear only the palm of the right hand that educationally and physically save the human life by telling them to go to another planets that is having billion and billion of the them in the universe…

    Siphy Nuon

    August 23, 2011 at 3:08 am

  221. The world..!I’m the SiPhY still around you and never been away from you even though you got the feeling that I’m not so important to you, the world…anyway, the KC as the only Cosmic religion is still self-proclaiming to be responsible to physically save the dominant creatures on Earth in term of the death of our mother star called the Sun including the occurrences of the natural phenomena and I,the SiPhY, would do the talking because all the given codes of the Redshifts’ Reps are not available for anyone or someones else until the next century of ad or kc…there is a new message as a KC’s scripture advises those who are capable in building the spaceships for travelling in the cosmos,not to use chemical substances ocomr matters that is called PLASMA…it’s a something molded such as like a fluid or liquid or juice that contains the cells that would sensitively charge the particles of the stars or of the metals as scattered in the atmosphere or in the vacuum of the cosmos…even though with being low grade chronic inflamation or with the various allergic processes…it would destroy your ships and the space-travellers…and also not to use a colourless gas that is to be used in the electric light called NEON…you know that the unidentified flying objects known as UFO, they do exist, and they never used all these chemical elements…they used the magnets to produces light and to power their ships…you can see the domes, almost all of them of their ships, it’s how they stored the magnetic machines…you can use the plutonium gas(Pu)(atomic number 94) to power your ships,but won’t help you much to produce speed as the speed of light that is about 300,000 km per second…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 3, 2011 at 12:44 am

  222. The world..! Another message is just decoded alerting to all space-travellers, who ever you are, while travelling in the space area of the elliptical galaxies, most of them, to take all possible precautions to avoid crashing with some of the space-building structures built above some of the planets where the dominant creatures like earthly ones cannot live on because of the natural phenomena frequently occurred such as earthquake etc. and the flying saucers of their army…those building and the flying objects are made of from the materials or physical substances of their planets that can be translucent or having light to pass through, but they are not transparent…the spaceships built from these kinds of materials had been banned to come to the Virgin Clusters Center or the Cosmic Core and also been outlawed by some galactic authorities after this kind of saucer, the size of a city landed on one of their planets…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 3, 2011 at 3:26 pm

  223. The world..! The insects and the animals etc. feel that they rule the Earth among their peers or corps, but truly, we as the dominant creatures are above or over them and we can destroy them all anytime we want…the same as we are, the earth dominant creatures…we thought that we rule our galaxy, the Milky Way, or the universe, but the truth is don’t make me say…are we at the speed of light yet..? we are under the control of what they are to be our controlers, due to as a true physical objet we house on…just as the insects feel like nobody control them… keep your or our eyes on the stranslucent spaceships that look like a cloud, black or white that could be, that can land on our planet without we realizing it…please do not seriously take my word…I am just what I am…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 11, 2011 at 5:37 pm

  224. The world..! that what had been happened to the planet MARS in the millions and millions of years ago…the dominant creatures called the SCRETH in their languages then used the very powerful weapon arsenals of the facts and figures they had to support in a fight to defend themselves, but not much prevailed because the outlawed spaceship magnets sucked up all the energies on the planet converted them into the electricity,into their food sources and to power their crafts…for some of those Marsians who were able to fly away from that fatal event survived and returned home then built a monument or a statue on one of the Mars’ moons in commemorating to that tragic era…this is a Cosmic scan called the KC’s Scripture and decoded by me,the KC man…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 25, 2011 at 2:12 am

  225. The world..! the Khmer is a Cosmic seal…a Khmer Charisma known as KC is a Cosmic religion…a KC’s scripture is the cosmic scans…and the KC Four-Pillar is the earthly dominant creatures’ teaching with the Fourth Incarnation as the spiritual enforcement…you are,the world,allowed to call and to love Southeast Asian people as a Khmer…because if there is no KC, the world would be lost as in the past thousand years ago…this is a serious matter…

