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China slams Japanese PM’s obstinacy regarding his wrong position on Diaoyu Islands

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NOTE: if we refer to history, Japan just has controlled the Senkaku for more than 100 hundred years while in the past it belonged to China for thousand years. And China is demanding it back now. However, Koh Tral Khmer had been under Khmer teritory for almost 2000 years since the creation of Khmer country, Nokor Kok Phnom, and this Island just fell under Viet control from 1982 when Hun Sen signed the illegal treaty historical water which given this Island to Viet. 

With this perspective, why cant we claim it back? And how can we say that Hun Sen is not serving Vietnam?

BEIJING, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) — China was outraged by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda‘s remarks to reporters at the UN General Assembly, and has urged Japan to cease immediately all actions that infringe China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“China is strongly disappointed and sternly opposes the Japanese leader’s obstinacy regarding his wrong position on the Diaoyu Islands issue,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in a written statement on Thursday.

Qin’s remarks came following Noda’s insistence when responding to reporter’s questions at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that the Diaoyu Islands “are an integral part” of Japan’s territory in light of history and of international law.

“China has sufficient historical evidence and legal basis to prove the Diaoyu Islands have been an inseparable part of Chinese territory since ancient times,” Qin said, citing the fact that the Qing court was defeated in the Sino-Japanese War in 1895 and forced to sign the unequal Treaty of Shimonoseki and cede to Japan “the island of Formosa (Taiwan),” together with all islands appertaining or belonging to the said island of Formosa including the Diaoyu Islands.

After World War II, China took back all the territories that were invaded and occupied by Japan including Taiwan according to the international legal documents such as the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, Qin said, explaining that such a move indicates the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands were returned to China’s sovereignty in terms of international law.

“The Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation are among the most important anti-fascist achievements and a significant basis for the post-war international order, and were publicly accepted by Japan in the Japanese Instrument of Surrender,” Qin noted.

According to Qin, the Chinese government has voiced its stern opposition ever since the United States and Japan made backroom deals concerning the Diaoyu Islands, and never acknowledged such deals.

“The Chinese people made a huge sacrifice and remarkable contribution to the victory in the World Antifascist War; however, a defeated country wants to illegally occupy the territory of a victorious nation,” Qin pointed out.

“Where is the justice?” he asked.

Japan’s position and acts regarding the Diaoyu Islands issue gravely trample on the principles of the UN Charter. Their essence shows an inability to engage in introspection and thoroughly repent and condemn Japanese militarism’s history of invasion. They are a gross attempt to deny the outcomes of the victory of the World Antifascist War and a dangerous challenge to the post-war international order. These actions call for a high degree of vigilance from the international community, Qin warned.

“The historical verdict can never be overturned. The disaster and sufferings brought about by World War II shall never be forgotten. The peace and security order maintained by the United Nationscannot be undermined, and generally acknowledged international truths and human conscience shall never be challenged,” Qin stressed.

He reiterated that Japan’s “purchase” of the Diaoyu Islands is totally illegal and invalid and will never change the historical facts of Japan’s illegal occupation of Chinese territory, and therefore China’s sovereignty over the islands.

Qin said the will and resolve of the Chinese government and its people to safeguard its national territorial sovereignty is unshakeable and Japan will never succeed in its illegal scheme.

“In consideration of both history and international law, the Japanese side should immediately cease all actions that infringe China’s territorial sovereignty, instead of making one mistake after the other and deceiving the world,” Qin demanded.


Written by Kolbot Khmer

September 27, 2012 at 10:51 am

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