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We Thais aren’t better than Khmers

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land of hypocricy said

Hi anonymous Thai Newspaper.

Sirikit appeared with her new blue diamond at Bhumibol's fest

We Thais aren’t better than the Cambodians. We are more hypocrite than them and than the rest of the world.

King Richard III was standing trial for being accused of killing his two nephews, but we Thais lost one King, who was shot in cold blood by allegedly his young brother, the current King, we dared not to even ask who did it, but we crawling and crowning him.

Not even that we are forced to worship him like god who does no wrong, he and his family are the world richest and created “Les Majesty Laws” upon us in this 21th century. I don’t know how long the poor people can take this.

If the King and his family are good people then why are they afraid of? Why “Les Majesty Laws” need to be used?

We are taught to look down on the Cambodians, the Laos, the Burmese but our crown prince is a playboy has Aid, and his wife billions around the world saw her naked at the pool party known as a porn star. Our Queen supports and funded PAD against Red shirts who also Thais, and our Queen was famously accused by Saudi for stealing its blue diamond (see the diamond here and the stealing of diamond story here). Many people were killed and disppeared. Humm.. I have no idea that the position of King and Queen are so powerful like that in our land of no-more smile.

I too give up my Thai citizenship from this hour. I am so ashamed for being a Thai.