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A CHEAP POLITICIAN: The reason why Abhishit doesn´t want multiparty intervention and need war against Cambodia

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This border war between Cambodia and Thailand has nothing to do with protecting Thai sovereignty but the  political interests for a group of selfish and nationalism elite persons esp. the Democrats and its alliance. This war is motivated because Abhishit hopes :

  1. to make himself  looks like a strongman and  gains popularity for this war against Cambodia.
  2. to unite Thai people to continue to support his weak government and win the next election in April as he has already made an appeal to Thai people to unite for the war against Cambodian border recently.
  3. that the war will surely avert Thais attention from their daily hardship, social issues and injustice and the Southern daily violence which his government is incapable to deal with.
  4. that this war will draw media attention from the daily protest  of PAD, Thai Patriot network and Asoke Group in Bangkok  demanding his resignation and to reduce their influence.
  5. to appease the extremist PAD and show it that he has the same goal as PAD against Cambodia even though he rejects the other three points demanded by PAD.
  6. being bullied, will leave  Cambodia no choice but to submit herself herself to Thai demand.
  7. to justify its invasion and previous mistakes by trying to play as a nice guy through its propaganda to the world again and again that Thailand will never invade its neighbors and just respond and will respond proportionally to the attack.
  8. to have the reason to block the next meeting of WHC for Prasat Preah Vihear management plan.
  9. to destroy the whole temple if Thailand can not have it or share it with Cambodia.
  10. to take a chance to  test Thailand´s  inexperienced military forces  in the hope that if Thailand can beat the very experienced but poorly equipped-weapon Cambodian soldiers then Thailand can more confidence in dealing with other neighbors.
  11. to strengthen Thai nationalism ideology since 1930s and its propaganda against Cambodia.

And he doesn´t want to have the third party involved in the resolution is because of:

  1. Thailand is being viewed by international communities as the bully and the invader and  condemned for its aggression.
  2. Thailand again will lose face like it was in the 1962.
  3. Thailand has no international recognized evidences to back up its claim.
  4. Thai leaders will lose a chance to use Cambodia as political scapegoat for their internal political conflicts which can always help ease its internal confrontation against each other.
  5. Thailand hopes that it can bargain with Cambodia if this done through bilateral framework  no matter how much it  gets better than nothing and losing face again.

Let´s see how long this war will go on and if Abhishit really benefits from this war as stated above. And I do hope that Hun Sen has waked up from this border war and stop entertaining this destructive political game toward our country and people.

8 Responses

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  4. All thing you wrote is Hunsen doing

    allway bulding village and begin the fire.


    February 8, 2011 at 5:39 pm

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