    Siphy Nuon

    September 30, 2011 at 12:35 am

  226. The world..! the KC’s man had,has and will not be away from you…unless you can find a replacement and would have to be accepted by the transparant body Reps of the Milky Way galactic groups clusters channel,talks like him,has memory like him and you’re be informed like him,you’re allowed and welcome to do that…but if you can’t and try to do over or beyond the messages given by him,you’ll be in big trouble…in big trouble meant if you’re a nation,that nation would be destroyed… if you’re in group,that group would be destroyed…if you’re a family,that family would be destroyed…because he is the dummiest person on the planet Earth and all these messages had been,were,are and will be sent from the Andromeda galaxy centers…please rememder that if you have to go you must go together…just like Mars’s Screth people…this is a KC’s man…please take my name from your web,so I can be free from all these things…now I got tons and tons of messages form the Andromeda Headquaters that I have to decode them…a black hole is cosmic tool used it by the REDSHIFTS’ REPS to do what ever they wanted to do according to the cosmic Commissioners such as the formation of the stars…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 19, 2011 at 11:54 pm

  227. The world..! I’m taking my break for a moment from decoding the Andromea’s Reps’ messages and telling you about my real life story relevant to being survived and able to reveal or to disclose the religios concepts of the KC’s scripture for the public…if I’m allowed my name would be still on the WEB,otherwise I’m gone…my life was not that much bad meaning that I still have at least or all my old friends,my relatives and my birth place to be enjoyed with eventhough all birth parents were gone,but they are old anyway…in terms of all these enjoyments,there are some life experiences that I like to share and I believe that they would enhance your imagination of on people’s life including your own…I confess or accept or agree that I’m not special,but not regular due to being a KC’s man and this story that you’re going to read would be telling you how and why…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 22, 2011 at 2:33 pm

  228. The world..!on that clear day of January in 1979,I,almost 30,along with about almost ten more young men who were responsible to keep all working cattles such as oxes,bulls and water buffaloes,about one half of a thousand of them,well fed and bathed before going to be ready to pull the plows and the rakes until the end of the day…the work site was the county owned located about ten miles to the South on the East bank of the Mekong river from the then NEAK LOEUNG population center… the sound of the artillery gunfires makes me used to it for months and months at the borndor…a short while later,two fighter jet-planes flew over my head who was not too far from that poplation center with the very loud sound that would frighten all my animals easily by being in a disorderly and scattered manner…I fell off one of the bull’s back and just about to get run over by the others in the grassy field then they dropped the bombs on the center and the area around it to the North diection of the bank of the river…these two left then another two arrived…this activity had last about an hour long until late evening of that day…at that night,the ball of fire lighted high up to the sky including the bursting sound of the ammunitions such as the artillery shells and other projectiles etc…at the center of Neak Loeung,it was thousands of people that the Angkar relocated them from the Eastern part of the country such as Svay Rieng,Kraties and Preyveng waiting to boat and truck to the Western part of the country…can you imagine or picture in your mind that how many killed if such crowded people like that..or those men,women and children were not counted because they were out of the Pol Pot’s matters…in the morning of that day,I walked in that center looking for my animals and in the afternoon got bombed on and on…a moment later after last bombing,a large group of Pol Pot’s sodiers arrived from the East saying that leave…leave…do not staying…the enemy is going to reach here soon…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 23, 2011 at 1:27 am

  229. The world..! when I got back to the work site with less than ten animals,I saw only a small group of the members of the production strike forces left staying in the shelter because they don’t know how to swim across the Mekong river where is the large one in that part of the land to flee away from the invaders,but the others were gone…it was so dark early that night,everybody including me,the writer,got confused do not know what to do,but waiting for the invaders to arrive…then a few Pol Pot’s soldiers arrived asking to swim with them helping to catch a small ferryboat loaded with people caught on fire by the bombing…I know how to swim,then not now,since I was a little boy because I grew up in that area due to my father owned the farm…when we got to the boat trying to pull it to the shore,but we can’t because the boat is big and the current was very strong…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 23, 2011 at 2:51 pm

