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Sacrava’s Political Cartoon: Lon Rith

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Lon Rith, the son of Lon Nol and the head of Khmer Republic Party, decided to join the communal election next year. His party has declared a policy to support Cambodian people’s Party (CPP).

To me if he really wants to help and need a positive change for our country, it is better for him not to establish a political party and  he should instead join forces with the democrats and fight against the current puppet and corrupt regime.

To establish a new political party will politically weaken the opposition strengthen and worst when he joins and supports the CPP.


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  1. You obviously sir don’t know what your talking about and may I ask in what position are you able to speak of this. Haters will hate and take the time to draw such childish images just to draw attention. Try doing something good for the country and maybe we’ll listen. But from what I know he’s trying to help his country and fellow people, but what are you doing? His duty is to help make Cambodia a better place not for just you but his people. You don’t know what goes on in Lon Rith, life so your better off staying where you came from.


    August 25, 2016 at 7:12 pm

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