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Letter to KI-Media about Border Issues

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Leng pengsor  Heng Samrin’s cousin  Phum Doung
Dear KI Team,
Thank for informing. It is error again.
Sorry I don’t have that picture with me. Most of the pictures are in Cambodia. I left the country without them and some of those pictures given to Kang Sopheak (Sralanh Khmer Newspaper in 2005). Anway, those pictures are kept well and I plan to compile them as a book for future needs when we have a government for Cambodia.
Anyway, I just have few with me. Youn can use them as needed.
Notice: I would like to tell you someting about the pictures.
The picture of a student who was standing at the newly cut-down palm tree with the flag is in Phum Dounroth, Khum Dounroth, Srok Memot, K.Cham. It is the newly invaded area in 2005. After the invasaion, youn authority just cut down all the palm tree immediately to abolish the evidence and our indentity. It is completely different that Youn land is without palm tree and Khmer land is witnessed with palm tree. So all the land inavded the palm trees must be cut down as soon as possible the Youn can.
We visited twice in Memot District, the December, 2004 and march 2005 to Phom dounroth, phoum dong, phum Trapaing kanseng, phum Tanorng, Phum trapaing thlong, Phum Samreh, and many  other villages. Every visit we walked about 20km from morning till the evening.
Interestingly, you can see one of the pictures is Heng Samrin’s cousin who is the chief of the village. The new border is just 50m away from his house in where in the past decade it was 2km away told by Heng Samrin’s cousin. Heng Sam’s big villa is just about 1km away from his cousin’s house.
Everytime we visited borders we always confronted with Youn soldiers who always threatened us sometimes with the gun point as well as Cambodian border police who always came out to ban us not to visit the border and never cooperated for any information.
We have also visited almost all the provinces wich reported about the border encroachment bordering with Vietnam and the some of the serous invading locations are:
  •  Kandal province, Koh Thom which I have taken some pictures of old border belts wich built in 1960s still existing deep inside Vietnam -15km to the new border line.
  • Takeo,  Angkor Borie district -Bakdai commune which newly invaded in 2005 about 500m where I visited twice in 2005,  Kirivong District, we visited many times since 2001 and people claimed and we witness that the old border line was about 7km away.
  •  Kompat, Kompong Trach District, Khum dem thkov -we just lost Procheiv mountain and one village with about 1000 khmer ffamilies and people claimed that in the mid 1980s the border was about 10km away.
  • Svay Rieng, Khum Romeashek, Phum doung, seriously is invading and no word to express the suffering.
  •  Kratie, Srok Snoul, Khum 2 March, we were reported by the villagers that the old border in the early 1980s was 15km awayand the border mark was moved inside Cambodia in the late 1980and early1990s.
  • We also visited some invading borders with Thailand at Anlong Veng, O’smach, O’Bei Chean, Prasat Preah Vihear and some other places.
**** We have visited borders with neighboring countries since 2001 and we have  witnessed almost the facts of invasion. The border always keeps walking into inside Cambodia, esp., the six house in Phum Doung,  Svay Rieng, the boder line was moved into  inside Cambodia  about almost 1km just between the end of 2003 and the end of 2004 and it is  far from the 2001 to 2005.
This is just a litle information that I can summerize what I and my colleagues have witnessed so far and that’s why I dare to bet with HUn Sen if he is a truthful leader.
The word of Hun Sen is absolutely the word of the traitor.
Best Regards,
Pang sokheoun
Dear Lok Pang Sokhoeun,
I can’t see the attachment in the mail you sent over. Can you pls resend for posting?
We also saw the picture you took at the moved border printed on Sralanh Khmer. Can you send it to us for posting also?
Thank you again!
Heng Soy of KI-Media

Written by Kolbot Khmer

March 2, 2008 at 7:51 pm

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  1. Hello my fellow Khmer, I must say I just found this website of the true and real Khmer not Cambodian. I believe that somewhere out there, someone knows the truth of who Hun Sen is and how he become Khmer Prime Minister from being a Pol Pot Brother #3. Yes I have a footage of Hun Sen when he was with his old regime brother, he decided to sell his soul out for a position as Prime Minister of Khmer. He decided to switch side by making an agreement with the DEVIL “YOURN”.
    Heres the truth why Yourn invaded Khmer,and that Yourn said that Khmer people should thank Yourn for saving Khmer people from being slaughter by Pol Pot Regime. As being Brother #3, Hun Sen knows that he will never be able to dictate Khmer. Hun Sen went to Yourn and pledge to his godly Yourn that, Hen Sen and his traitor Pol Pot soldiers would cross the border into Yourn. Along Khmer-Yourn border are predominantly Khmer Krom not Yourn people. Hun Sen and his traitors followers slaughtered 57,000 Khmer Krom people that gave an excuse for Yourn to invade Khmer. Yourn said Khmer Grahom killed their people that is why they invaded Khmer. Hun Sen’s plan worked,in returns Hun Sen agreed with Yourn that Yuorn can own Khmer as long as he and his organization in power as Yourn’s puppets. According to international law that Yourn has every rights to invade and retaliate Khmer. To my Khmer brothers,sisters;aunts;uncles;what we learn from this is that we have to unite and put all our differences to the side. We have to stand together and strike back, don’t rely or depend on the Westerners or the United Nation to be our referee because we have nothing to offer them. These organization would help Khmer only if Khmer have something of value to offer them.If you like to find out more about Khmer issues or comments please feel free to send me a message. I love Khmer so much that every time I think of Khmer I cry, and ask myself why Khmer has to go through this.


    December 12, 2008 at 1:20 am

  2. п»ї
    Thank you for sharing this info
    it was very helpful


    June 22, 2009 at 8:30 pm

  3. п»ї
    Great Post. You find most blog posts littered with rubbish nowadays,
    however this has been a very informative post.


    June 26, 2009 at 5:01 am

  4. Khmer killed Khmer for power since the Funan and the Chenla, but Khmer still Khmer for over 2000 years.
    Not like the Mongol killed Thai in Nanchao that Thai had to run for the Khmer help and started a new nation of Thailand today with Khmer City of Sukhotei and most of Thai culture are Khmer culture and many Khmer temples are in Thailand today.


    June 6, 2010 at 2:35 am

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