  230. The world..!while you’re reading this thing on this blog I am crying and typing at the same time…why me..? man is not supposed to be crying,but I cry anyway…why am I so slow to think what to do next on the problem that will be ponded on the Earth… look at Mars…the outlawed spaceships,two of them are stationing at and are travelling back and forth within the three planets of the extra-territorial Sun solar systems…Jupiter,Saturn and Uranus…all the damn local UFO’s escaped and trying to escape from the incident…why is it happening as the same century I was born…please replace me…otherwise will let it go the way it is…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 30, 2011 at 5:37 pm

  231. The world..!the codes of the Andromeda’s Reps are saying that these two Elliptical galaxy’s outlawed ships are afraid to be nearby or stationed at the planet of Neptune because @@@@@@@ its core forcefully repels them out away from it and it would be able to destroy or burst the powerful magnets on their ships…the transparent body Reps mentioned that all the reptilians and the mammalians in the clusters that would have their blood contains the oxyacid must <<<>>> know how and use the object to repel those ships away just like the Neptune…

    Siphy Nuon

    October 31, 2011 at 1:37 am

  232. The world..!the KC’s cosmic scans scanned in the Sun’s system revealed that the UFO’s are physical and local due to their traveling capability…most of them are stationed on the astroids that are numbers in the thousands at the astroids belt… before they are becoming a UFO,ones had to experience in their own planets the way of the events that Earth are going to challenge with in the nearest future…in terms of saving their own species of what ever is or are,the mammals or the riptiles,ones have be sensitive in using their brains and limbs with the way the KC’s messages told…so,when you,the mammals,look at the UFO’s of any kinds,you must ask yourself that how these things powered,how are they operated,how are these creatures living and where are they stationed..?our Earth looked to them,the cosmic level invaders,as a very expensive emerald that everybody feels swallowed saliva or to love to have or possess…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 1, 2011 at 3:24 am

  233. The world..!our Earth looked so beautiful in or through the galactic binoculars at or from everywhere in the Milky Way galaxy,almost two hundreds billions of them… she is the only beautiful daughter of the Sun,our mother star…when the so powerful cosmic level invaders such as the outlawed spaceships arrive to claim her…one of the men who might be a high ranking Angkar in the group who did not know how to swim suggested at the early morning on the following day that we cannot just stay her waiting for them to arrive and kill us…we have to leave here,this work site,because we did not know what military things of the sodiers who came to help us harvesting the crops in the past left in this area…the invaders might think that we’re the soldiers then kill us all…leave,leave..!real life,real people, real story and real place…who is or are going to protect her and how… that’s why the Earth’s problem..?

    Siphy Nuon

    November 2, 2011 at 2:10 am

  234. The world..!the KC’s cosmic scans are so busy working on the matters of the Milky Way galaxy which is ours since being in the existance of the outlawed spaceships in the area…they are translucent and they also have the weak points…the transparent body Reps that are responsible on this channel of the galaxy Group clusters are so worry about them and trying to push them away from their in charge sectors…these codes are not a movie…and the KC makes sure that you,the world,get them all and prepare for until the time our Sun naturally becomes bloated a Red Giant…the KC’s scripture revealed that some of the UFO’s at the astroid belt in the Sun’s system came to the Earth orbit when her atmosphere shield is lidding by the heavy clouds and vaporizing by the heat of the lightning to have their tanks filled up with liquid or water…and also to produce the oxygen gas at the same time for their ships…they always do these tasks at the other planets when available…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 4, 2011 at 3:13 am

  235. The world..!it’s still on the Physical Concept of the Khmer Charisma or the KC all the following cosmic codes or the KC’s scriptures or the cosmic scans and I,the KC’s man,would be with the handful decoding them for the world’s messages and also to make sure you,the world,receive and get them all…being a human being,we have to die someday whether or not by the hard way or with the easy way or in the natural way…it’s the only our privilege as well as the cosmic living things… only thing that I would need from you,the world,is to remember the place where I was born and the KC’s holy place because none of these two,the world would be at the same way as it was thousands and thousand of years in the past…there is no credit given to the others such as the invaders of my mother birth place…you know why..?there are and will be more and very more cosmic codes to be decoded…please wait to see and hear them in order to render your species being as the dominant creatures updated…which way we have to go…we didn’t have much time to stay here…to West is the big river with the strong current and to the East is the invaders and they get closer and closer to the area…now getting late in the afternoon…somebody got to say something…almost twenty of us as the proction forces left behind at the work site…why you don’t go…I knew that you can swim and only take an hour you can get there at the West bank of the river then escape…our Earth looked

