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The President of the main opposition party in Cambodia is coming to visit Australia

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The President of the main opposition party in Cambodia is coming to visit Australia

The Cambodian National Rescue Party in Sydney wishes to inform the public of the following:

Following the meetings between the Sam Rainsy Party, led by its President Sam Rainsy, and the Human Rights Party, led by its President Kem Sokha, in Manila on 16-17 July 2012, the two main Cambodian political parties have merged to create a new and united political party, called the Cambodia National Rescue Party.

This new party will reunite all patriotic and democratic forces to fulfil the Cambodian national mission of salvaging the country from the dictatorial and destructive regime of the current ruling party and the ill effects from this regime that we have been witnessing for the last 30 years. This regime has led to increasing impoverishment of the Cambodian people, destruction of national resources, and abuses of human rights.

Mr. Sam Rainsy was elected as a President and Mr. Kem Sokha as a Vice-President of the Cambodian National Rescue Party.

To raise awareness of the new party and engage with overseas Cambodians, both leaders will visit Australia and New Zealand to garner the support of overseas Cambodian and international communities. They will be in Australia and New Zealand from 05-15 October 2012.

We, the Cambodian National Rescue Party, will hold the reception functions and meetings at the following dates and places:

· 05-06 October: Melbourne
· 07-08 October: Sydney
· 09-10 October: Canberra
· 11-13 October: New Zealand
· 14-15 October: Adelaide

For further detail information:

Sydney: Contact Mr. Chhayri Marm on 0403 174 553 (
Melbourne & NZ: Contact Mr. Men Vanna on 0417 062 938 (
Adelaide: Contact Mr. Lam Sameth on 0412 423 278(


Written by Kolbot Khmer

September 27, 2012 at 7:20 am

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