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Stupid and Useless ACU: They do not need to declare their money in the bank!

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Keo Ramy, Spokeman of Anti-crorruption Unit (ACU)said today that:

“Government officials are obligated to declare their wealth, including interest, professional wealth, personal wealth and vehicles, but they do not need to declare their money in the bank.

NOTE: With this, this ACU is just a banch of the most stupid and useless group. It is established not to serve the mojority of  Cambodian people but to serve only a few alites ie., Hoon Xen´s family and his gangs.


Corruption question to Om Yentieng from Boeung Chhouk market sellers in Battambang

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More than 100,000 government and military officials required to declare their personal assets

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Hun Sen watch gold colour for gift during national election

Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU)  chairman Om Yentieng said yesterday that the new asset declaration policy was the first of its kind in the Kingdom.
I hope that with this asset declaration policy we will able to show our government officials’ transparency and accountability, as well as reduce and prevent corruption in Cambodia,” he said.

Personally, I think the asset declaration required by ACU is useless unless some articles of the Anti-Corruption Law is amended esp. in the following articles:

  • Article 4. the word gift must be clearly explained and defined.
  • Articles 6, 11, and 16: These articles minimize the power of the the  Anti-corruption Unit (ACU) to effectively fight against corruption. Therefore,  the ACU must become an independent institution.  With this, the ACU’s leaderships must not  be appointed, but they must be elected like congressmen conducted at the same time during the national election. The candidates  must not be affiliated in any political party and they must be voted in by a plurality system which the top winner get the chairmanship, and the next winner get  the vice-chairmanship. Its budget must be independent from the Cabinet, put under its administration,  and passed by National Assembly during the annual national budget session like other ministries. Furthermore, it would be viewed as more effective if  the National Council for Anti-Corruption is abolished and establish only the  Anti-Corruption Unit with full power to execute its mandate.
  • Articles 20 and  39: The property declaration of all government officials must not be done in top secret, but it must be declared publicly and  accessible by the public.
  • Article 41: Those who provide the false information or the false allegation of corruption should be fined only in order to encourage public involvement in fighting against corruption in the country, but not to jail them.

And to those who haven’t read the anti-corruption law please go here.

NOTE: I hope Hun Xen will honestly declare his assets too and hopefully he won´t forget to include all his expended  money for donations to building roads, brides, dams, boats, pagodas, houses, toilets, buying mosquito nets,  watch  etc.