    Siphy Nuon

    November 5, 2011 at 3:52 pm

  236. The world..!vulnerable to everybody in the universe because she is a precious stone or gem such as the sapphire or the lazulite that is very bright to the space…her mother,the Sun,cannot do anything to protect her…please allow me,I’m decoding the cosmic codes and typing at the same time…usually the granted space-travelers are stationing on or at the astroids further more or furthest distant points in space from their mother stars like the Sun…in our solar system,one of them stay at the Kuiper belt…their duty is to taking care of the cosmic moving systems,not to be to take care on the species living being…they are must be on their own…allow me,if we just need to see them and do not know how or what to do to protect ourselves from being attacted…what is the meaning of all these works…the outlawed spaceships @@@XXX@@///+\\@,II..–..^^^the translucents,the size of a very big city travelling everywhere in the cosmos looking for life supports because these creatures got to eat and breathe in order to sustain life…you know what they did to one of the planets in the Sombrero galaxy after Mars…first they used the probs to conduct the thorough investigation or examination on the living things to be sure that they are all edibe,then they released the power like air or gas,,,<<>> from the ships that are still high in miles up in the sky ^^^*** @@@@/,./.then bursted about two hundred miles squared on the surface of that planet to get all the living things dazed…then immediately low their ships down to suck up all that planet’s energies through the magnetic straws…###*//…the living things that got blood contained a very small amount of the iron were affected to fall into the food compartment to get ground to be reproduced for their preserved food…the other metallic or ironic objects would go to the other particular compartment for another kind of their needs such as electricity or to power their ships…the other ship is used as the cargoship to carry the cargoes of the magnetship…one time done on one planet can feed them for about more than a hundred million earthly years…is it someone else able to do this for the transparent Reps…such a head ache…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 6, 2011 at 2:20 pm

  237. The world..!this is not about the praying or prayer looking for help from nonsense…it’s about your palm of hand with the fingers on it…the scrath people or the Martians that what we called the UFO’s aliens can preserve their species from being in the past long time attack on their planet…even though at the time of our Sun almost dies or what she is called the Red Giant,those screth people will be able to live without being dissolved by the hot heat of her outer layer because the astroid belt is far away form her…if a small black hole,a cosmic tool,is to be sent by the galactic commissioners to help destroying these outlawed ships,it’s still not a good idea to do so because it will be closer to the Sun and also it’s a matter of the cosmic time consuming for the black to travel to reach this part of the Milky Way galaxy…we have to surrender to them by walking towards them,if we have to die anyway…is it anybody know to speak their language..?yes,I’m afraid to say I do,but not much and only the South,not the North…I can tell them who we are…what are we doing here and we are not soldiers,but the farmers…this is nothing else,but for being as a KC’s man…this important message of the Transparent body Reps had and have been delivered to all the local galaxy clusters and the local galaxy GROUP clusters as being an alert regarding about the outlawed spaceships presenting in their cosmic channels…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 6, 2011 at 10:33 pm

  238. The world..! this message had and has been aware throughout the local galaxies clusters whose the planets’ dominant creatures have to be faced it in the particular circumstances…the creatures never got out from their ships due to…:..XX….what hell is this..!it’s looked familliar.::…/.,/xxxx…oh my..!it’s from the reserved planet of the Virgin Cluster Center or the Cosmic Core… waiting to hear more…the world,it doesn’t say much…I don’t know what is about yet…this is not a movie…it’s about how to..? the planets’ bacterias are going to kill them…the Andromeda’s codes did not say anything about what they look like…all they say was from the Elliptical Galaxy…there are a lot of strange characters of the creatures originated from that kind of galaxy such as the earth worms are bound together travelling in the cosmos looking for young planets for their food sources etc….asking me,the KC’s man,about what..? do or did I know what..?those creatures are,what,carnivores only>>>>

