THE SON OF THE KHMER EMPIRE Be informed that FB Account Sokheoun Pang is Fake Created by CPP Supporter​ to Defame and Complicate Me. Mine is Khmer Sovannaphumi

​​​បើខ្មែរមានមេដឹកនាំល្អ​​​ ខ្មែរអាចធ្វើអ្វីក៏បានដែរ!


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យកប៉ូលីសនិងអង្គរក្ស៤៥០០នាក់ មកការពារពួកឈ្លានពាន ហើយ ឲ្យចូលលេង ប្រសាទ អង្គវត្តអត់បង់លុយទៀត៕ គិតទៅពូកនេះពី៣០០០០ទៅ៥០០០០នាក់តើខាតលុយ ប៉ុន្មាន សំរាប់សំបុត្រចូលលេងអង្គរវត្តដែលភ្ញៀវ បរទេសត្រូវ ទិញ២០ដុល្លក្នុងម្នាក់? ខាតលុយសំបុត្រហើយខាត លុយការពារ ទៀត? 

កងព័ទនៅព្រះវិហារស៊ីអត់ស៊ីឃ្លាន តែមេដឹកនាំថោកទាប ដូចហ៊ុន សែន នេះបែ ជាហ៊ឺហារ និងបំផ្លាញជាតិជាមួយសត្រូវទៅវិញ???សមទេបងប្អូន??? 

AFP- He confirmed that Phnom Penh would take care of those expenses as well, though he expected “some of it” might be paid back by Thailand’s ruling Puea Thai Party.

Thaksin’s fans will also be granted free entry to the Angkor temple complex during their stay, both officials said. A standard day pass to the country’s most popular tourist attraction costs $20.

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BANGKOK, April 12 – A key leader of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), Thailand’s Red Shirt movement, said Thursday that more than 4,000 Cambodian police will be deployed to ensure the safety of Thailand’s ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra who will visit the country this week.

UDD key leader Jatuporn Prompan, also a Pheu Thai party-list MP, said the Cambodian government will step up security measures at venues where the ex-Thai premier will visit during the Songkran Festival with 4,000 police officers and 500 plainclothes police being deployed.

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Written by Kolbot Khmer

April 13, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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