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All Thai Kings Have Khmer Blood except Taksin

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By Touch Bora

Still in the topic of Khmer Royal Family history. Members of the Khmer

(Thai) King Narai, (Khmer) King Noreay

 Royal Family of Cambodia have quite well recorded by various scholars, but it appears to me that an assertion of a 17th century King Narai (Noreay 1657-88) of Siam that he was a member of the Khmer Royal family has not been studied.

King Narai mentioned his Khmer royal relationship/connection to French Ambassador, De La Loubere when they met in 17th century: See Historical Relation of the Kingdom of Siam by Monfier De La Loubere, Envoy Extraordinary From the French King [Louis XIV], to the King of Siam in the Years of 1687 abd 1688 (year of publication 1705).

Should we trace Narai’s khmer royal family? or you have already done that? Additionally, Thai King Moha Mongkut (1851-68) told a British scholar that his ancestor, the (Chakrei) Rama I, was also a Khmer, but not from a royal family. The current Thai King is Rama 9 of the Chakrei dynasty–:1782-present. If it is true, then the only Thai king who did not have Khmer blood was King Takin, a Chinese War Lord turned King of Siam, who in turn was murdered by Rama 1 in 1782. 


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  1. […] Its also interesting to read “All Thai kings have Khmer blood except Taksin“ […]

  2. Kings of Siam (Sukhotai and Ayudtaya including Narai) are Tai or Dai race, not Khmer. Just since 200 years ago, later kings of Siam have turned to be from the commounity of Mon race who practice tai/dai culture because all of the real Tai/Dai population disappeared from central part of Thailand as they were all massacred by Burmease soldiers, leading to the end of tai/dai race population. Now tai/dai race live back north, and they are just a white race minority. Taksin is not chinese, but just half mon half tai and half chinese. The total population of people in thailand are in fact mon people, khmer people taitified/daitified. white skin is from tai/dai race genetics (marriage between tai/dai and mon people)


    September 24, 2015 at 3:56 am

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