    Siphy Nuon

    November 8, 2011 at 1:36 am

  239. The world..!our Earth exposes too much to the universe as a cosmicly expensive one…how many or how much amount of the diamond planet’s species are able to station on the astroids..?it’s none of them was able to do that…why..? you knew or know how to do or build all those things for them to go…how come none..?you’re will be punshed…the world..,please do not pay attention on me personally…this is a personal matter between me,the KC’s man, and the transparent body Reps…the KC’s man is a dummiest and the scans are the cosmic levels…if you,the world, cannot replace me,please,shut your brain and your mouth up and do not make me or him to say anything that could be..!almost twenty of us,all men with the black dresses, about half of them are the Angkars walking towards the offensive operation of the invaders…you’ll know how I got punished at that time..?..:xxx./eh..!one big or massive star in our local galaxies cluster had just cosmic-recently exploded what they called on Earth the Supernova…the Khmer Desa named KAMBUJ had been on Earth two thousand earthly years ago,now was brought to one of the planets in that galactic area of the spiral arms galaxy called the Milky Way…the cosmic scan codes from the reserved planet…he’s still a baby and identified as a human as he was on Earth…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 9, 2011 at 1:40 am

  240. The world..! I,the KC’s man,have never forgotten the homework to be studies or prepared on the subject that the earthly dominant creatures would enable to repel themselves away from the attraction of the special forces of the Earth when needed in order to be safe from being killed by the any natural phenomena that could happen anytime and anywhere while she got the depreession to be released…this my task is going on to be meditated everyday in my mind plus a big number of the cosmic scan codes from the Andromeda’s Reps to be decoded and to be revealed to the world…the good and bad news for the Earthly creatures might be still in the codes that are awaiting to be decoded…will wait to see what is going to happen or occur before/until the time when the Sun becomes a Red Giant…

    Siphy Nuon

    November 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm

  241. The world..! the Andromeda’s Reps,the transparent body,seem to suspect the Earth-dominant creatures called the human in the human language still be able to reach the cosmic core called the Virgin Cluster Center to get granted as the space traveler(s) or the technological enlightener(s) in the cosmic space by sending the warning codes to the KC’s man on Earth saying that there are two big birds,the eagle like and the size of the bigest mountain on Earth as a couple travelling in their watching sector of the local Group galaxy Cluster to stay away from them while travelling through space…these birds are originated from one of the Elliptical galaxies and they are good creatures…the reason why theses birds are travelling and what food do they eat are still unknown…this message is given through out their responsible zone including the Milky Way…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 26, 2011 at 4:01 pm

  242. ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!

    Al R

    December 29, 2011 at 4:31 pm

  243. The world..! all these matters are still in the Physical Concept which is one of the two religious domains of the Khmer Charisma or KC for short…let’s remind to all kinds of the brainers which are small or big or biggest including the earth-bound level or the cosmic level that are uncertain to be able to do this kind of the cosmic task to just be patient to what being heard for the sake of the beings because the Fourth who is handling the spiritual affairs on the Earth would do the way those wanted to be deserved…those don’t have to overwrite it,but just do it the way we wanted them to do for the Andromeda’s Reps and the Redshifts’ Reps…now new codes are coming from whom or where…*_*^///regarding about a couple or those two birds…it’s from the Redshift’s Reps of the what channel…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 30, 2011 at 2:04 am

  244. The world..! the Redshift’s Reps of one of the four spokes of the cosmic core whose their local galaxy GROUP clusters groove or channel is on the opposite of the Milky Way Groop cluster groove that is handling by the Andromeda’s Reps is saying that those two birds are the young couple and the playful creatures that run away from its groups to avoid the crowds at their planet travilling from galaxy to galaxy for fun…they are always curious about strange things that they had never seen before in their birth place…the codes indicate that the type or the kind of this bird is having brownish-black feathers with a white head and undersides,a fish-eating bird called the osprey…there are a few beautiful planets in that Redshift’s groove had been erroneously shifted its gravitational pulls from their mother star because of these birds’ claws and beaks for playing with before arriving at the Andromeda’s channel…the elliptical galxy is the complicate galaxy due to having many and many more stats and planets than the others types such as the spiral arms,they said the Redshifts’ reps…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 31, 2011 at 2:02 am

