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Youn Soldier Lectures to Youn Students

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Khmer Empire 

Tuesday, December 18, 2007    Vietnamese Communist Police lectured to Vietnamese Students Who Protested against China      
Story forwarded by Info Asia

  After China claimed its ownership over the Spratly and Paracel islands, there were hundreds of Vietnamese youths and students in both Hanoi and Sai Gon cities protest against China for invading Spratly and Paracel islands which Vietnamese people claim that those islands are the Vietnamese ancestral islands.

Vietnamese Communist (VC) government usually use forces to suppress the protesters, but in this case, the VC government just used polices to surround the protesters to prevent the violent may happen.

Below is a dialog between a VC police who was trying to lecture to a Vietnamese student protester (see picture) in Hanoi about why the VC government does not stand up to against China regarding to the invasion of those islands.

Student: We want to send a message first to China: that the Vietnamese people are brave and undaunted.

Police: Our government, especially our party leaders, understands your concern. At this time, we should not protest against China. We need to build a good relationship with China, so our former enemy, the US will not use Human Rights and Democracy strategies to interfere with our internal issues.

Student: (angrily screaming) I know we need a good relationship with China, but we cannot stand that China invades our ancestral islands. Our government must stand up to protect our land. We must unite to defend our lands.

Police: (he was angry now and pushed the student to step back) I know we need to protect our land. If our government does not allow you all to protest against China now, do you think you can organize a protest like this? You should be smart and understand it…

Student: (keep screaming) Spratly and Paracel islands are Vietnamese ancestral islands. China must return it back to Vietnam.

Police: (try to calm himself) Listen brother; I know you are young and our government doesn’t allow you to learn the real history of Champa in the central of Vietnam and Khmer history in south of Vietnam in our public school, so you don’t know that the center of Vietnam used to belong to Champa and the South of Vietnam used to belong to Cambodia. Our Vietnamese ancestral lands are just the part of North Vietnam. (He started pulling out a map and showed it to the student) Look at this map, you can see that the Paracel and Spratly islands are actually not our ancestral islands because those islands are closer to the central of Vietnam and the south of Vietnam. Thus, you cannot say that those islands are our Vietnamese ancestral islands. This is why our former Prime Minister, Pham Van Dong, gave those two islands to China on September 14, 1958 because he knew that those islands are not our ancestral islands.

Student: I don’t agree with you. Our ancestor fought to get those lands and islands, so we must be responsible to protect it. Our government already gave to China some of our lands and seas near the border of our country and China.

Police: Don’t worry brother, the up-north lands that our government gave to China are the useless lands. We cannot do any farming with it because they are just mountainous areas and our Vietnamese people are not living there. We just have some of the Indigenous peoples live there, so it is OK to give to China. We don’t need those lands.

You all are too young to understand our government policies. You just see our lands lost to China, but do you see how many kilometers of lands we took from Cambodia and Laos? We don’t just take lands from Laos and Cambodia; we even now control their current governments. China is a big country, but they don’t have that capability, only our great government can do it in the 21th century. I don’t think the US can do that either. Be proud about that brother.

In Laos now, most of the leaders of that country are our Vietnamese or Laotians whose wife are our Vietnamese women. We control their government, military, and economy. Actually, on the world map, Laos is a country, but it already belongs to Vietnam.

In Cambodia, the current Cambodia government is running by a party that is our puppet. We say A they never bravely to say B, they are basically just like our slave in a different form. Some of the leaders, especially the head of the Cambodian police and the staffs in the interior department, are our Vietnamese who disguised to be Khmer. We control their economy and we even control the selling tickets to the tourist entering their ancestral temple, Angkor Wat. We get almost what we need from Cambodia, so Cambodia is basically another Champa Kingdom soon.

Student: I admitted that we are controlling Laos and Cambodia now, but our population is increasing very fast, we need to protect our lands so our people can have place to live.

Police: Take it easy brother, Cambodia still has lots of lands and their population is still very small. We can send couple millions of our people to Cambodia next year, so they can help Cambodia People Party to vote in the election of 2008. After election 2008, our Vietnamese people will be more than the real population of the Khmer in Cambodia. This way, it doesn’t matter what Cambodia tries to do, we still use our Vietnamese people living in Cambodia to vote for our benefits, and of course, we will always win. Then, we can start using our Vietnamization strategies just like we did to Cham people in the central, the Khmer in South, the Laotian, to make Cambodia to be provinces of Vietnam.

I just want to let you know more that our goal to take over Cambodia and Laos is already done, we start implementing our goal to take over Thailand next year. We have embedded our people in Thailand since the 1930s. Our great Uncle Ho used to ordain to be a Buddhist monk in Thailand while he was acting as the leader of the Indochina Communist Party.

We have our Vietnamese people living in Thailand for years already. If you followed the news, the Thai government allowed our people to become the Thai citizen couple years ago. Those people will use their “Power of Vote” and with assistant of our government to influent the Thai government. One day soon, we will target Thailand from both Cambodia and Laos directions because those two countries are already our provinces.

Student: (quietly and seem to be convinced by the police) I believed what you said because that is the truth, but our Vietnamese must protect what we already took from someone else because our ancestor had used many efforts, tactics, and strategies to take over those lands for us, and we must protect it. We are Vietnamese. We are patriots. We love our country; we are not Cambodian or Laotian who are willing to sell their country for their own personal benefits. We don’t scare of China. We are ready to die for our country. China colonized us for 1000 years, but they could not assimilate us. We just colonized Champa for couple hundred years; we can eliminate Champa Kingdom from the world map. So, don’t think that China is strong. We must stand up to fight them to get our land back.

Police: (angrily yell to the student) Shut up, Stop screaming. Our government even can imprison the Religious leaders like Thich Quang Do, Father Ly, and the Khmer Monks, you all are just students, watch out. Don’t make me mad, I will send you to prison anytime.


Written by Kolbot Khmer

December 23, 2007 at 11:23 am

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  1. I believe that sooner or later China-Pla will wipe out of Vietnam, then all Vietnamese will be a boat again.

    A Straight Talker

    February 1, 2012 at 2:40 am

  2. Wow! Is that really!? This fucking thieves really made me mad as hell to read this fucking students police’s lecture…..Maybe we should kill them wherever we see them,maybe we should be Cham martyr on them everywhere they live.

    Hello, my name is Ramsey

    September 25, 2012 at 1:45 am

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