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To Khmers in Thailand

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 Political turmoil in our country has historically left our beloved countrymen all around in the region and the world. In the region, Khmers in south Vietnam are call Khmer Krom, Khmers in Thailand are called Khmer Surin or Khmer Leu and the Khmers who live in Cambodia today are called Khmer Kandal (Khmer Middle). Actually, we do still recognize each another as brothers and sisters. We have been separated by political divisions caused by our dishonest leaders and the consistent invasion of neighboring countries. And we still hope for the day of reunion.


The military conflict between Thailand and Cambodia seems to be particular. In the front line from Thailand, most of them are Khmer natives whose ancestors are Khmers. They are ordered to station at the frontline to fight against Khmer Kandal. They speak Khmer and they are believed to be from Sisaket, Surin, Boreiram, Nokoreach Sima and some other provinces where were former Khmer provinces. Thai historically always hate Khmer and really want to see Khmers die without cause and that’s why they send these Khmers to the front line to fight against their brothers –Khmer Kandal. Thai never care for their lives as said by Lieutenant General Wiboonsak Neeparn, Thailand’s north-eastern army commander, after the meeting with Cambodian officials, to AFP reporter on October 16 2008 about the 10 Thai soldiers captured that, “They are not Thai.”  These captured soldiers of course speak Khmer. And we are sure that’s why the Thai don’t care for their lives and fortunately they were  treated well by our respected soldiers as said by Cambodian Commander Srey Deok that “the our troops caught 10 Thai soldiers and have provided food for them.”  


So our question to all beloved Khmers in Thailand is that, Who are you fighting for? Please remember that we are the same Khmer. We have the same ancestors –Khmer. We are the son of our greatest Kings Soryavarman II and Jayavarman VII. We are the new generation of the former Khmer Empire. We are a very civilized and dignified race. We always live our life of dignity, honesty, and respect. And please always remember that “One day a Khmer is a Khmer for life.” Of course, now you hold Thai passport or identity card but you are still Khmers because your blood and your origin are still Khmer. These will never change and no one can change that.


Please don’t help the Thai to kill our brothers and sisters. Please don’t help them more to invade your ancestors´ land. The Thai physically will be weakened without your participation. Just look at the history, the Thai could win over Khmer Empire and Burma invasion by the help of our Khmer Leu in Thailand whose expert are specialized in war elephant and martial art. So please stop and don’t forget our separation history caused by the Thai. You can choose not to fight against our Khmers by giving up this military duty and choose another career. Or you can mobilize our Khmers in Thailand and peacefully pressure them to take up the peaceful resolution and stop invading your brother´s land –Cambodia.  


It seems that in the region, Thailand is the only one country that doesn’t know where its border lines are but not Cambodia, Burma, and Laos, and provokes war arrogantly all around with its neighbors. With this, Thai must review its mischievous politics towards its neighbors if Thailand does want peace in the region as Frank G. Anderson wrote in UPI Asia Online that; “The latest clash follows earlier, repeated, border spats with Laos, and with Burma. It leaves one wondering about the Thai Way of foreign policy.”


 It is even ridiculous for the Thai leaders that try to deepen the dispute by accusing Cambodia of planting new landmine. In this sense, one may say Thai must be stupid for history because the whole world know that Cambodia had civil war for decades and these landmines believed to be laid from the Cambodian war of the 1970s into the 1990s. In another sense, it shows the world clearly that Thailand is absolutely invading Cambodian territory because there is no landmine at all in Thailand.


So again, I would like to appeal to our beloved Khmer who now live under Thai control, please rethink about this war and help do something to avoid this war to happen because we, Khmer, really want to live in peace and respect.