  245. The world..! the affected planets caused by these birds got so severely damaged and the living things’ lives were lost…@#//**the Redshift’s Reps of that cosmic groove had great-dispatched what ever they have available the GRANTED space travelers to fix the problems of those suffering planets and to scare those birds away from their watching sector…now,they are in the comic groove of the Andromeda’s Reps,the transparent body…the Reps don’t have much or a lot of Granted space travelers that can be dispatched and though,they have to be doing this work by themselves to let them pass through safly their in-charged zone…two biggest and gratest matters have recently occurred in the Andromeda’s Reps groove without any hope of help from the any or all dominant creature(s) as the GRANTED space traveler(s)…miles and miles deep on the ocean floors,there many creatures such as fish able to live because how they were born that way…this kind of birds can live in the vacuum of the cosmic space,too,because how they were born…

    Siphy Nuon

    December 31, 2011 at 2:04 pm

  246. The world..! the cosmic scan or the KC’s scripture called the galaxies the way they are shaped such as the Elliptical one because it’s shaped like an egg or an oval thing…this kind of the galaxy contains much more stars and planets than the others and the characters of the living beings in its are so different from each others…some are gloomy and some are bright and some are transparent as you travel there you’ll see…good news for the KC(Khmer Charisma) in the Spiral Arms galaxy of the Milky Way due to the man used to be on our planet Earth two thousand years ago,KAMBUJJ,now is on one of the planets in one solar system at the other side of the galaxy…there are a few messages in codes to be broken down to reveal what is going upthere and especially,the formula that makes living beings able to repel themselves from the special force of Earth called the gravity…because the time that he was on Earth this kind of the phenomenon had happened that allowed the Khmer ancestors used it during the empire called BAROTT…and he is the one that brought up the TREE MOTHER teaching…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 1, 2012 at 2:39 pm

  247. The world..! please be advised that the KC or KHMER CHARISMA or KHMER would not be able to religiously change the wolrd called Earth in English which is one beautiful planet amoung millians and millians of them in the Milky Way galaxy plus the cosmos’ where man lives,unless man as the world himself decides to change or update or upgrade his brain…if this old strange Khmer religion is perfect or pure or real or true or virgin,why doesn’t man not to quarrel about it,just worship it that’s all…KC alway indicates that if we have to go,we must go together because we are on the same boat or spaceship,unless that man knows how to avoid or escape from being affected by the natural phenomena because being a dominant creature,in this Khmer religion, is a must to become a granted space-traveler in order to physically save the other lives in the cosmic four systems or grooves or channels…for example: the KC’s vision is meditatedly aware of that our Earth has a weak point that must be disclosed to all the dominant creatures to understand the way it is educationally and what is a weak point the KC..?

    Siphy Nuon

    January 9, 2012 at 1:15 am

  248. The world..! the cosmic scans or the KC’s scripture recently revealed that one of the galxies deep in the universe whose its shape looks like the Mexican hat called the Sombrero in English has a few planets bursted widely opened dued to overheating of the thermoelectrocity zincs in its cores…they are not the stars that run out of fuel to burn,but the planets which is/are full of the living things that live on…its cores are still able to get pulled by their mother star…the codes that are subjected to be translated and typing at the same time now indicate that it’s caused by the nuclear fusion reactors of the driven dynamo mechanisms malfuctioned that won’t let the heat energy called the magnetic field of the celestial bodies to be released or expanded to the atmospheres like mormally did…though,it’s short out and ignited the chemical fluid around the core…this is the cosmic time mentioned…all lives have been perished,except few of those who know how to fly away to escape…the cosmic codes have mentioned about our earth,too,but not yet to be decoded…

    Siphy Nuon

    January 10, 2012 at 2:41 am

  249. movies 1960 to 1975 and song 1960 to 1975 and musics’

    Saman Bour

    January 15, 2012 at 3:31 am

  250. Please stop writing and posting this nonesense! You have gotten on my nerve just to stare at it. Please take your medication and stay out of here…please!!!

    ben lee

    January 27, 2012 at 11:01 pm

  251. He probably is self-medicating himself or how else could he write the same same drivel over and over again and again !!!!!

    Al R

    January 27, 2012 at 11:59 pm

  252. You truly outdid yourself today. I’m impressed

    Mahek Sabharwal

    September 23, 2012 at 11:21 pm

  253. I think the admin of this website is truly working hard
    for his site, since here every information is quality based data.

  254. Hi!


    February 26, 2013 at 2:57 am

  255. Siphy is pointing out a lot of points.

    Khmer never die.

    This is what I believe.
    The universe created us all. As we change form, we tend to forget the past; however, everything is right in front of our eyes to see.

    Let’s talk about the origin of our planet or earth as a whole. Life must have five elements. I believe these five elements that create life on our planet. All of those five elements must come together at once to create life. They are water, dirt, wind, fire, and knowledge or idea. Knowledge or idea is very complex because it works like a chain that never end, and all knowledge are good.

    As we born into this world, we bring ideas or knowledge with us. Problem can show up pretty fast with knowledge because it keeps advancing. As the knowledge advances, more people are being born. As people are multiplying, the chain of knowledge sometime get confused. That is why we see a lot of differences around the world.

    There is no one better than the others. There is no one religion better than the others. We are here to bring idea(s) to this world because the true religion is knowledge. We as earthling just can’t remember how or when it happened. Like Siphy said life is just like a water stream because knowledge is being brought to this world almost every minute.

    I just want to bring some examples to the table. Say we as human do not have fur, so we create clothing, clothing becomes a trend or style, and it may not stop here.

    Food created because we need to grow or maintain the life. when we sick food doesn’t help we created medicine. when medicine doesn’t work, we created operation procedure. when all of those previous processes don’t work, we will create a more sophisticated procedure to help us.

    I respect everyone’s opinion. It doesn’t mean that we can’t friend. It just what we brought to this world is different and we just can’t find the right place to connect them together yet.


    February 26, 2013 at 3:50 am

  256. What are you going to do whit the name Khmer Empire?

    What are you offering to the world?

    Are you trying to recreate Khmer Empire? If so, why can’t we create a new empire? Maybe the one that will last forever on the surface of the earth.

    Our ancestor would not like to see us to recreate the scene?


    February 26, 2013 at 4:11 am

  257. A more positive story is now emerging from the gloomy terror filled years of the Cambodian civil war. A documentary is now in production about General Prince Norodom Chantaraingsey and an Australian QANTAS flight attendant whose life he saved in 1971 when targeted by the Khmer Rouge.

    “Dale of Cambodia” is a true story of the unusual friendship between the Australian journalist, Spencer Dale and Prince Norodom Chantaraingsey. It’s a story of commitment, loyalty and friendship towards a man and a country facing complete inhalation from Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

    We need to be uplifted by some good things that happened at that time and be inspired to make a positive change in a world that doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes. It’s good to know there are still people who care and are prepared to make a difference.

    Previews can be seen at and

    Mike Brown

    May 3, 2013 at 6:54 am

  258. In case our planet gets disconnected from the Sun for some reason and becomes a runaway planet in the cosmos…who knows, she is a physical object…what we’re going to use to heat up and to light up things on our planet…is it the solar energy or gas or the wind which where is no solar will be no wind or the water..? the world..! I’m still around you…the KC’s Desa has a solution.

    siphy nuon

    May 11, 2013 at 2:07 pm

  259. Because there is no reply nor my name in this blog, you’re invited to see my Facebook and you can tell who
    am I…poor man,the Khmer Desa.

    siphy nuon

    May 19, 2013 at 3:51 pm

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